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Sexual Attraction v2

This is version 2 of my attempt at visualizing sexual attraction.
This time, I tried a different approach, focusing more on the individual rather than the labels.

I created a poll asking everyone to check what they are. You'll find it here: [link]

A Male: anyone who identifies himself as a Man.
B Genderqueer: anyone who identifies
as both Man and Woman, as neither,
or as completly outside the gender binary.
C Female: anyone who identifies herself as a Woman.
1 attracted to A, Androsexual
2 attracted to C, Gynesexual
3 attracted to B, Skoliosexual
4 attracted to A and C, Bisexual
5 attracted to A and B, Andro-Skoliosexual
6 attracted to B and C, Gyne-Skoliosexual
7 attracted to A, B and C, Pansexual
8 attracted to none, Asexual

You can still have a look at version 1 here:

A related deviation:
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My main critique with this is why use A, B, and C? Why not M, N and either F? The ABC abstracts things one more level than is necessary. Also of course Make and Female relate to sex primarily rather than gender, whereas Man and Woman is more of a gender thing. I might identify as being a woman without identifying as female, for example.

A skolio was a banquet song at a feast, extolling noble qualities of either the host or guest. It seems a bit esoteric to me. Why not just "queer"? Also, like many other charts, it assumes that relationships, romance and sexual attraction can only be distinguished by reference to sexuality and gender. Power, security, and other factors play a part as well, I'm sure.
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Queer and genderqueer aren't the same.  Scolio (as in scoliòsis) may mean queer but queer is the opposite of straiht.  Genderqueer is a clumsy conflationary label that is already served by epic[o]ene, common/communal.  Which excludes the neuters (it, is).  Get rid of the nonpronouns too; the common-gender singular definite pronoun is who.  Man (sapiens) is a species, not a sex (wapmen, mas) or gender (wer, vir); woman is a sex (mulier), not a gender (wif, femina).  I'm not sure about the Hellènic distinctions but there are also labels for sex versus gender.  Does sexual attraction apply to gen[d]eral attraction?  Homo/heterosexual is a barbarism; in Latin it'd be ide[nti]/altersexual.  Hellènic-Latin reflexes result in uranian, lesbian, and pandemian (however pan- means something other than ambi-, and Sap'ppò was really bi).
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Thus looks like the depths of sexuality hell
I love it
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woop woop C3
tjank you so much this is very helpful :)
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I wish this was in school books. Too many people still think there are only two lines. A to C and the way back. Thanks for trying to explain the complexity of it (and I say 'trying' just because I think reality is way more fluid than those lines :) ). 
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I knew that I was Asexual, but it's nice to know that i'm Skolioromantic, i've been trying to find out what the term for that was.
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what if i love gay men and i am a girl? gaysexual?? xd

i'm homosexsual, anyways
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I feel like I'm both asexual and bisexual, is there anything like that? ;-;
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This is years later but I still go to this chart and have pointed my professors in my gender studies classes to it and they love it. Also, Skoliosexual has been coined as of 2015 as the sexual attraction to those identifying as non-binary. So good job on being ahead of the game!
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Oh really? Haha, that's great to hear, thanks :)
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If it's sexual attraction, then I'm attracted to guys only. Which means.... A1? I don't know... but romantically I'm attracted to guys and girls. I remain happy with who I am, and always shall :-)
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That's the most important thing :)
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Indeed it is! :-D 
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Evidence that people are making sexuality way more complicated than it is .
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So I guess I'm a form of explosives! Cool.
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Great chart. Apperently I'm A5 :) But I wonder, where did you find the word skolio? Cause I'm greek and the only word similiar to it I can think of is sxolio (σχολίο) meaning school, which is completely unrelated.
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I don't know anymore where I found it. Some commenter said that “skolio (σκόλιον) translates more like tortuous while allotropo- (αλλότροπο-) translates more like different”
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Oh god this is the most clear and helpful chart I have ever seen on the subject.

I'm still not even sure what I am. I've narrowed it down to female or genderqueer, and bisexual or pansexual.

Is it normal to not know what I am?
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Yeah, sure. Sexuality isn't set in stone and doesn't always have to be defined.
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A3. I feel kind of lonely since no one else in this comment section are skoliosexuals :3
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What's a Skoliosexual?
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somebody who's sexually attracted to (only) non-binary genders
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