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Princess Celestia

edit: im surprised i have to point that out, but of course i know that 'not all men are like that' and that 'women get friendzoned too'; that wasnt the point of this picture at all !! its just that the mlp community can b kinda shitty sometimes....

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This is not only a woman thing though, I wish people would understand that men can friendzone too.

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But women get friendzoned as well.
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Yeah the artist literally pointed that out in the description. No need to repeat the same thing others have said.
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hahahahah oh that is funny as hell and that is half true and there is friendship  if   u have  a real bff and if u dont have a real bff and only fake and if u didnt know about it that is not friendship and that drawing is nice and funny ,good job  hahahahahahaha  ,woman  dont  owe man shit    mostly  . 
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Learn grammar and punctuation pls.
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i try to but u didnt learn grammar either so u shouldnt be talking and that is not is not the way to spell please child ..

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Learn grammar and punctuation pls.
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truuth, ive gotten "friendzoned" but that just means ive got a new friend, is that really that bad?
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There are several women who owe me. We had an agreement.
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It's people like this who make me realize that the Pulse shooter was a hero.
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This inspired me! I love it! :)
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One of the all-time best things ever.
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I fucking love this!
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Friend zones just sounds kind of dumb to me.
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I love this so much, do you have a red bubble so I can buy this as a tank top from you?
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These comments make me laugh so hard 
You can just FEEL the anger and tears in 'em.
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"There's no such thing as the friendzone,
The only reason that your lonely...
Is 'cuz you're fat and gay..."

--Pink Guy, 2014
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I need this on a T-shirt right now.
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""nice guys"" are pathetic tbh. anyone who needs to call themselves that is shady to me.
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Totally agree with this.
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