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Anybody else play Team Fortress 2 or have a Steam account?
Join me, we can have some fun!

And you can find out why I don't put out a page every week!
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Ok, I've been out of school for over a month now! so this is kind of old news :P

BUT...I recently graduated from Greenville College in Southern Illinois with a major in Digital Media (emphasis in Information Systems) with a minor in CIS and Business!  

I also started full time doing php(for the most part) programming for the school!

So, you say, "well, Kris, with all this free time, shouldn't you be updating your manga?"

Well...yeah!  Hopefully I get back on track next week, but I'm lazy, so if I put anything out just appreciate it with comments and favs ;)

until next time, peace!
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heh, school is crazy!  next week I'll have my portfolio up, and give u the link!  More manga will get done after i graduate in 2 weeks :D  
In the mean time, i made a list of all the anime series I can remember watch (discounting ovas and movies).  It's kind of long.

Air Master
Argento Soma
Black Lagoon
Buso Renkin
Candidate for Goddess
Code Geass
Cowboy Bebop
D Gray Man
Darker Than Black
Dennou Coil
Devil May Cry
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Earth Girl Arjuna
Ergo Proxy
Grappler Baki
Final Fantasy Unlimited
Full Metal Alchemist
G Gundam
Golden Boy
Gun X Sword
Gundam 00
Gundam Wing
Hikaru No Go!
Humanoid Kikaider
Hunter X Hunter
Jyu Oh Sei
Last Exile
Law if Ueki
Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Outlaw Star
Project Arms
Read or Die
Ronin Warriors
Rurouni Kenshin
Samurai Champloo
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Tengo Tengo
Witch Hunter Robin
Wolf's Rain
Yu Yu Hakusho
Zoids Chaotic Century
Zoids Zero

Series that I have seen some of:
Blue Gender
Detective Conan
Night Head Genesis
probably some other ones that i can't remember. :P Peace!
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Just giving an update!  
Judges Manga:  I'm working on it!  Up to page 6, I'll have two more pages next week, then I will probably go to 1 page a week after that :)  Thanks for the support!

I just finished the last episode of Darker than Black...all I have to say is, man I LOVE the style that it is done in, and the characters are awesome.  Watch it, and pray for a 2nd season. :D

Also, I bought my first OEL manga this past weekend, Bombos VS Everything.  This is probably the most interesting OELs I have seen yet.  It has some cool action and a nice style to it, and character growth (well, of sorts).  Dialogue is kind of corny sometimes, cause it has "attitude", but interesting non the less.  It's still doesn't feel like manga in the traditional sense, but I don't think Tokyo Pop gives a crap about that.

I am currently in :iconspiral-king:'s contest with my entry Burning Fist Z!  You guys should try it out, you have a few weeks left!

I held, a contest, and it rocked!  here are the results:

:iconxlovelyclairex: WITH  lil Troy

:iconzorgitron: WITH Brett Favre

THE Dasphyrr Award!TM goes to:
:iconkeeftw: WITH Troy
Runner up:  
:icontripleangel: WITH Brett Attacks!

I want to thank everybody who participated in this!  I had pretty freaking awesome entries, and wish that I could have picked more (but sadly my pocket runs dry T_T)
You should give them a look!

:icontripleangel: :iconspiral-king: :iconmy-moo-cowz: :iconzorgitron: :iconuchiha-nami:
:icon3nigmatic-3go: :iconxlovelyclairex: :iconfailyor: :iconkeeftw: :iconrazelric:
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UPDATE:  OK!  Man, this was tough :O  I really liked all of these and it was hard to decide, I even brought in a few third parties to help judge (so nobody be angry!)

:iconxlovelyclairex: WITH  lil Troy

:iconzorgitron: WITH Brett Favre

THE Dasphyrr Award!TM goes to:
:iconkeeftw: WITH Troy
Runner up:  
:icontripleangel: WITH Brett Attacks!

I want to thank everybody who participated in this!  I had pretty freaking awesome entries, and wish that I could have picked more (but sadly my pocket runs dry T_T)
You should give them a look!

