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I'm not dead, really I'm not.

sheesh, it's been a year though.... well, the last year has been a while lot of drama and trauma, moving and new things and such.

Things you should know; got a new computer, but now my tablet isn't working well with it. sigh, it's an old tablet, so I'm trying to decide between a new TV and a new tablet...

Comicgenesis hasn't been updating my comics for the past year, I don't know why, and have been driving myself crazy over trying to go over what could be done.  

Been going to 24 Hour Comic Day, and finished a 30 page comic this year.

I seem to be going deeper into this Autism and Disability Rights stuff, and am now back in school, in the Disability Studies program at Ryerson University, focusing on activism.  

Oh yes, and I am just building myself my own site with my own domain name, to put my comics :D
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Merry Christmas all!!!  Hope you all have a good one.  I'm not officially celebrating for another few days, but we're relaxing here anyways.

Also, I'm not dead, just artistically dysfunctional.  Also, I'm now on as Nekobakaz, so you can check out my costume for Anime North 2010!!
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yeah it's been .... a year since I updated this journal, and a week since the con, but this thing is FOUR PAGES!!

Anime North 2009 con report

Quick note:  for those who saw me, I was the six-purple-and-silver-winged fairy in a maroon cloak and black leather, carrying, well, a halberd, or axe on a stick.  My friend Rachelle was the Naraku (from InuYasha).  If you have any pictures of us, please comment and send them my way; we'd love to see them!

I've been squeeing over this for a while.  I was really looking forward to AN this year.  As my roomie Rachelle was staff, I was able to get sneak previews at the gaming programs and be privy to the organization of the events.   It got me really pumped up for this year.  

And yeah, this year was TOTALLY better than last year!
Last year, I think AN suffered from Geneon in N. America going under, which left the organizers of AN trying to figure out how to make up for the lack of Geneon funding and support.  
This year they got their act together.  The convention area was much bigger, and while there was huge amounts of traffic, once the initial registration shuffle was over, things moved a lot smoother.  At least, they did for me.  The only times I had to wait in line was for checking into my hotel, getting my badge, and my weapons check.  After that, it was simply navigating the crowds.  Which isn't easy to do with wings as big as mine, but I did it.  

Friday was fairly tame for me.  I woke up at 7am to pick up the car at 9am.  It was a beautiful car! They gave me a free upgrade to a "luxury" sized car, a 2009 Chrysler 300.  It was the kind of car I'm sure I won't be able to afford till my mid-life crisis.  Alas, quarter-life crisis' can afford cars like these.  
Anyways, I had gone grocery shopping on Thursday, so I just loaded up the car, filled it up with gas and managed to contact my con-roomie James.  We arranged to meet on UW campus and I waited for his class to be done.  When I went to pick up James, I dropped Rachelle off at the school for her to pick up signs for AN from the kinko's.

So myself, James and James' friend Harrison met up and we got loaded into the car.  We had a brief stop at the Zehrs on our way out, to pick up some supplies for the boys.  Then we got on the road.  Right on time too!  We made good time all the way to Toronto, and got to the Doubletree alright.  Since it was still early to check in (although from the looks of it, we could have checked in already), James and I went to pick up our badges, got free Dr. Pepper and then went to check in.  As we did, I got text messages from Pam, aka Hikaru_ from my old geocities journal.  She needed to run to the bank to pay her rent that was late.  In my room, I got into costume, then sighed and agreed to drive her to the bank.  Not much to say about it except it was fairly uneventful.

But basically I hung around, found myself in the dealer's room, and bought a tonne of manga... well, first it was a death note that I got a free quill pen with (Labyrinth: paid in cash), then a huge stack of manga that got me two free posters (FMA and D.Gray-man) that I paid with credit, then a few more manga paid in cash (Hairy Trantula).  Then I found the Silver Snail booth and picked up a Gundam Exia (1/144), paid in cash, then another model store (can't remember the name) that I bought a Gundam 00 Raiser (1/144) paid in cash.  Then I carried it all back to the hotel.  

By the way, it's a lot of fun to have to put everything down for photos.  

