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Hi, everyone ^^

GraphicBrat :icongraphicbrat: is totally right; I should at least keep the account - and I will.

Unfortunately, it would take me ten hours to erase my gallery by hand (Seriously! The only way to erase all deviations at once would be deleting the account altogether). So I will not erase the gallery; sooner or later some DeviantArt-staff-member will do so for me anyway, because they will find, that the tuned S-class-Mercedes reminds them of small erect dicks or something like that.
One of my oldest watchers said "Don´t go! Don´t let the Art-Nazis win!" but you know what? By NOT going, I would let them win. And they are not really Art-Nazis, are they? They are business-people; The Establishment. And there´s nothing wrong with that. We all said "I agree", when we were joining.
DA makes money by selling adverts - that are illustrated with OUR artwork. In return, we get these free presentation-features like this "Journal" and the option to sell our stuff here for on-board-currency, that has to be bought here on the board with real money - and of course we need Core-Membership to be allowed to sell our stuff, that DA sells in form of advertising without sharing the profit with us. The whole scheme is genius. Earning money not only with the art of others, but with the artists aswell. Also, the members of the community of the IT-company, that bought DA, get to use the DA-gallery-contents for their websites. Not for free, of course. Absolutely genius - like a money-printing machine. Works with totally low maintenance and almost automatically; especially if you are willing to let brainless people do the administration (they do not ask questions and obey orders - Blinder Gehorsam).
That´s why the flags are so important: flagged artwork is not used by the advertising algorithm. And as mushrooms do not need a flag, as they do not violate rules, they become dangerous for DA and the advertising customer, when they look like penises.
So my Kyoko-pics with mushrooms get deleted, although they do not violate the terms and conditions. They merely cause trouble with the paying customer, who of course isn´t familiar with the content and the story behind the pic. The customer only sees male sexual organs. I even dare to doubt, that the pics are getting reported. I guess, there´s some little DA-police-officer, who checks all deviations for advert-suitability; probably for free, as an intern :D

For the last eight years, I say "Thank you, members of DeviantArt, who were watching me and encouraging me, commenting on my attempts to draw sexy comedy!" - but from now on I am planning to make money with my stuff myself, instead of providing the material for YOU to do your business. You made pretty clear, that you don´t want artists who are drawing FILTH, like me, as their products cannot be used for your advert-selling-business. Although it´s the FILTH, that is attracting the advert´s audience in the first place. If DA would be clean, you would have about three members :)

So all my (five regular) followers, please note: I will not post new stuff.

If you want to meet me or Kyoko, you can do so on KyokoNeko dot com - I have started posting new stuff on a daily basis for a couple of days now.

Thank you for your support :) 

Kyoko Neko, Sexy Cat-Girl From Outer Space

Okay, the "Eight Years"-Kyoko got reported as violation of DA´s terms and conditions by someone who doesn´t know the difference between a giant mushroom and a penis and it got deleted by some DA-staff member, who also cannot tell the difference between a giant mushroom and a penis.

Amazing, really, because I bet, even TRUMP can tell the difference between a giant mushroom and a penis! :D

Oh, well... - one less thing to worry about.

It was a nice experience; I had some fun here and I have met some AWESOME people (and I dare to say, friends). And if you REALLY want to support me; if you REALLY give a damn; if the last eight years have NOT been full of empty phrases and a waste of time, please visit me on my website KyokoNeko dot com and register at Kyoko´s new forum. It IS free of charge and free of advertising.
Kyoko will go on (of course), but on her own home turf; and you will get ALL my stuff for free, no strings attached, uncensored and in high res, hosted on a server, where art can not be porn - legally.
Over 290 concept-pics and cartoons of Kyoko and her cat-girl-team, stories, animation, the manga-storyboard, 36 "Letters To Kyoko" and also space to post your own stuff, even if it is not Kyoko-related. You will also find all the cool fan-art; also everything that did not get posted on DA.
Of course you can comment and vote and send messages - no problem ^^

And if this does not interest you, it´s also okay. I have learned so much over the last eight years; about arts, about people, about life.

Thank you and take care.

