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Digimon Tamers Random Brush Set



Yeah, the other Digimon Tamers Brush Pack I did and that laid also half finished on my computer. :)

I warn you: You need some basic Photoshop skills to use these properly. As you need to make the final Datastream out of three different Brushes (as well as the digital world) ;)

This Brush Pack contains:
- Digital World (3 Brushes)
- Data Stream (3 Brushes)
- Dust Packet (2 Brushes)
- Digimon Tamers and "Dragon" (4 Brushes)
- Evolution Writing (2 Brushes)
- Data Analyzer (2 Brushes)
- "Squares" and Card Slash Background (2 Brushes)

Like the Title kinda says: These are random.


Next Up: Digimon Frontier Brush Back :)

More Digimon related Brushes:

If anything about the Brush doesn't work: Don't hesistate to tell me :D
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Now that Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters is out, do you think you could make brush tools based on the visual effects from that?