But I got it done.  I looked over the Raiser, and since I'm only a little more familiar with 1/100 models, I thought that it was just the Raiser, and didn't have the Gundam.  So I went back to the Dealer's Room and found yet another store, and bought a Gundam 00 with cash.  I dropped it off at the room, had a bite to eat of the cake that Pam gave me as a thank you and a bit of a breather, and went to the Definite History of Godzilla panel.  Well, more like presentation.  The presenter had this nice slide show presentation.  Very educational.  

Afterwards I hung around the video rooms, trying to figure out whether I wanted to watch anything, but wasn't really interested.  A couple years ago, I know that I would have jumped at the chance to check out different anime without downloading it, but now with a somewhat better internet connection and definitely better anime sources, I feel more comfortable watching new stuff at home.  Also, I didn't feel like walking over the bridge with my wings to get to the Renaissance (which is basically my entire reason for not going over there; crossing that bridge with one set of wings is annoying, three sets would be frustrating).  So I went up to the room and made myself some soup mac n cheese cup.  Ewwww! And ate cake, yum! And then bed.  

In the morning, I woke up about 7, 7:30 and had a shower, ate breakfast of Golden Grahams and took my purchases from Friday to the car (thinking ahead is good).  Half-way in costume, I sorted out where I was going for the day, accounting in extra travel time and rest periods, and realized that I had left my voice recorder at home.  Drat.  I then decided that as much fun as it is to go meet the voice actors, getting voice clips was the best part and that I'll leave the over-fangirl-ism to the younger kids (gee, I feel old now!).  

I pretty much started texting to my twitter at this point.  So, for those who didn't see them:

The Code Geass panel: Watchmen spoilers in the Code Geass panel. Scooby doo reference in Code Geass panel:  Do I really need to explain these?
Waiting for Lars to get to the Lar's Art Thingy panel: Come to the dark side; we have pocky
The autograph session after Lar's Art Thingy: Death notes as autograph books; only @ anime cons
(A congoer tried to get Lars to sign his Death Note.  Lars just looked at him blankly and said "No.")
Anime north shopping complete: I had gone back into the Dealer's room, found a Gundam Exia 1/100 model at the Silver Snail.  I had also found that Rachelle had bought the last Masamune, so I settled for an Odachi (yeah, I can't remember which accents go where).  It's still pretty cool and taller than me.  It was also very fun to carry it back to the room, having to set it down every once in a while for photos. My arms got a workout.  
At that point, I was tired and needed food.  I spent some time in the room, and then went down to the hotel's cafe for a Caesar salad.  It was pretty quiet and the waiters were, er, attentive.  
Robocop quotes during tech repair: I went to the beginning of the Anime Hell showing.  There was a technical trouble with the two screens.  The guy in charge of the event made the "we have the technology" quote and then made a swine flu joke.  First he asked how many of us had swine flu, and a couple hands throughout the room shot up.  "Oh good.  We're going to lock the doors, so make sure you get near those people and go home with the flu."
lil' Roxas is adorable! Just as it says. Kids can pretty much cosplay as anything and it's soooo cute.
learning gundam 00 drinking games: I left the Anime Hell showing for the Mecha panel, which was educational.  I'm fairly new to well, everything, mainly because I'm picky about what I watch and haven't really had the resources to go back and watch anime older than myself.  But in it we got on the discussion of Gundam 00 drinking games.  There's at least two, and both are for season 2: drink every time H/allelujah says "Mary" (there's an episode where that's basically all he says); for the season finale episodes, drink every time someone goes TransAm.  Those of us who have watched the finale will smile at that last one.  

