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Digimon Crests Photoshop Brushes UPDATED



I saw that actually there are no brushes for the crests from Digimon Adventure/02.

So I took the time to do the 11 known brushes as Photoshop Brushes.

Hope you like it.

It would be nice if you would credit me, when you use it for homepages and such!

EDIT: I have to apologize! When I uploaded the file earlier I did a mistake and switched it with :icondigistardbz:s DigiSoul Brush (you know, the list... "DigiCrest.abr" and "DigiSoul.abr" *coughs* That is why I shouldn't do stuff like that, when I am in a hurry). It is fixed now. You should now download the right file!
Sorry again!

Please tell me, when there is still a problem!
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Makes me wonder what Meicomons crest would be ?