All the others: see you on the far site! ^^


As I have to remove every single Deviation by hand, if I want to keep the profile, I will delete my account on the first of August.
The global political development over the last year makes it harder and harder for me to draw funny stuff. So I have decided to lay down the cartoonish part of Kyoko for now and work on her manga, as originally intended. As some of you know, I have postet bits of her manga as a storyboard here on DA and on her website and over the last months I have finished writing the story. It will be MUCH more complex and MUCH more interesting, taking into consideration many of the try-outs and the experiments I have posted here (including young Kyoko and the whole cat-girl-team). Also it is no longer a sad attempt to draw a mature science fiction comic (those days are over), but it will be tragicomedy from the start. The manga-bits I have posted here on DA would cover Kyoko´s adventures in the second book (if I will use the stuff at all).
So posting on DA will happen about as often as the last two years and if you want to keep track, I would like to invite you to Kyoko´s website. It IS free and as it looks, it will stay free. I will NOT ask for your money and I will NOT ask you to support me on Patreon. I haven´t even got a Patreon-account. IF you want to keep supporting me, please COMMENT on the updates I will post on - that would be highly appreciated.
My aim is a comic-BOOK and I have already all the money that I need to print it in hard-cover, full-colour, satined paper and everything. There will be a crowd-funding project to sell the books - but only when the book is already printed and when I will be sure, that I can deliver for all the investors. Until then: stay safe ^^
Thank you for your support over the last eight years. Without you, here on DA, I would have stopped the Kyoko-Project six years ago. Thanks to you I will now - at the age of 50 - start with fulfilling my life´s dream: becoming a full-time comic-artist. For that I will always love you. Thank you very much


As for the DeviantArt-staff, that keeps removing years-old comics and artwork from my gallery for "violation of terms and conditions": if you ask yourself, why I am not buying CORE anymore: that´s your answer. I can´t wait to see you flipping burgers, as soon as this site is shutting down for good. You have driven away so many cool artists already and Kyoko has the only possible message for you.

Well, that´s the end of Core-Membership for me... as DeviantArt is now billing annually with automatically reoccuring payment each year and PayPal doesn´t offer this feature in my country, DA will have to do without my support, as I do not own a credit card... I am truly sorry for the community.

Another stupid admin-decision, that will reduce the attractivity of DeviantArt. But I guess, they don´t care anyway. 

And I will try to make a contribution, that it becomes a better year than the past three or four :D

Kyoko will explain these days ^^

Until then: have a nice weekend and may your plans turn out successfully, when put into reality.
Hi! ^^

Did you know, that each year, 1.5 million people die of the flu?

Yep - and this time it was almost my turn...


Today´s the first day I am daring to leave the bed; and although I am still sweating and I have ice-cold feet - which is totally untypical for me - I don´t want to be bedridden anymore. No need to mention, that I am way behind schedule with everything. But as I am the only one putting myself under pressure, there´s not a problem, really. There´s some personal good news and bad news - the good: I will have a new heating system installed before winter and I got myself a new chess game; also I beat my wife Monika at chess three games in succession (which is a huge achievement, because she´s a really good player) and we have booked the very first holiday since the year 2003 - ten days Florence, Italy in November; city of the Medici, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello and many others. Michelangelo´s David in natura, aswell as Botticelli´s "Birth Of Venus". Cultural overkill! Yay! ^^

Bad news: The headmaster-arsecow of the two girls who wanted to do an internship at my studio, helping me with Kyoko´s animation, forbid them to do the placement here - because I draw Kyoko and they are only fourteen years old. Quite rediculous. Well, and then there´s another great artist who is no longer alive - Walter Becker. I have drawn a Kyoko tribute, that you can find here: censored version for Instagram and Facebook and uncensored for you ^^

<da:thumb id="702688124"/>

<da:thumb id="702687654"/>
Hi, everyone ^^

I am STILL feverish with a terrible dry cold; going into week five tomorrow. Feeling very weak and exhausted, but still no running nose and no cogh, which is good ^^

Anyway, as I cannot do much, apart from laying in bed, sweating and falling asleep all the time, I wanted to do some Kyoko, but in bed I cannot use Copics - I would definitely ruin the linnen; that´s why the latest Message from Kyoko is held in pencil and only the post-editing happened with laptop.