Watchmen & star trek in mecha panel:  yeah, we get off topic.  I'm not entirely sure how and I can't remember precisely what was said, but it was done.
Unicorn=bad wolf: Going around the Gundam model tables, I was often asked and told that "Unicorn" was coming out soon.  Having not really followed the entire subculture of fandom, I had no clue what that was and made polite neutral noises.  Basically along the lines of "Oh really? Cool, I'll keep my eyes open for it."   In the Gundam panel, I learned what it was; a new Gundam series.  But not just any new Gundam series, a new UC Gundam series.  Aka, original timeline.  For me, this was a realization moment kind of like in Doctor Who where you finally put the pieces together.  Hence, Bad Wolf.  It also reminded me I need to actually watch UC Gundam series.
Scooby doo quote in death note panel:  one of the panelists made a "meddling kids" quote when referring to Near and Mello.  It's funny cause it's true.  
Met savage bandito:  On my way back from the panels, heading to my room for sleep, a maskless Savage Bandito called out to me.  Apparently he had been looking for me all weekend, having spotted me from afar, but was too far away to catch up.  He remembered me from previous years.  Also grabbing a nearby Umbrella corp soldier, he proceeded with an interview and skit.  Knowing his update schedule, it probably will be out in time for Anime North 2010.  
But we hung out for a while, talking, and he took down my contact information, but I had to leave for sleep.  Pretty much went straight to bed as James was already fast asleep.
Sunday, got up early and carried stuff to the car, packed up and checked out. I was starting to feel a little sickish at this point, and so was James.  So I decided not to go for sushi after Anime North. It was an awesome idea, but I think it would have been a little overwhelming, even if  I wasn't sick.  And I had to drive home too!

lil' Cloud is SO CUTE!: Honestly, children under 10 really CAN cosplay as anything.  Also, there was a lil'Gaara that was soooooooooooooooooo adorable!! seriously, I really wish I had a camera when I see all these cute cosplayers!

RAMUNE!!: my last quest in the dealers room was to search out Ramuné.  Managed to find quite a few... plus a really awesome kitty hat that fits PURFECTLY, plus Fruits Basket bracelets, and Bleach and Deathnote cell phone straps.  That reminds me, Rachelle keeps saying she's going to show me where in town I can get Ramuné....

My costume won an award: I was just walking around, waiting for James to finish up in his panels, when, of course, I was approached by photographers.  After the mini-photo shoot, a staff member waiting at the side said "because your wings are awesome, here" and gave me a Hall Costume Award.  It's now proudly pinned to my badge (still attached to the wings; will have to take off for next year...)

Republicans 4 voldemort:  apparently this was said in a panel that James went to, and I recorded it.
Around 3:30-4:00, James and I looked at each other and decided that it was time to leave. So we found Harrison (he was dressed as Canada, btw) and loaded up the car.  I took off the wings and tiara, but not the make up and the rest of my costume, and we went to Jack Asster's (possibly spelling it wrong).  There was an interesting mix of con-goers and mundanes, but the staff understood and asked how the con was going.  Once properly feed on real food, we found our way onto the highway and made our way home.

And that was that!  We all had an AWESOME time, and apparently so did Funimation, going by their vblog.  And now, I'm counting down the days till ANIME NORTH 2010!!!
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Right, so I'll be at Anime North again this year, still dressing as a fairy.  With a cape and crown now.  Yeah, hope to see plenty of people, I'm also planning on volunteering.  Just cause I like doing stuff.

Got a job.  Customer Representative at Nordia, working for Bell Express Vu.  According to them, we're in Toronto.  Right.  I start on the phones today.

Also, school.  One more class.  I'm taking a Distance Ed Anthropology class.  I like the class, I just don't seem to have a lot of time to do the readings.  The prof has given me an alternative assignment, since I'm bad at non-verbal communication with strangers.  

anyways, back to work.
Here I am, safe at home, using my parent's little laptop and washing machine.  Mmmmm, freshly cleaned clothes...  

I picked up my school books for next term the day before yesterday, and yesterday I read one of the books on the train.  So I'm already done a third of the readings for a class.  I'm feeling rather good about it.  I'm looking forward to the new term.  Fall terms are all so tough and rushed, with no chance to slow down and smell the roses.  Not that there's a lot of roses in the snow, but you get the idea.  

My hands itch to paint.  Not to draw, but to paint.  There's still an unfinished painting downstairs, plus an untouched canvas.  

gah, there's so much that I want to do, so many books to read, people to see...  and I woke up with a bit of a sore throat.  It might be an affect of the CPAP, I dunno.  I don't really want to be awake right now, but I have a doctor's appointment.  And Catherine has invited me over this afternoon.  Should probably take her up on that.  