:icontripleangel: :iconspiral-king: :iconmy-moo-cowz:
:iconzorgitron: :iconuchiha-nami: :icon3nigmatic-3go: :iconxlovelyclairex:
:iconfailyor: :iconkeeftw: :iconrazelric:

Come back, I'll try to hold another contest sometime next year!!!
*3 month subscription is cheaper than 2 months?  Well, ok!

Ok guys, I am going to hold a contest!  This is in celebration of getting my 3 character data sheets done!  My hope with this contest is to see other peoples styles, and see if I can learn something from them :D

Rules:  Do a piece on one (or all or whatever) of my characters.  I don't care what style/method, as long as their is no sexuality to the pics.  If you would like to color my lines, just ask me, and I will post those in my scraps.  

In case you were wondering, the 3 main characters are:………


I want to add that if you feel like doing a logo or background or anything of that nature, thats fair game too! :D


Our first entry is from ~3nigmatic-3go
Check it out! : Judges -Contest-

Our second entry is from ~Razelric
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Check out our thrid entry from ~KeeFTW
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And Another!  This one from ~Failyor
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Numero 5 is from ~xlovelyclairex
Here's tha link! :   lil Troy

The 6th entry is from ~uchiha-nami!
Here it is! :   Mark

Lucky no. 7 straight from ~zorgitron!
Score a touch down Brett Favre !

the OCHO comes from ~my-moo-cowz!
Right here!:   Brett

The Number NINE, brought to you by: ~spiral-king!
Yeah!:   Troy

We have 10 and 11 right here from : ~TripleAngel!
Get both of them exclusively here:   
Brett Attacks!
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In celebration of summer coming, and being able to finally work on manga (details here:… ), I would like to know your thoughts on manga.

What is your favorite?  
What makes a manga enjoyable to you?  
What type of manga do you like best?


What don't you like about manga (note that I may have to refute your answer if I can argue it :D )?

meh, prolly no one will comment, but I would still like to know...
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My Plans and Upcoming events:

Birthday!  Yeah, 21 on Saturday, April 14th~!

Work! I just got hired for a full time position over the summer as a programmer/analyst!  I'm excited about it :D

Manga!  I am going to do an independent study over the summer on manga, how cool is that?  I made a syllabus for it, check it out if you want to follow along:…

I think that I have gotten a little better at drawing manga, but I still want to improve more!

My hopes are to also work on my website [social networking site] and then try to get everybody in the world to join next semester...hope I can fit it in :P

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Hey, I need people to come to my site to help me test it.  I would like to know what people think about it!
I built this site pretty much from scratch, and I would like to have people use it to tell me what they like, don't like, and would want out of it.
It's really easy and free, and you can register here

If you want to know more about what I am doing with the site, and where the site is heading, check out the blog here weconspire.wordpres

*Note That the site is still in Beta, and I have a ton of plans for it to make it better, but I also want user input to find out what would be good and what would suck.

I deeply appreciate all who help me out on this!
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Yes, The second part of gantz.  I haven't read it yet, still downloading :D

Definitely an amazing manga, although a bit mature at times.
One of my favorites, the first part ended with a pretty big cliff hanger, and it has been a few months seen then.  Enjoy!
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Yup, thanksgiving is this week.  Which means I get out of school.

Which also means no new comic this week (I hope I don't dissapoint the people reading it - all 3 of you?)

I am going to try to post something tonight...I am not sure what it depends on how much free time I get after getting some work done.

Direct Download so it works on my campus!
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i finally got 1000 page views.  Thank you for the people who watch me and click on my stuff when you see it.

right now I am pretty busy with a new client at work and a crap load of homework projects...sigh...I know it will all come out good in the end though so it's cool.

What do you think of my comic strip that I just started?  It' follows the adventures of an overzealous salesman named Cliff...and, well, frankly you will just have to come back every week to find out more.  I hope to post the strip once a week, probably Sunday nights/Monday.

well, there is tons more i would love to bore you with, but I think i'll just end it now :D Until next time!  Thanks!
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um, hello...lots of things going on i guess...

Soo...I have a class trip this week!
This week I am going to the Chicago international film festival for a couple of days and a night at resfest:D
It should be pretty cool cause I get out of classes for a day, and dispite living in Illinois(so il, btw) for the last 11 years, I have never been to Chicago, so this will be my first time!

