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Digimon Tamers - Matrix Evolution Brush Set



Finally done with this.
I all the time was nearly done, but couldn't bring myself to finish up this brush set. But now it is done! Finally.

Yeah, made a few brushes for the whole Tamers-Matrix-Evolution (and Digital World Design) stuff :)

Hope you like them!

If there is a technical issue: Please tell me!

As this brushset was quite some work of a lot of hours: Please credit me, if you use it!
You are - OF COURSE - allowed to use it, but I must request you to credit me. Also I must request that you won't use this brush set in any commercial way. (Yes, commissions are commercial!)

I already did another Digimon Brushset by the way:

And, as it is my 10 000 hit Kiriban, I am open for suggestions:
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