Well, should probably start getting ready.
Okay, my essays are officially over, except that I have one take home exam which is three short (2 pages each) essays.   Due Monday, like this monday, the 3rd.  
I have one exam on the 12th, and then my last exam on the 17th.  I go home to Kingston on the 19th, hopefully see my doctor and get the application process started up to get disability.

Got some Christmas shopping to do.  I have no clue what to get my brother and the guy friends.  arg...  at least I have something for my mom and dad, and I have one idea for one of my roomies.  my poor pocketbook...  mmmmmm, books.... books....  (lightbulb)

anyways, checking out my favorites, I sooooo did not do an Okami search...  no, indeed not...  **whistles innocently**  

for those following my webcomics, I do have changes for the site and fix up pages.  Except I can't remember my passwords...  I'll get it all sorted out, soon I promise!!

back to exam!  There's a dragon on my shoulder!!!!…

Opa died last month.  Lots of essays.

Halloween!!!!!!   Got costume.…;

Gots art coming.  Really I do.

Registered hotel for Anime North already.  Lots of money.
Hope I can pay.  Hope I can volunteer.  

no sleep for two days.  essay.
currently, I'm in Scotland, after spending a few weeks with my family in Ireland.  Man, have I done a bunch!
I've gone to the most Northern point of Ireland, to the top of the tallest cliffs in Europe, climbed a mountain and walked through clouds, and um...  oh, yes, I finished reading Harry Potter.  Woot!  

Here in Scotland, I'm enjoying Edinburgh as I take a summer creative writing course.  I've been so inspired!!  I'm thinking of a play, but now I'm having second thoughts about it.  The subject matter I want to work with is a bit, er, difficult to cover.   I have ideas, but I bet it'll be a couple of years (full of research) till I start writing it.  
I'm also realizing how much I need to research.   I call myself a fantasy writer, but somehow I don't think my stuff is very, fantasical.  Well, at least not with Paranoia...  I suppose it'll be pointed out to me that LotS, Amhelaki and Insoden are fantasy.  

But I think that I should get better aquainted with myths and legends.  Not to mention sociology and economics.   bleh.   You gotta know a lot to world-build.  I suppose that's why the hidden-fantasy-world-in-the-everyday is common.  It sure beats having to create a new world.  

I also think that I should try oil paints.  Arcrylic is fun and all, but it does have it's limits.  And as much as I have my arguments against it, I should try before I dismiss, huh?  
However, I've heard stories about oil painting, about having ventilation and whatnot.  Currently, the studio I work in (at home) is in the workshop, furnace and storage room.  Not a lot of room to move around, questionable ventilation, and close to heat.  
My plan: sneak into the studios at school.

Speaking of school, before I left I signed up for classes.  Four in each term, to keep my Full-time status.  This way I can get a new student card in Fall.  I fully expect to go to the first class and then drop one of them.  I want to go into the winter art studio class at UW, but they have a weird registration system, so I can't try until September.  sigh.  
Speaking of September, I need to email the apartment people, to see whether I can move into my new apartment across the hall early.  It makes no sense for me to move out and then back in when it's possible for me to just switch.   I don't mind not living into it until September, as long as my furniture's in it.  

Also, I want to sign up for belly dancing lessons.  Or a martial art.  I lean towards the martial arts, cause not only will it help me keep in shape, but it'll give me confidence and self-defense.   Which is good when you're a girl in this world.  Belly dancing, though, would be useful at the bar....

And right now I'm really missing my tablet.  Damn those art muses!!  I need the writing muses!!!   

Oh yes, and I'm playing Tales of Pirates.  my first MMORPG.   :D
anyone else who plays?  I'm Katiri, Treasure Isle on the Dream Island.  I'm a blond Phyllis Herbalist running around Shaitan City.  Gosh, now I feel like I'm applying in the classifieds.  

