To complete my Zelda Poker Card deck , which combinations of J, Q and K would you like to see?
67 votes
Zoras: J: Mikau, Q: Ruto, K: King Zora
Gorons: J: Darmani, Q: ???, K: Darunia
Sages: J: ???, Q: ???, K: Rauru
Kokiri: J: Mido?, Q: Saria, K: Deku Tree?
Twili: J: Midna (imp), Q: Midna (human), K: Zant
Sheikah: J: Sheik, Q: Impa, K: ???
Something else/ different combination, I'll tell you in the comments.

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You could try Pirate, with Niko/Tetra/the King of Red Lions

Or Sages with Makar/Medli.

Even better: Zeldas, with Shiek/Zelda/Possessed Dark Knight. :P

(Yes, I know this is hilariously late to the party)