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Zelda Poker Cards

By Nelde
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Yup, a poker color set based on the Legend of Zelda games. Link is the Jack of Triforces, Zelda is the Queen of Triforces and Ganon is the King of Triforces.

UPDATE: You can buy them now on fangamer.

All the cards of the set:
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For playing poker, blackjack...
Could I get a pack of the graphics in a .zip? I want to use them in Microsoft Solitaire Collection app for Windows 8.
Congratulations! Very nice deck.
Your art was mentioned on [link]
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Hey, cool, thanks a lot :)
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These are absolutely fantastic!
You greatly succeeded in duplicating the simplistic, straight-lined style for the court cards while at the same time making them person they represent easily recognizable, and the detailed illustration on the "Ace of Triforces" is really professional, too.

Great work, that's a really cool fifth suit.
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Thanks a lot. :)

(what fifth suit?)
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(By fifth suit i mean if you disregard the other three custom suits from your deck and use the triforce one in addition to the traditional set of cards :P)
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sold out!!! noo T_T
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Available again in August :D
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I am so buying a set of these as soon as I have spending money. These are amazing.
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Thanks a lot. :D
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The only time Ganon is considered king, is when being used to play Old Maid on a rainy Saturday afternoon. :giggle:
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why is link the joker?!
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That is Link, this is the Joker. The "J" stands for "Jack".
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oh bad >.< i dont really play these card games >.< sorry...
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Haha, no problem. I was just confused, because I thought you meant that Skull Kid looked like Link or so. :D
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anyway, what exactly is a jack suppose to be able to do? XD
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Wiki can explain it better than me: [link] ;)
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I'm loving these cards, but i wonder what would be the other suits if these cards were made?
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Haha, have a look in my journal... ;)
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If these cards were real i'll buy them on the spot.
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They'll be real really soon. ;)
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