Oh, what else, what else?   Nothing.  I wanna draw.  
I got back yesterday from Anime North really really emotionally tired.  Mainly cause in a convention, there's a lot of socialization going on, and a lot of people.   At night, I was sooooo tired, yet so wired that I had trouble falling asleep on my own.  

But it was great fun!!!  I didn't get to see K-chan; somehow, we missed each other or something, which is sad cause I wanted to see her again.  I also wanted to witness her proposing with a philosopher stone ring.  

I went to the VG Cats panel, the Webcomic panel, the Avatar: Last Airbender season finale, the Mind of Yaoi fans, Sonny Strait - Manga Artist, Bleach - of Death and Dying, caught a bit of the Nerds documentary, and hung out at the Yaoi fans social.  
I wore my green kilt, black corset, fishnet and black hose, and painted swirls coming from my eyes with black eyeliner.   Add on my purple wings, and Ta-DA!!!  costume!!!   I had about 12 people take my picture, two of which actually asked who I was dressed as, and about 50 people who said they liked my wings.  Most of those 50 I got into conversations with.   One guy thought I was 15!!!!

On Sunday, I was interviewed twice.  The first was an actual interview about conventions, the second was for a YouTube video.  I've been checking YouTube for it every since I got back.  I'll post links when I find it.  I also sat down and started drawing, on Sunday, and realized that I should have made business cards, since people kept coming over to look at what we were drawing (there was three of us, sitting near the entrance to the dealers room, drawing).  Some of them asked whether I was on DA.  So a wave for all the people who found my DA from AN07!!!  
Next year, I WILL make business cards.   

Bad news, I lost my camera, ON FRIDAY NIGHT!!!  so I lost about 17 pictures that I had taken  >.<    and my camera.  I don't think my parents will be too pleased about that.  
Especially cause of how much money I spent this year...  Yeah, I bought a lot.   This is the first year I've had a credit card and a fairly large sum of money in the bank.  I used the card when I was sure I could pay it off (and I already have) but don't have the cash on hand.  Wanna know my total?   Not including hotel ($279), food (somewhere around $20-$30) and the large purchase I made with my credit card, I spent $213.   That's me slapping my wrist (actually works) to stop myself from buying things.  My loot?

Anime North misc
- T-shirt
- Scott Ramsoomair's autograph
-Sonny Strait's autograph (twice), with doodles of Krillin (one where he's flying with my wings), and a voice clip
- Corrinne Orr's autograph
Artist Alley
-Kyo bracelet, kitty ears, Gaara/Naruto print, DN bookmarks, D.Grey-man print
Dealer's Room
-Snow Fairy Sugar DVD for Cinnamon (cost an outrageous price, but it was the only copy I could find), ninja headband, Loveless manga v5, Wild Rock, Gorgeous Carat manga v4, Banana Fish v1&2, Karas DVD v1, Gaara Plushie....  aaaaaaaaaaaaand....

a sword.

I don't mean those cute cosplay swords.  I mean the ones where they wrap it in a box and you can't open it until you're home kind of swords.   To be exact, I got Ichigo's bankai sword. Yeah, I'm a bad fan, I can't remember the actual name for it, but then, the dealer was calling it "Bankai", cause it was the only bankai they were selling.  Nice sword.  $165.  

So i come back here to Waterloo with only a $5 bill in my pocket, dead tired, but I had a great time.  
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I'm going to Anime North!!  I'm going to Anime North!!   

I gotta find a room to sleep in, case like help I'm driving back and forth each day!  And this means I gotta find a job to pay for a bunch of stuff, but somehow, I'll make it happen!  
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yesterday, December 7th 2006,  my soon-to-be-1-year-old neice Savannah Rose was found dead in her crib.  They say it's SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, cause unknown.   She was a perfectly healthy baby, a joy and love to everyone.   

So once again, twice in a term, I'm in mourning.  
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yeah, I went to the mall to get batteries, and came back with my ears pierced.   It just seemed like a good idea at the time, not that I thought about it a lot.  I was like "I want to get my ears pierced, and they do piercings, so let's see how much it is" and then I was right there and it didn't seem like a bad deal, so I did it.  

