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Magical Girl Transformation Brush Set



Finished this one for now :)

Magical Girl transformation background stuff.

I guess there actually will be another Magical Girl Brush Set (if you have ideas, something that really is missing here: Don't hesistate to tell me!), but for now it is this one. I hope you like it.

I did this Brushset with Photoshop CS 3, so it should work on all CS versions!
I am really sorry I cannot supply BrushSets for other versions, GIMP or SAI.


:bulletblack: This Brushset contains:
:bulletpink: 6 different heart brushes (three different designs)
:bulletgreen: 10 different flower brushes (five designs)
:bulletblue: 4 different bubble brushes (two designs)
:bulletyellow: 6 different star brushes (three designs)
:bulletwhite: 2 feather brushes (one design)
:bulletred: 2 music note brushes (one design)
:bulletorange: 10 different lightning and glitter brushes (5 designs)
:bulletpurple: 2 checked background designs and 4 different twirls

(The one with the doubled number of brushes compared to designs are contained as stamp and as special effect brush!)

Brushes are based on mostly on DoReMi, Sailor Moon, different PreCure seasons, Sugar Sugar Rune, Shugo Chara, Mermaid Melody and PreTear.

Apart from this I would really appreciate your help. :( I really need to do my driving license.

Other brush sets:
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