I hope you enjoy it; it´s been in my sketchbook for some time and I had a heart´s desire to let Kyoko speak up about the topic ^^

<da:thumb id="699926576"/> Six pages, sixteen panels. Let me know, what you think ^^

It´s off to bed again for me; I see you soon :)

When moving the studio, I have found so many drawings of Kyoko, that I got over the time and didn´t manage to put online - which is a shame, really. So I give you, with a certain delay :blush:

The amazing Kyoko dojinshi, I didn´t manage to post until today. Please enjoy ^^

d087 by Selina by NekoToTora D090 By Scissusanima by NekoToTora

Mature Content

d091 by Darth-BAW by NekoToTora

Mature Content

d093 by RikasArtbook by NekoToTora
d094 byRikasArtbook by NekoToTora D095 By Sellyluvsart by NekoToTora D096 By Sellyluvsart by NekoToTora D097 By Sellyluvsart by NekoToTora

Mature Content

D098 By Unknown by NekoToTora
  D099 By Sellyluvsart by NekoToTora  D100 By Sellyluvsart by NekoToTora D101 By Sellyluvsart by NekoToTora d102 by Lailak by NekoToTora d103 by Shelly.Belly.Art by NekoToTora D104 By Scissusanima by NekoToTora d108 by ScissusAnima by NekoToTora d109 by SellyLuvsArt by NekoToTora d110 by TorasBitchwife by NekoToTora  d111 by Jana by NekoToTora  d112-by-ScissusAnima by NekoToTora

Mature Content

d113-by-ScissusAnima by NekoToTora
d114-by-Lailack by NekoToTora

Artwork by

- Sille, aka Selly, aka SellyLuvsArt, aka ArtsieMagpie :iconsellyluvsart:
- Katha, aka Lailack :iconlailack:
- Darth-BAW :icondarth-baw:
- Luisa-Elena, aka RikasArtbook :iconrikasartbook:
- Monika, aka BitchWife, aka EmpressAngelina :iconempressangelina:
- Theresa, aka Aynieeh :iconaynieeh:
- Arisha, aka ScissusAnima (my daughter; available on Instagram)
- Ksenia, aka Shelly.Belly.Art (Instagram only)
- Jana (without Social Media Presence)
I have so much line-drawings that need colour! :D

All in good time. At the moment I am working on Kyoko in the morning and do refurbishing the living-room in the afternoon, followed by family-business in the evening. Also I will get help for Kyoko´s animation in September, which will be progress for the YouTube-project. I tried recording a soundtrack for the Kyoko animation, but my singing SUCKS! :D - I will need a good vocalist, preferably female. As my two helpers in September are girls, I will try to convince them to do the singing ^^

Kyoko´s birthday at the 26th of July was a cool event; I had the girls from my Manga Workshop over for a party and they stayed until 7pm the following day :D - quite a party ^^

At the moment I am suffering a bit from a dry influenza, which means hyperthermia and general faintness; also lots of sweating; but I don´t want to stay in bed, so I might aswell do some Kyoko and taking it easy on the refurbishing. That resulted in my cat being super-anxious to block my efforts the whole day, sitting on the drawing desk, running around, meowing, jumping on my lap, climbing on my shoulder, licking sweat from my face... must have been pretty exhausting, because he is now sleeping on the window sill for a couple of hours :D

Anyway, I will keep stuff posted over the next days.

I hope, everyone is fine; I really enjoy our little chats, so if you want to share your life, fire away! Between semesters it can be pretty lonely here on the natural reserve, so any proof, that the Zombie Apocalypse or WW3 haven´t started, is quite welcome :)

Take care! :heart: 
Hi, everyone ^^

I realize, since DA has been taken over by that IT-company, I have about ten regular watchers left :D

Anyway, the new studio is ready and I will move in tomorrow. As my wife is at home due to holidays, I can only work half days on Kyoko and I will have to follow the missus´orders for the rest of the time (after all, she is paying the bills).

But I have started with Kyoko, as you might have noticed and I have more stuff to come; naughty bits, too ^^

I hope, everyone´s alright; it would be nice, if you could comment, what you have been up to. I am curious, if I have missed anything, apart from 2433 new submissions of the artists I am watching :D

In case you are from the US and you are in the mood for celebrating, although you are not so independend at the moment, enduring that leader of yours: remember: it´s not for that long - unless, of course, that idiot starts a war with China. In that case, be ready for the US not only being catapulted back 60 years in cultural development, but the whole world being catapulted back into the stone age. Happy Fourth Of July! :heart:
Hello, DA!

So many things happening! And good things, too!

First of all: my chickens have started laying eggs! Yay!