That was yesterday.  My ears don't hurt anymore, except slightly when I touch them too much, but that's not recommended because of all the bacteria and oily stuff on hands.  I gotta clean them twice a day, and turn the earings once a day, for 6-8 weeks.  So around Christmas I can take the studs out.  

I got medical plastic studs, because with my first piercings I developed an allergy to all metal other than gold.  So to be more cautious, I decided on the medical plastic.   

And yeah, my parents are coming today.   I've dyed my hair and pierced my ears.  This shall be interesting.  
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so I dyed....


if I look weird in the pictures, i don't have good lighting, I played with the settings to try and get the color right, and i was sleep deprived.  

still am.  spent most of last night writing an essay due today.  drank 4 cans of beaver buzz (canadian energy drink, like red bull) and slept for an hour and a half.

man, how does L do it?

sleep now
9:00pm today, my Oma passed away. She grew up in war-time Russia where she buried most of her siblings, followed the German army out of Russia on foot, met my Opa in a refugee camp and married at the age of 40, and then unhappily sailed across the ocean to Canada with my 2-year-old father. She was never really happy in Canada, never learned to speak English (or at least never spoke English to anyone. We have proof that she actually did understand English), and had a bit of a confused mind, but she did love her family. After surviving war-torn Russia, diabetes, and between 42-52 small strokes, she passed away comfortably surrounded by her husband and children, at the age of 98.

And so, as the first week of classes end, I'll be heading down to Niagara for the funeral.

here's a shot of vodka for a strong, true Russian Mennonite woman.  
October, I'm going to the Geneva Centre for Autism 2006 International Symposium, as an artist for the Art Gallery.   I get to be in the building of really really really important people.   mwuahahahaha!!!

Spectrum Art Show going well, haven't really sold anything, but I've gotten some media coverage, so we'll get more people.  
Mom says that my experience in organizing the Art Show is grooming me to a career in events coordinating, which can lead to BIG money.   I giggle at the idea.  

I can just imagine it, me with a bunch of assistants to do the photocopying and faxing, and me sitting behind a desk or running around to oversee the final details.  Have to admit, I could possibly pull it off.   However, university degree in English?  Masters in Creative Writing?   le sigh

Rachelle, be glad, yesterday I got the DVDs.   Let us rejoice in the glory of GHOST STORIES!!!  

oh yes, and this site is hilarious:…
this is really late news, but I lost my hard drive earlier this month, right before my 21th birthday when I got back from South Africa.  So now I'm having to restore my scanned and computer art.   

if anyone knows how to get the original picture used as a menu picture on a playable DVD, could you let me know?  
also knowing any software about getting music from my iPod to my computer would also be great.  thanks.  

but yeah, this means I'm napping my own art off my DA and photobucket accounts.   

hopefully, I'll have art and things to put up soon.  
today we went strawberry picking. We all got up and went to the berry farm, where in about half an hour we picked twelve baskets of strawberries. Each basket is 4 litres, so multiple four by twelve. And we still have berries from last year. Mom and I washed and sliced berries to be frozen, and put some aside for tonight's dessert. Mom also made freezer jam, cause Loren likes it so much.

So now my hands smell like strawberries, which amuses me a lot. There needs to be strawberry perfume or something. I really like the smell. Must be one of the only organic smells Mom can handle. Veira was jealous though; last year she had come along to pick, and she wanted to come along again. So we agreed then when she got better pay, either at her job right now, or at a new job, that we would go strawberry picking. She LOVES strawberries.

Only problem with berry picking, I think I'm allergic to straw, which is what they line the rows with. To pick, you get on your hands and knees, which means my legs are all itchy and feels sort of rashy. I took a shower, but it still feels a little rashy.

But it was neat to put all those baskets into the back of our van, open the windows for air because we have no air conditioning, and ride the back roads to the cheese factory to get a large bag full of cheese. At the factory, they have STRAWBERRY FUDGE!!

