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Disney Princesses as Pokemon Gym Leaders

Yeah, some random idea I had...
Disney "Princesses" as Pokémon Gym Leaders.

Belle (Beauty and the Beast): Litwick, Herdier, Zoroark
Alice (Alice in Wonderland): Foongus, Roselia, Scyther
Tiana (The Princess and the Frog): Politoad, Krokorok, Yamask
Ariel (The little Mermaid): Goldeen, Wingull, Octillery
Jessica (Who framed Roger Rabbit): Smeargle, Jynx, Lopunny
Jasmine (Aladdin): Starly, Arbok, Arcanine

Do you have some other Disney characters you'd like to see? What about different Pokémon suggestions? :D

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The Pokémon sprites are from Black and White.
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I love disney pokemon crossovers, so it is not suprising that i love this as well. Firstly, what I love about it; I love that you made sprites for the princesses. and simply having pokemon to fit thier team is neat in itself. The different colors behind each of them is a neat little touch i like.

However there is room for improvement, not all of these girls are princesses, though due to kingdom hearts Alice may count, and maybe disney girls or heroines would have fit better. Some of the Disney sprites could use more detail or attention particularly jessica Rabbit and Belle. Lastly some of the Pokemon simply dont match thirty owners well. For example a chandelure would belle better because of how much focus on the chandelier the title song had in the ballroom. Or a caterpillar-like Pokemon for alice instead of syther because of the smoking caterpillar in the movie. Lastly I think you should have whole teams of Pokemon for each heroine instead of half that amount

All in all I like it, but you could do a bit better.
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These are some pretty good ideas, however I think there are some better choices for their teams.

Belle- Litwick (Lumiere), Roserade (The Rose), Zoroark (Beast)
Alice- Azumarill (The White Rabbit), Liepard (Cheshire Cat), Caterpie (Blue Caterpillar)
Tiana- Feraligatr (Louis the Alligator), Volbeat (Ray the Firefly), Politoed (Need I say more?)
Ariel- Wingull (Scuttle), Kingler (Sebastian), Goldeen (Flounder)
Jessica- She's fine as she is
Jasmine- Chatot (Iago), Aipom (Abu), Arcanine (Raja)

And here's a few suggestions for future teams <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>

Mulan- Charizard (Mushu), Kricketot (Mulan's Cricket, Cri-Kee), Rapidash (Mulan's Horse, Kahn)
Nala- Luxray (Simba), Pignite (Pumbaa), Watchog (Timon)
Aurora- Noctowl (The Owl), Murkrow (Maleficent's Crow), Hydreigon (Maleficent)
Rapunzel- Kecleon (Pascal), Zebstrika (Maximus the Horse) Piloswine (Her Long Hair)
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Actually, forget what I said about Piloswine. I think Lampent would work better since it represents the floating lanterns she sees on her birthday.
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This is quite extraordinary to have Disney princesses or Disney divas as I like to call them to be Pokemon trainers. Okay, now for the review.

Belle makes quite a good trainer to her Litwick, Herdier and Zoroark. They all fit her personality since Litwick is Lumiere, Herdier is... Well I guess that puppy dog of a stool and Zoroark personifies her husband, the Beast.

Next, there's Alice. She'd make a great Grass/Bug type gym leader with her Foongus, which in my opinion should evolve into Amoongus. Her Roselia can be quite an amazing partner, I can tell. And her Scyther can slice the heads of her enemies if she has to.

Err, Tiana? With a Yamask? A Krokorok? Oh, who am I kidding? Let her keep those two Pokemon if they personify her movie's villain (I forget the name). Her Politoed is surely a suitable asset to Tiana's team.

Ariel would be the water type master from under the sea. Octillery personifies Ursala and Morgana, her Wingull, Scuttle and her Goldeen personifies its trainers stunning beauty. Krabby or Corphish could have been Sebastian, the worrywart crab and servant to King Triton.

Jessica... Well, Disney doesn't hold the rights to the Roger Rabbit franchise, so I don't know if I can consider her a Disney diva. Smeargle is fine, Jynx and her trainer make quite an unbreakable couple and her Lopunny I think is more attractive than Roger. But who cares? <img src="…" width="19" height="19" alt="^^;" title="Sweating a little..."/>

And finally, Jasmine and her decent team consist of Starly (maybe it represents the birds she adores), Arbok, who personifies Jafar and Arcanine, who is Raja the tiger because the former and latter are orange and have stripes.

What seems to be missing are Cinderella, Aurora and Snow White. Mary Poppins and Esmerelda would have been nice, also. And that concludes this critique!
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Thank you very mich for your critique. :D

Here are some things I'd like to add to your comments:

Tiana's Yamask is supposed to resemble the shadow demons that the villain (Dr Facilier) summons. The Krokorok stands for Louis, the trumpet playing alligator that helps Tiana and Naveen during the movie. :)

Your suggestions for Ariel really make sense, I might have to expand the pic and give every trainer 6 Pokémon.

About Jessica, are you sure about Disney not holding the rights to the film? [link]
It seems like they produced it.

Because of the feedback I got, I'm probably going to make a second piece and I'll be sure to include Cinderella, Aurora and Snow White. :D
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit was produced by Touchstone Pictures, a subsidiary of Disney. So I guess that sorta makes Roger Rabbit a Disney character.
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That would make Warner Bros (colour) Icon Pokémon Trainers (Hero/Heroine)
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Why do I kinda feel like the Smeargle of Jessica was a reference to that famous quote of her:

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way" xD
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I didn't know Jessica was a Disney character! Good deviantart, but I would have given Jasmine some ground-types. I'm thinking of my own someday, which includes every official Disney princess (except for Pocahontas and Mulan which don't count). I'm not going to do it until after Moana comes out, though.
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Of course Jessica would have a sexy bunny and Tiana would have a frog!
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honestly I can see ariel and jasmine with those pokemon. now about the rest, I don't know.
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Zoroark ist doch kein Biest. xD
Da hätte Entei schon eher gepasst.
Und bei Jasmin hätte ich Shiny Raikou genommen weil das ein Tiger ist und kein Hund. Aber nette idee! x3
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Trainer mit legendären Pokemon? Naja... ;)
Zoroark kann sich zumindest verwandeln, das passt doch.
Und Arkani sieht mehr aus wie ein Tiger, als ein Hund, meiner Meinung nach :D
Megaloceros-Urhirsch's avatar
Warum nicht? So lange es keine Gottheiten sind isses ok. xD
Arkani ist in wirklichkeit auch ein Tiger. xD
Es ist wie entein eine art Shishi.
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Alice and Jessica? I guess Disney ain't the only ones to use the word princess that loosely.
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Well it's catchier than "Disney female protagonists" ;)
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these are really good. how do your art using pixels?
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Thanks. :)
I did them in Photoshop.
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Elsa with vanillish
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Jessica Rabbit isn't a Disney Princess :T
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Neither is Alice ;)
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No, Zero meant she isn't Disney
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"Jessica Rabbit is Roger Rabbit's Toon human wife and the tritagonist in Disney/Touchstone's 1988 hybrid feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit"."
So, yes, she is.…
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