Then there´s Rich, known as Jack, aka Japookins :iconjapookins:, who got a Kyoko-tattoo! Double-Yay! You can check it out here:

Kyoko-277 - Tattoo by NekoToTora

But that´s not all, because this is the first picture I edited in Affinity! Yes, I am a tutor for Adobe products and the natural choice would be Adobe Photoshop, but as I strongly disagree with Adobe´s Creative Cloud, I have decided to switch software. I will also stop teaching Adobe products and will teach Gimp, Affinity and ClipStudioPaint in the future - and as the people, visiting my courses, usually start using the software I am teaching as well, Adobe will lose a couple of customers, do to their stupid Creative Cloud - and I am not sorry at all! ^^

Oh, and then another thing: I am working in my new studio! YESSSS! It still needs cosmetics - I don´t have floorboards and I don´t have wall-paneling and it needs colour and proper electricity, but I AM working in it :)
I will post pictures, as soon as I am fully done. It won´t be long now and I am pretty confident, I can move the old studio into the new studio for good before the end of June.

Finally: I got myself an iPad pro and an Apple Pencil - and it is SO much fun! All I need now is Affinity for iPad - and I hope, the programmers will hurry up; because Kyoko is SICK of waiting for me finishing things and wants to pose for you again. Also, she´s got a lot to say about current developments. AND she´s got a lot of posing to do. She´s already running around in the nude all the time - quite embaressing, when the mailman arrives.

So all the best for you - it will be business as usual very soon.

Stay safe!
Again: believe it or not, but I am done. But it´s porn, so I won´t post it here ^^

You can find it on my website


in the "new gallery". DA-rules forbid a direct link (mature content).

I am not sure, but you might have to register (for free - no ads) to access the link to the movie in the Blog (for legal reasons). Be warned, the movie is 55MB in size.

It contains Kyoko with voice. So if you ever wondered, what she sounds like, there you are :)

I know, it´s not glitch-free, but please remember, that it´s basically an excercise. The "real" thing going online on YouTube will be "clean" - suitable for all ages; although the younger will probably not understand it. 

The people, who went through the enormous trouble to visit Kyoko´s website (sarcasm), reacted very differently - my few friends and supporters from DA liked it and gave me a big boost of motivation, aswell as constructive criticism (the GOOD sort of criticism). My friends at home didn´t care, mocked it or killer-criticised it to pieces (with one exception). I have nice friends :(

Please, remember, that your opinion is important. Apart from the support of my wife (yes, she´s the one lending Kyoko her voice, although it is pitched; Monika´s voice is deeper than Kyoko´s), the number of people who have watched it so far, is below ten. That´s a shame, after all we went through. But it also clearly shows, that my time on DA - or DA´s time in general - is moving towards an end, because I heavily rely on feedback. I know, we have a saying in Germany - "It´s German attitude to do things, only because they can be done". But if I fail with Kyoko, I don´t want it to be, because I didn´t know, what I was doing.

Thanks for reading.
Believe it or not, but I am done :D

But it´s porn, so I won´t post it here ^^

You can find it on my website KyokoNeko dot com in the new gallery. I am not sure, but you might have to register (for free - no ads) to access the link to the movie in the Blog. Be warned, it´s 55MB in size.
It contains Kyoko WITH VOICE. So if you ever wondered, what she sounds like: the answer is in the 47 seconds of animation. I know, it´s not glitch-free, but please remember, that it´s basically an excercise. The "real" thing going online on YouTube will be "clean" - suitable for all ages; although the younger will probably not understand it. 

I have shown it to a couple of people - my two friends and supporters from DA liked it and gave me a big boost of motivation. My friends at home didn´t care, mocked it or criticised it to pieces. I have nice friends :(

Tomorrow I will start the first Kyoko-animation with clothing, so that it´s suitable for every audience in every country. I don´t know, if I can post movies on DA; I don´t think so. But I will send a link ^^
Hi, Everyone ^^

As you might have noticed, DA has been sold.

The buyer is, an IT-company, that offers free websites.

So what does an IT-company with a platform like DA? They will offer the contents as free stock-material to it´s clients. Of course there´s a site with terms and conditions, telling the, that the work MIGHT be copyright-protected. And of COURSE it´s copyright-protected, because it´s still owned by the individual artist. But basically, these copyrights are only valid for the country, the server is located at - in this case, the USA. So if some webdesigner outside the US is using DA-artwork for a website, that is stored on a non-US-server, the artist is screwed. And it´s the artist, who has to persue the copyrights-violation. Neither DA, nor will take any responsibility; after all, they will not be the ones, violating the copyrights.

