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JeoSeung Saja

Grim reaper from #귀전구담 webtoon series (c) QTT

fanartwork by me
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© 2017 - 2021 nekoyasha89
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Namele7's avatar
whoa!!  Nice Blue tones!!
He definitely looks good.
And btw, I love the late Joseon Dynasty Period for some reason. XDD
By judging from his clothing that's what he's from, right?
nekoyasha89's avatar
thank you so much, Amaii Hug 3#
well probably he's from that period xD
everytime i search jeoseung saja they wear the same
but too bad the webtoon already end no morechapter i can wait NOOOO sobbing - crying 
Namele7's avatar
AWWWW!!!!!!  You're welcome, Neko!!!!
ye, I watch alot of Korean Drama lately and most genre I like is historical like that one XDDD
So your into Webtoons now XD
nekoyasha89's avatar
well i just read some of the webtoon tho xD almost of them are romance-comedy genre xDD
when i've get my own internet connection, i'd love to streaming any k-drama with historical theme like this ; v ;
Namele7's avatar
yea you should!! When you do get your own internet, let me know. 
There are so many k-dramas I can recommend to you!! XDD
nekoyasha89's avatar
sure, Amai!! Emoji08 
Hachiretsu's avatar
Aaaaah sudah saya duga ini mas2 laundry (?) yang dari webtoon <3 <3 ganteeeeng 
nekoyasha89's avatar
mas2 laundry yang naas nasibnya Cry forever tp uda mati pun tetep gantengssss FREE flying hearts Icon 
Hachiretsu's avatar
SUDAH MATI MASIH GANTENG <3 <3 Kasihan dia sama anaknya. Mbaknya ternyata agak sakit jiwa nggak sih  o)-(
nekoyasha89's avatar
((sudah mati masih ganteng)) iyaa kegantengannya masih bertahan <3
ah iya anaknya kasihan o(--( mbaknya emang rada2 sakit ;;;
Hachiretsu's avatar
(sudah mati tetep maskeran)
kan kan kasihan dia dan anaknya o)-( nggak salah apa-apa
MichaelaDream's avatar
this is very beautiful
nekoyasha89's avatar
thank you > < the character's already beautiful tho Emoji04 
DeadCobra's avatar
nekoyasha89's avatar
thank you so much Emoji26 
Deepminds06's avatar
I was captivated by how you created the eyes that totally enhance the facial features. Very alluring:)   Bravo!
nekoyasha89's avatar
thank you so much Emoji04 
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Dianoka's avatar
Ahhhh Beautiful nekoooo, I love ghost tellerr //O//
nekoyasha89's avatar

thank you so much /// i love the story and the art too * v * )
Moon-Marionette's avatar
This somehow takes me back to The Scholar who walks at Night.
nekoyasha89's avatar
ah i haven't read / watch The Scholar who walks at Night yet, is it good? xD
Moon-Marionette's avatar
Ah, slow at the the most, but it was a pretty good watch. ^^
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