Yeah, so We did our flash intro assignment this past week, you should check it out… and tell me what you think...please give me constructive compliments* :P  

But yeah, my former roommate and current friend Kevinkp7 totally owned me in this last assignment.  To check his out go here:…

I was wondering if you guys would like a tutorial on the powerline pictures… that i have...if you do then i will make one if not then i might still make one but not as soo :P

also, expect some more photography in the upcoming week or two (that is, if i decide i like any of the pictures i took).

*(I also watched the office season 2 this weekend, i stole the constructive compliments from that show, which is hilarious)
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  • Playing: HL2 Deathmatch and CSS seems that classes are ruling my deviations :P Inbetween photography and a flash class, I have some fun stuff to post:)
I also made a caveman painting in my chem class(Caveman Chem...i actually get a lab credit for it), I haven't got it back yet, but i'll put it in my scraps for all to see!
I have another flash assignment due next thursday, I'll probably start on it tonight cause it seems like it is going to take a while to do what I want to do...hopefully it turns out good!
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  • Playing: HL2 Deathmatch and CSS
Things are pretty busy here...taking 17 credit hours now and working 20 hours :(  I wish I could get more sleep though.
Oh, I got to use the school's Canon Rebel the other was fun!  So I uploaded some of the pics that turned out nice~!
I think that I might have something flash-wise to post some where in the near future...maybes...classes are a good excuse to post stuff!
Eh I am working at the helpdesk at my college right now and I have developed a case of hiccups...
Man those suck...
Yay! School starts today (I don't know why everyone else started 2 weeks ago...)!  Assuming I can pay for it or get out of paying for it :(....So here is the line up:

MicroEconomics:  The first thing I learned is that the microEc book is expensive.  Lesson-you have to have money to make money...

CaveMan Chemistry:  I get a chem lab credit for studying how the cavemen made fire with sticks.  Hell Yeah!

WWW Programing:  I am looking forward to programing the internet (that is a joke for those out there who don't think the internet is working when your computer can't connect to it)

Digital Photography:  Maybe the school's nice camera will make me a good photographer. Maybe.

Digital Media:  I learn about all things that are a combination of Digital and Media.  Plus, we learn flash in this class :)

That rounds up my classes for my fall semester...
My room mate( moved in this weekend...and brought with him his wacom graphire 4...
I tried it out on my lastest pic, I didn't spend too much time with it or go crazy, but it was fun.
It's weird, school starts in a week, and I have stayed on campus all summer...  I was used to nobody being around, and this week a small amount of people moved in...and next week it is going to explode! XD  Looks like I have some cool classes though, just waiting for the books to come in now!
Yeah, I lied last week when I said I was moving last week.  I ended up staying where I was at until tonight, which is the night that I moved into the house I am staying at for the fall semester.

I put up a new avatar, I swear I revised it 4 times to get it right...tell me what you think of it~!

I think everything else is going good, work is stressful-but the good kind of stress that makes you money!

Ok, breaking in the new pad, it's pretty nice, but it will be lonely til my friend gets here later this month :( oh well.
Yay!  I bought some liner pens this weekend!  This guy told me about copic pens, so I went out to look for some.  The best thing my town has to an art store is walmart and staples.  So I tried staples, and ...they had some!  They are staedtler-mars or something like that...made in germany.  Fun to work with!

Yay!  I mean damn!  I got an email on friday that said I have to move all my crap out of my room into another room by tuesday morning.  I currently rent a room in one of the houses owned by my college, so they can pretty much do what they want i guess.  Crappy thing is I have to move all my stuff tomorrow into where I am supposed to live in the fall, but they still haven't assigned me to a room...heh, tomorrow is going to be fun I guess.
I made it back safe and sound, not that it matters, but I am back to work!
One of my current projects I am doing is drawing every single one of my characters (I think i have just over 50...), first their faces, then later I will do the entire character. I just did a couple of the line arts, and put them in the scraps...
I have some other things I have to do...
Also coming back means that I have to work at a real job!  If you have ever heard of crystal reports, that is one of the things that I do.  Great Fun Carnival!  And deadlines! Its great to be back!
Man I want to sleep in tomorrow morning...