Of course, there will be some webdesigners who respect copyrights and who will try to come to an arrangement with the artist…

But I doubt, that the majority of non-US-webdesigners will give a damn. Art-theft has always been a problem on DA. Now, that will invite it´s users to use DA-art, with "please respect copyrights" in the fine-print, it will become a LOT worse and could become quite exhausting aswell, if you are a professional artist with lots of material on DA...

Now what sort of images will customers be looking for? Picture-material, they need the most: professionally looking HD-photos of women on the phone ("Contact us"), young business-people talking or having conferences ("meet our team of devoted young professionals") and stuff like that. They will not be interested in crudely drawn pony-fanart or sketches of nude girls fighting off dragons or CG-images of game-characters doing silly things. They want the GOOD stuff!

The naughtier the pictures, the lower the danger of some web-designer using DA-artwork. For me, that means, I am quite safe with Kyoko. But only with Kyoko. I have no idea, if my other work is good enough to be used on a website, but no matter if it is or not: I don´t want that. I don´t want my work to appear on a website, that is offering themes I am not happy with - e.g. my picture of norse goddess Freya shouldn´t appear on some Neo-Nazi-site.

So if there´s anything you like in my gallery, that is not Kyoko-related or not naughty, please help yourself. I will delete the not-naughty and the non-Kyoko-foto-and-quality-drawing-contents at the first of March.

Thank you very much.
Hi, everyone

Thank you very much for your criticism and your help. I have a final version of Kyoko for the CG animation and I won´t change her anymore. This is IT.

If you still have constructive criticism, please keep it to yourself. Thank you.

FacialExpressions by NekoToTora

Mature Content

from 180cm by NekoToTora

Mature Content

Kyoko Final Cut by NekoToTora

Please keep in mind, that Kyoko will be fully dressed in the movie. Still: for naughty animations that won´t go on the all-ages-part of YouTube, I asked Kyoko not to shave completely, but to leave a landing strip while trimming. Kyoko´s got a master in archeology, a pilot´s licence and her own traditionally drawn cartoon-show. I can assure you, she IS an adult; even if she looks a little young. If still in doubt, please read her manga and/or her cartoons.

For the full Kyoko experience, please visit her website at KyokoNeko dot com. It´s free of charge and free of ads. 

Thanks again.
Hi, everyone! ^^

The main reason, I started here on DA, was to get constructive criticism about my artwork. Only few of you have maintained over the years, but your opinion has always mattered to me a great deal.

Now, as you might have noticed, I am about to finish my first Kyoko animation and I plan to try to publish a non-naughty version on YouTube, to get the Kyoko-ball finally rolling on a larger scale. So this IS quite important to me.
While I have been working on the animation, I have been posting some "Kyoko has fun with toys"-pictures and now my friends Imaranx :iconimaranx: and GraphicBrat :icongraphicbrat: have very gently pointed out, that if I animate Kyoko like in the "Toys" series, I might be called a paedophile. Well, I love kids, that´s no secret; but twenty years ago, announcing that I love kids, would have let every second single mother leap on me, trying to marry me on the spot - while today, saying that I love kids, will only get me burned alive or stoned to death (strangely enough, not in radical muslim countries, though :D ). So I gave it some thought and I have decided to create an alternative-body-Kyoko; she´s more adult and her proportions are unrealistic enough to pass as an alien, yet realistic enough to pass as a non-child. All I need now, is your honest opinion. So please comment. Thank you.

p.s.: tail is invisible to get a better view on her behind ^^

Mature Content

Important by NekoToTora
AnimatedKiss240 by NekoToTora

Hi, there ^^

I have created an animated gif for you, as a little animation preview. I don´t know why, but I can only post it in my scraps. The preview is not visible, but the link should work. I guess, DA admins have given up on this site...

Let me know, what you think :)
Hi there...

Quite amazing:

- I post traditional naughty Kyoko and I get lots of faves and comments - especially, if there´s more than one cat-girl involved.

- I post traditional NOT-naughty Kyoko and the attention drops quickly. Fewer faves, fewer comments - on quite a large scale.

