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Contest: Student of The Night *edit*



*EDIT* sadly I was trying to figure why the picture was so dark so I finally figured it out and now I'm happy to say that it the way I ACTUALLY made it to look and not a darker version with a weird.... fade? I don't know. sorry for the change but I had to before I went nuts :P

yep... contest. The student of the night (heres a link to this awesome tumblr page: ) has made a contest, so as a good person, I decided to enter... this picture(taking about..... 8-9 hrs? lost count) is something I'm extremely proud of... why? cause of Luna's Mane darn it! I was hoping to put ponyville there too but I suck at stuff like that and ya....

Basically I based this scene that probably doesn't exist. Its the scene where I believe scootaloo is being told about the truth behind her wings and how she is better, along with being explained the truth about the bat ponies and how she can never tell anyone about this, not even her closest of friends. thats MY belief of this scene and thats how I made it to be. hope ya like it ya all ^_^.... now back to study and crap.... blah...

characters belong to hasbro
Character concept owned by :icondarkflame75:
art is mine! no nabbing... I remembered to sign it this time too!
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