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Disney Princesses as Pokemon Gym Leaders



Yeah, some random idea I had...
Disney "Princesses" as Pokémon Gym Leaders.

Belle (Beauty and the Beast): Litwick, Herdier, Zoroark
Alice (Alice in Wonderland): Foongus, Roselia, Scyther
Tiana (The Princess and the Frog): Politoad, Krokorok, Yamask
Ariel (The little Mermaid): Goldeen, Wingull, Octillery
Jessica (Who framed Roger Rabbit): Smeargle, Jynx, Lopunny
Jasmine (Aladdin): Starly, Arbok, Arcanine

Do you have some other Disney characters you'd like to see? What about different Pokémon suggestions? :D

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The Pokémon sprites are from Black and White.
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I love disney pokemon crossovers, so it is not suprising that i love this as well. Firstly, what I love about it; I love that you made sprites for the princesses. and simply having pokemon to fit thier team is neat in itself. The different colors behind each of them is a neat little touch i like.

However there is room for improvement, not all of these girls are princesses, though due to kingdom hearts Alice may count, and maybe disney girls or heroines would have fit better. Some of the Disney sprites could use more detail or attention particularly jessica Rabbit and Belle. Lastly some of the Pokemon simply dont match thirty owners well. For example a chandelure would belle better because of how much focus on the chandelier the title song had in the ballroom. Or a caterpillar-like Pokemon for alice instead of syther because of the smoking caterpillar in the movie. Lastly I think you should have whole teams of Pokemon for each heroine instead of half that amount

All in all I like it, but you could do a bit better.