- I post naughty 3D-Kyoko and faves and comments drop into a bottomless pit, like in the days when I started here on DA :D

Awww, I don´t mind ^^ - I am having fun - and so is Kyoko.

I got myself new crayons that are based on watercolour (Faber Castell Albrecht Dürer) and I want to use them for backgrounds. But my first attempt SUCKS! Kyoko is cute, but the background looks like my 10 year old cousin had a bad day drawing O.o
Watercolours never have been my thing, really... But I like to work with them, so I might post the screwed up stuff anyway - because it´s naughty and traditional and I am addicted to your attention!


Because you are there for me and you lift me up, even if I screw things up.

Thank you for that :)

Have a chilled week and a nice Valentine´s Day :heart:
I am very confused lately, because of the international developments. Of course there are comments of lots of smart people and I can imagine, you are already SICK of people ranting on about politics. Nevertheless I just HAVE to say my opinion, because this whole situation is a big concearn of mine and I simply don´t know what else to do at the moment, rather than writing a journal about it. Also: rather me ranting, than Kyoko ranting, right? She´s too positive for this.

So if you want to know, what´s on my mind, please read on. Otherwise: feel free to ignore.

Do you follow the news? I do. And I do on an international level, not only consulting one source of news, but lots of them. From all the information and miss-information I mix myself a cocktail of my very own truth and I try to develop some sort of guideline for my social behavior.

So right before I let off steam, please note, that I am voting GREEN - pro planet, pro environment.

- In my eyes, men and women have their psychological and physical advantages and disadvantages as genders, but have to be treated equally before the law and in society. If a woman wants to work on a building-site carrying bricks, let her. If a male wants to wipe the arse of Kindergarten kids for a living, let him. Both genders (and all genders in between) must not have disadvantages in society whatsoever.

- I don´t like extremes of politics and I don´t like extremes of religion - ALL religion! I like my independence and in my opinion we wouldn´t need laws, if everyone would live after the simple rule "don´t do anything to others, what you don´t want to be done to yourself". I am an atheist.

- If a person is in need for protection or help, I help. Fullstop.

- There´s only ONE race on this planet - the human race. It comes in a variety of colours and as an illustrator, I like colour.

- It is not of my concearn, if you are gay or lesbian or vegan. That´s your private thing and as long as you don´t force me to deal with it, feel free to act accordingly.

- I strongly believe in education and therefore in intellect. Any form of physical violence must be the VERY LAST option to settle issues. Psychological violence is absolutely unnecessary - this includes military deterrent.

- Become rich and famous. Seriously: if you are working hard, go and reap your reward. You don´t have to share, if you don´t want to. As long as you don´t gain your wealth by screwing others, it´s fine by me. I am totally free of envy.

- Shag my wife (or my daughter). As long as she is willing to do so and she needs it for her personal happiness, it´s okay. I am free of jealousy and also self-confident enough to know, that you will never be able to replace me in our relationship - for I am a GREAT dad and an AMAZING husband - with acceptable sexual skills and functioning genitalia of reasonable size (I drive a fourteen year old Golf Diesel with 55 horse powers and no tuning kit - also I can cook) :D 

Yes, according to this, I am an educated, intelligent human being; liberal, feminist, pacifist - and Kyoko could be seen as my alter ego. She expresses everything I stand for.

Now I am on DeviantArt for almost seven years. You have been very kind to me and most of you are living in the USA. I used to be full of prejudice about Americans - to the eyes of an educated European, Americans are known to be barbarians. Lots of you have proven that image wrong. Thank you for that.

And now the USA has a new president...

You can imagine, that with my described attitude, that leads to a couple of personal worries.

Are the Americans on DeviantArt representative for the average American in the US? No, they are not. And I hope, you are aware of that. Because I know, that most of you share my attitude that I have described above - at least partially. If you are a Conservative supporter here on DA, you are very likely one of the conservatives, who are not satisfied with the current prez. Or you are a troll :)
Why? Because art needs freedom. Art must not have boundaries. Art does not need walls of any kind. And I KNOW that you agree, because, like me, you love art! That´s why you are here. Unless you are a troll, of course :)

227 Million Americans have been allowed to vote.
60,1 million Americans voted for Hillary Clinton. That´s 26,5%
59,8 million Americans voted for the current prez. That´s 26,4%

95,2 million Americans did NOT vote. That´s 42%!


