To complete my Zelda Poker Card deck , which combinations of J, Q and K would you like to see?
67 votes
Zoras: J: Mikau, Q: Ruto, K: King Zora
Gorons: J: Darmani, Q: ???, K: Darunia
Sages: J: ???, Q: ???, K: Rauru
Kokiri: J: Mido?, Q: Saria, K: Deku Tree?
Twili: J: Midna (imp), Q: Midna (human), K: Zant
Sheikah: J: Sheik, Q: Impa, K: ???
Something else/ different combination, I'll tell you in the comments.

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You could try Pirate, with Niko/Tetra/the King of Red Lions

Or Sages with Makar/Medli.

Even better: Zeldas, with Shiek/Zelda/Possessed Dark Knight. :P

(Yes, I know this is hilariously late to the party)
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Rupees (Diamonds) - Magic Armor Link, something, Tingle (he loves money)

Twilight Thingies (Clubs) - Wolf Link (Despite your reservations, I'm confident you could translate him well into a card, and he fits much better than Imp Midna), Midna, Zant

Hearts/Heart Pieces (Hearts) - Ranch Link, Illia, Ordon Mayor

Rupees is a tricky one to come up with; while Tingle does fit as King, he also fits very well as the Joker, so I'm not entirely sure. I also cannot think of a Queen...
I'm also unsure what the symbol would be for the Twili - Mirror Shards / Fused Shadows perhaps, but both are rather overcomplicated for a playing card symbol.
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Thanks for your input :D
Final Fantasy deck with the suit being Chocobos or moogles.
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Thanks for your suggestion. :)
However, I'm sticking with Zelda for the set. :D
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maybe a set for each race

hylian - spades -> link, zelda, king of hyrule
goron - diamonds -> link jr (darunia's son), biggoron, darunia
zora - hearts -> zora soldier, rutella, king zora
gerudo - cloves -> bandit, nabooru, ganondorf
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Thanks for your input :D
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yes i know rutella is in twilight princess, but i think shes so beautiful in twilight
The Skyward Sword characters seem to have mysterious diamond jewels on them that must be significant. Of course we have to wait until this winter to find out but Ghirahim and Phi would make a great King and Queen of diamond-force-gem-thingys.

To replace clubs we should have mirror shards with imp midna as the jack, true form midna as the queen and Zant as the king.

Hearts should stay hearts and have the three goddesses, Farore could be the Jack, Nayru the Queen and Din the King. Plus they would parallel the Link, Zelda and Ganondorf set quite nicely.

Though I still find it unfitting that the King of Hyrule wouldn't be featured as a King in a zelda deck... hmmm maybe his suit (whatever that'd be) would have a Hylian Soldier as the Jack, and Impa as the Queen?

ARGH I have so many ideas and there is only four suits... maybe a five suit deck?
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Thanks for your input. :)
Haha, yeah I would have enough ideas for several decks :D
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Actually, seeing as how you are imitating a real deck, and how triforce is acting as spade, the three reamining should have actually the same importance...

if it were sage related I could see at least a few neglected.

IMO, you could do a Kokiri based one (after the Kokiri's Emerald as symbol) With saria, mido and the deku tree....mido as jack, saria as queen, and deku tree as king

A Goron based one (with the Goron's Ruby as sybol) with ummmm i don't know...maybe a random darunia's kid (link) goron as jack, ummm...big goron as queen...or some other goron as queen...and darunia as king....or maybe a link the goron as jack, darunia as queen, and dodongo as king.

and finally a zora based one (with the zora's sapphire as symbol) with king whatever (ruto's father) as jack, ruto as queen, and finally king jabujabu as king...

some of it doesn't make sense but perhaps adding in the godesses as kings might work as well....

in any case, i tried to do it fittingly, the ace (triforce) is the spade, and three other spaces remain, which could symbolize the three stones needed to access the triforce, using the spiritual stones as the remaining 'suits'. The rest could go along the lines of your original piece which clearly shows:

