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My Bio
Current Residence: Mar del Plata, Argentina
Favourite genre of music: TV and Film Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Pencil + Ink-Markers + Scanner + Photoshop
Favourite cartoon character: Van Fanel (Escaflowne), Kenshin Himura, Alto Saotome (Macross Frontier)

Favourite Visual Artist
Haruhiko Mikimoto, Nobuteru Yuuki, Kazuki Yone, Risa Ebata, Mayu Shinjo, CLAMP, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Hino Matsuri
Favourite Movies
Star Trek, Back to the Future, Macross Ai Oboete Imasuka, LOTR Trilogy, Kingdom of Heaven, POTC
Favourite TV Shows
All Star Trek, all Macross, Escaflowne, Robotech, Psycho Pass, Shingeki no Kyojin, Evangelion
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
LOTR /The Hobbit (all by Tolkien basically)
Other Interests
Drawing, Graphic Design, Anime, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Internet

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Commissions Info - Eng/Spa by Neldorwen, journal

I´ve been setting up subscriptions in my gallery. There will be new content and also stuff from my older works available very soon. All in HQ , including sketches and clean linearts. What you can expect from me? Fanart from anime series like Attack on Titan, Evangelion, Sailor Moon and Macross mostly. New stuff from Arcane - League of Legends . OCs from Star Trek , mostly a collection of cute girl in starfleet uniforms and also aliens from all the ST universe. Pin up girls from MLP series . What else would you like to see in my special content section? Post it in the replies! :)
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** COMMISSIONS ALWAYS OPEN ** If you're interested, send me a note with the details, please , thanks :) Rates: Pencil sketch u$s 10.- (one character , complete body or portrait) Pencil sketch u$s 15.- (two characters or couple) Inked / vector lineart u$s 20- (one character , complete body or portrait) Inked / vector lineart u$s 25.- (two characters or couple) Full color drawing (digital colour or handpainted with markers) u$s 35 (one character , complete body or portrait) Full color drawing (digital colour) u$s 50 (two characters or couple) Payment via Paypal ..................................... Si estás interesado, mandame una nota con los detalles, por favor, gracias! :) Dibujo tus OC´s , fanart, portadas de libros y diseño gráfico en general (tatuajes, logos y posters) Boceto a lápiz U$S 10.- (un personaje, cuerpo entero o retrato) Boceto a lápiz U$S 15.- (dos personajes o pareja) Dibujo en tintas / lineart vectorial u$s 20.- (un personaje, cuerpo entero o
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** Ask for free drawing when requesting more than two commissions or special discount for big projects **
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Hi Nel!

Did you know that there's gonna be an AoT season 4 part 3? It's gonna deviate heavily from the manga ending. Apparently it's gonna reveal the origin of the Titan worm life form. In that it's of alien origin. not like the Xenomorphs but more like Marvin the martian only goofier. It also reveals that Eren not only survives but also it's revealed that he has a new titan power. The block head titan power. It's like the attack titan except he has a block for a head. And it also gives the user the ability to be as dumb as a rock which makes sense because according to Commander Levi Eren is a bit of a block head.

It gets even crazier. The biggest twist of season 4 part 3 is that AoT is part of the Marvel cinematic universe. So yes Attack on Avengers is kind of canon. Apparently Kang the Conqueror finds Eren's head and uses his weird time travel Attack titan powers to perfect the TVA and protect the one sacred timeline. It's also gonna be a plot point in Marvel's What if season 2 in which Thanos turns Eren into a chicken for his TFC(Thanos Fried chicken) emporium. Not to get his time travel powers but because he's hungry. And it's coming exclusively on Disney+ March 32nd of 2022.

Poor Eren. He doesn't catch a break even on April 1st. The fool.

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Your Gallery is Amazing!!!!

Happy birthday.

I wish you all the best on your special day.

thank you so much! 😊

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