- you could be seriously ill. You are excused.
- you could have personal problems, that need to be solved first, before you care for anything else; temporaly living in your personal nutshell. You are excused to a certain extend.
- you cannot read or write. You are also excused to a certain extend.

But that´s it. If you are American and allowed to vote and you don´t have an excuse like mentioned above, then you DO NOT CARE! And that´s bad. Very bad. I tell you, why.

Here´s some wisdom of a 49 year old German male with an A-Level in history. If you ever wondered, how it was possible, that Adolf Hitler rose in Germany, take a look at the USA in 2017. That´s EXACTLY; how it happened. And sadly I have to say, the majority of the Americans - the 26,4% who voted for the current prez and the 42% who didn´t vote, LET IT HAPPEN! 68,4% do NOT mind, having the next Adolf Hitler as a president of the USA. And that means, the average American does not mind having a war-monger person like Adolf Hitler as a leader. In the conservative US media they are already using vocabulary like "the mechanical obliteration of Islam". All I could think of, was "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?"

Just in case you DON´T follow the news: in Europe we have something called The European Union (EU). It´s like the United Nations, but only Europe-wide. It is lead by the so called European Council. Today, the president of this European Council, Donald Tusk, announced that the USA have to be treated as the same threat to Europe, as China, Russia and - read it and weep - the IS; the Islamic Terror. I don´t know, if you understand this. You, dear Americans, are considered as a danger. A danger to modern, western societies. This is no fake news; this is no "could be". This is how the European Union is treating you, because of your attitude! I don´t know, if you realize, what this means for America AND for the world. Ever heard of Michael Gorbatschow? He used to be president of the USSR. Thanks to him, the ex-members of the USSR are now independent countries. Thanks to him, Germany is no longer devided into east and west, seperated by a wall. Yesterday, Gorbatschow announced, that thanks to America, the world is preparing for World War 3. The US prez is strongly offending China and fraternizing with Russia, while Russia and the NATO are enforcing their military powers at the borders to the ex-USSR states.

Do you seriously want the world to burn?

Now you could say "What a sissy! Won´t happen! The Kraut has his pants full!".
Quite frankly, the Kraut has not his pants full. Basically I don´t give a shit about American soldiers being torn to pieces. Even in the event of WW3, it is very unlikely, that it has any effect on my direct surroundings. We live in an area with no strategic value. If someone nukes something, it will be the Volkswagen factory, which is 30 miles away. I already had my military service. And even IF they´d drag me: I would work in high command again, like I did during my service: quite safe.
So why am I concearned? Read up above, what I stand for; what I am living for.

Be aware, that we have seven billion people on earth and that it will be 10 billion before 2050. Most of you will still be alive then. Who will feed all these people? So basically, it would be good for the world population to have WW3, erasing a high percentage of human kind. That´s how your economy-experts are thinking, while the humanitarians try to save every African kid from starvation and every refugee from being shot.

So what now? Shall we just let it happen - for the greater good? And we will see, who survives the Apocalypse, that doesn´t even need zombies? Because that´s what´s about to happen... Do you really not care? Or do you even wish for a society á la "Borderlands 2"? Can´t you wait to go out there, living off scraps like in "The Walking Dead"? Would you love to live by your wits and the quickness of your sword / gun / crossbow? I can hear you shout excitedly "Wow, that would be SO cool!"
Please note, that it would also be a life without WiFi. Without the social media, like Facebook or YouTube - or DeviantArt. There would be no arts. We, my friends, would be enemies. If we would meet, we would have to see, who kills who first. You might have to watch, while some invader rapes your mom and your baby sister - because that´s what barbarian times are like.

Still SO cool?

So where does this leave ME?

As I say, I believe in the values and achievements of the modern western society. I believe, that a muslim female, who lived under the boot of a crusty old patriarchy, gets a TASTE, once she gets the chance to evolve under the influence of what we call freedom. I believe, that the muslims will regenerate Islam themselves. They will HAVE to, if they want to survive as a religion in a modern western society. That´s why we desperately are in the need of equal treatment of men and women. That´s why modern feminism is so important. That´s why RESPECT is so important. Shutting out muslims from a modern western society is a huge mistake. It plays these people right into the hands of the extremists, who have been saying, modern western society is their enemy, in the first place. It´s logical.