JACK (hero) ---- QUEEN (sage) ---- KING (villain)
LINK -----ZELDA-------------- GANON ---------(all of which own part of the triforce)
KOKIRI----- SARIA ---- FARORE / DEKU TREE ------ suit of Kokiri
GORON----- DARUNIA ------ DIN / DODONGO -----suit of goron
ZORA ------ RUTO ------- NAYRU / JABUJABU ----suit of zora

i personally like this setup, makes some sense (except for darunia as queen, but in this case, all the queens are sages...) and i like the GANONDORF and godesses as kings...right?

i ranted TLDR hope it helps!
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Thanks for your input, you really thought that one through :D
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Do not hesitate! Hope it helps! And if you ever finish them I hope you actually sell them, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a set or two!
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Yes, I'm planing to sell them :)
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oh and by KOKIRI, GORON AND ZORA, i mean just like an average representant for the race...seeing as how the races protect their respective spiritual stone as a whole.
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Triforce = Spades
Rupees = Diamonds
Master Sword in Pedestal / Bombs = Clubs
Hearts = Hearts

Oh and you should replace the Jack for the K-Zant Q-Minda and J-Minda(imp) with the Dark Link from Twilight Princess that way you have the opposing Links.

But yeah do whatever just keep up the good work.
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That's a good idea. I like the theme of having Link as the Jack for every set, but for the Twilight one, I could only think of Wolf Link, which wouldn't fit the style. :D
Maybe have link in his farm get-up from the start of the game? That would look wicked.
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Thanks. I saw these at work today on kotaku and got inspired to make a full set of cards. Luckily I work at a copy center so I just opened up photoshop and started coloring in your Link black to see how good I could do, let's just say it didn't go so hot.

I saw the poll going on and thought I'd input the idea for you.

Also if you get ambitious you could make a back to the cards with a Hylian Crest on it. And another thought I had was that it makes sense to have Ganondorf as the King of the Triforce but he could also be King of the Rupees since he is a King of Thieves and all. Then you could replace the King of the Triforce with King Daphnes from Wind Waker. And for the Queen of Rupees maybe make it Koume and Kotake (Twinrova) and or Nabooru. I would recommened the Koume and Kotake one myself because instead of having two of the same head on one card you could do a head of fire and ice which would make for a really cool card. And for a Jack of Rupees I don't have an idea, maybe a Dark Nut but that would get away from having Link as Jack on every suit.

But yeah I'll probably be working on my deck some more tomorrow, I'm just telling you all the ideas I had because your photoshop skills are vastly superior than my own, and I don't think I could pull them off as well so maybe they'll inspire you to make some.

Also I guess I should take this time to ask if it's alright if I use your cards I won't be selling them or anything I'm just looking to make me a set of nice playing cards that have an amazing Zelda theme to them. And if I post my set anywhere I'll give you full credit for the cards you made.
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Thanks for your input. :)
I guess I can't really say anything against you using my cards if you only use them for yourself and give me proper credit.
However, if you want to have a proper deck, I'd suggest you'd wait for a while, since I'm planing to make my set available for purchase after I finished it. :)
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How about a set of Terminians? Kafei could be the Jack, Anju the Queen, and the Skull Kid/Majora's Mask could be King. Of course Skull Kid's really more of a Joker, but that's not the point.
If I were to vote for one of your sets, I'd say the Shiekah. The lack of an obvious King is a little daunting, but still. It could be King Hyrule since the Shadow Folk are on his payrole and all.
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Thanks for your input :)
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The goddesses!!

Mirroring their "hylian" counterparts:

J: Farore, Q: Nayru, K: Din.

They could be golden, or even better maybe be the Golden Jokers!!! Or a new Godess card??

Well... Tingle as a Joker should be a MUST (it would enrage and please at the same time).

PS: Girls!! Malon, Marin and... dunno. : P Great WORK!!
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