After lunch, I went with Dad to get watercolour paper for my school project. On the way we talked about Loren and my plans to move out this year. Both of us agree while it's a good idea, that it's somewhat pointless to be moving out this late. It's almost July; by the time we settle in, it'll be time to move out again! So we figure that this would be the last year where we all live under the same roof. Which sort of annoys me, cause I JUST got my room repainted and stuff. Dad also pointed out that Mom's the worst this time of year, because of exam stress. I know he's a little right, but half of me is saying that he's making excuses. Mom's behaviour is unacceptable. End of sentence.

Anyways, we went downtown to the art supply store, and asked the salesperson about watercolour paper. He gave me advice about soaking the paper so that it wouldn't warp. Actually, he probably made some good money off of us, because he convinced us that we needed the best stuff that they had, the full professional sheets of 140 lbs paper that Dad will have to cut for me. Dad said that we might as well get the best stuff, since it's for school and it might be possible that the book will be publishable.

On the way home, Dad tried stopping at the flag vendor that makes business in an empty lot. We saw him on our way downtown. However, on the way back he was gone, which disappointed Dad cause he wanted a German flag for the World Cup. And of course he had to browse the radio to look for soccer news. I had rolled my eyes and hoped that I could get a pirate flag while we were there. But the vendor wasn't there, so no flags were bought. We went home to set up the yard for the new neighbours. Mom and Dad invited them over for supper, so we got out toys for the kids (THREE OF THEM!) and set up tables and put on the finishing touches, etc.
And Yeti went missing. So the neighbours come over, and we're looking for our white furball. Finally the kids found her in their yard, and I could concentrate on the supper. The kids were pretty neat, and fairly well behaved for kids. The youngest was a little attention grabby, but also sweet. I found the middle child, the only boy, very quiet. Middle children often feel left out, I hear, while older/only children feel pressure from the parents to be perfect. The oldest girl, well, she likes to climb trees. and watch Harry Potter.

So we watched Harry Potter 2, and the littlest climbed in my lap for a while, and then asked to see my room. She wanted to jump in my bed. I thought about kids running around my room, looking and poking at my art work and disturbing Nibbles, and told her "no". She kept at it, and I just repeated no, and then suggested that she go draw. Then she asked for milk, so I got her a cup of milk. Their mother was a bit upset that she was drinking milk on the couch, and I would have said that we don't mind but then I remembered that children are messier and don't quite have coordination right. So I didn't say anything. But it was mainly about the rug in the room, so it was okay for the kids to snack while sitting on stools off the rug.

Anyways, we finished up Harry Potter, and then they went home, and now I'm really really tired. So off the bed with me.
"here I sit, all done and packed,
now to eat my bag of crack!"  

yub yub, my exams are done!   And in the last month, a bunch has happened.  
No furneral, for one thing.   Also, I got my apartment things in, so I'm actually going to have to cook next year.    

essays all got done.   hmm... what else?   

oh yes, saw Lord of the Rings the musical, and it was AWESOME!!!  a beautiful day with awesome weather, a WICKED COOL musical, and great food.   I caught the buses and trains at all the right times, and even made it to SKiFFY.   
and then my iPod gets stolen.   >.<  

aaaah, well, Daddy managed to get me a new one (spoiled kid, right here, I suppose) with my name engraved on it.   Still worried about the old one.   My parents spend waaaaaaaay too much money, I feel guilty about it.   

what else, what else?  OH!!!  Next year, I'm SKiFFY exec!  I'm Media Co-ordinator, meaning, I make and post the posters!   yay!!!  

Anyways, I'm hoping to get comics done to update both Amhelaki AND LotS!  
My brother just told me, Mom just called. Oma's fallen sick and is hospitalized. She's not expected to make the week, so we're supposed to be prepared for the worse. I dunno whether that means we're supposed to go visit or not. But we're closer than mom and dad are, so it's not like we have far to go and stuff.

the first thought that popped into my head was "do I have anything to wear for a funeral?"

So my friend Cinnamon and I have been working on a comic for a while, and we finally got it online.    so, &nb…;
yes, it's something of a rewrite of LotS, with some Christian themes near the end.   
Cinnamon writes it, I draw and take care of the website.   

Now, back to writing essays.   I have a ten page essay due Wednesday, and I've just started to write it.   and I'm so sleep-deprived.    Lovely.