According to statistics, 16% of the German population has or had conflicts with the law. Or differently: 16% of the Germans are potential criminals. When I can assume this, I can also assume, that 16% of immigrants are criminals. In 2015, 1,2 million immigrants came to Germany. That means, 192.000 immigrants coming to Germany in 2015 are potential criminals. 192.000 murderers, terrorists, paedophiles, rapists and thieves - but also people who steal music or videos from the internet, who hold back taxes, who party too loud, who abuse drugs, who insult people or who treat their dog badly. And these criminals are the majority. What does a modern western society do in such a case? Increase the presence of police forces and find out, WHY people commit crimes - and, if possible, get rid of the reasons, why people commit crimes.
By the way, my daughter got robbed by an immigrant last week. Nasty experience, but she´s unharmed. The robber managed to escape unrecognized with the loot. I guess, we will have to be more careful in the future.
I have studied in London, England. While on the tube, the tube-station my train just went through, got bombed by the IRA. Also nasty experience. We can only reduce the risk of getting hurt - in every day´s situations.
Do you seriously believe, if Rapunzel would really go into a villain´s bar in that outfit, armed with a frying pan, she would get out unharmed? If I would go to a Skinhead concert, I would definitely not get out unharmed. Even if it might be my "good right" to go to a skinhead concert, it would be a dumb idea. As a black man, you don´t attend meetings of the KKK. And if you shut out 900.000 immigrants, making them prone to serious physical harm out of fear, because the 192.000 coming with them are potential criminals, then you are no better than those criminals you are trying to shut out. Just like back in school? One draws a caricature of the teacher on the black board and when the artist doesn´t report to the teacher´s order, everyone gets punished? That´s what you do, people - you punish the innocent.

And I haven´t even mentioned the damage all this will do to the environment, due to the cutbacks in funding scientific research and getting rid of laws that protect the environment.

Also health-care. I can only shake my head, that you let this happen.

Besides: in 2015, Germany had an economy-plus of over 40 billion Euros/Dollars. A lot of this money went to funding refugees, instead of the pockets of the rich. What happened? The refugees spent the money. The economy plus in 2016 was over 60 billion Euros/Dollars in Germany. One could say, refugees are good for the economy...

So do I really want to draw cartoons for people who punish the innocent? Who don´t mind a new Hitler? Who want to see the whole world burn?

No, I don´t. I want to draw for intelligent people. "Educated People Want To Know!" - remember?
I want to draw for christians, muslims, jews, hindi, buddhists, sikh AND satanists. I want to draw for white people, black people, red people, yellow people and for pink people. I want to draw for guys who like guys, for girls who like girls and everything in between. I want to draw for guys who enjoy naked women and I want to draw for girls who enjoy naked women - I usually don´t draw naked men, because I suck at it; sorry :(
I want to draw for Germans, Brits, Canadians, French people, Italians, Aussies, Kiwis, Brazilians, Mexicans, Russians, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Turks, Japanese, Koreans AND Americans (basically for the whole world, so please forgive me, if your country is not mentioned explicitly). I want to draw for everyone who likes to smile and who likes to have a positive attitude on life and everything living. I want to draw for everone who has no problem with nudity and who thinks, that free expression is a good thing.

So what now?

My hope lies in California. That they really collect the necessary signatures to leave the United States and become independent, as announced. Then the presidency of that Donald Drumpf will be over. In California, you have Silicone Valley - we are talking Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Ebay, Amazon, Uber and many others. Without California, the United States of America are done for - and that´s as certain as the "Amen" in church or the "Inshallah!" before the bomb blows up. California doesn´t need the USA, but the USA desperately need California. They provide 42% of America´s overall income and many many states are absolutely dependent on California´s financial support.

So GO, CALIFORNIA! Go, and save the world - literally. Save my western society, that I love and cherish so much. Save arts.


Thank you for reading. Comments welcome. And trolls: troll, as you like. I will ignore, block, report and hide your comments.

PS: I have started a "Message From Kyoko" about this. I decided against it today, because I guess, noone would have read it anyway. It wasn´t very funny. You can find the first six panels in my scraps:

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So I changed it to "ToraAndKyoko" - which has been a little better; but only for people who already got used to the name "Kyoko". The range went from "Torant Kyoko" to "Tora from Kyoto" and promotion-wise it is just as bad as Toraakachan.

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