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Sunderance - In the Hall of the Mountain King
Chapter 20

    They changed cars three times in fifteen minutes.
    She had seen this sort of thing happen in the movies but had never expected to be doing it herself. They returned to the office to give her a chance to collect anything she might have needed to continue investigating on her own while he was gone, a time during which he had made a phone call that even her sensitive ears picked up as light muttering. After announcing that she had everything she needed and following him outside again, she had been surprised to find that the car waiting outside wasn’t the same one they had been driving around in for the past week. Instead, it was a car designed for a mammal larger than Nick - maybe a lion or some other big cat – painted cherry red and modified with a seat lift and extended pedals to allow him to drive it with relative ease.
    Three blocks later, in the shadow of an alley between a ba
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 54 21
Sunderance-Chapter 19:The Devil of Devon -Complete
    “Pardon me, Administrator,” came a deeply masculine voice, drawing her sparkling gaze to the large white-tailed stag who sat regally above the foxes nearest to him. He met her gaze and tilted his antlered head in a slight bow when she nodded for him to continue. “While I think most of us agree that the lawyer is of interest to the Council, shouldn’t we begin with the topic of our fallen member? There have been no leads, no claims of responsibility, and no seeming reason for the sudden move against the Council.”
    The vixen gave him a warm smile that she reserved for those who she enjoyed having seated at what was her table. That he had spoken first was not unexpected. A natural leader, Frederick was, and one who saw a need for balance in all things. She was sure that was why he also called Hopps ‘the lawyer’ rather than ‘the bunny’ as she had and was sure most of the Council would. They
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 58 14
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I am impressed with the lighting and how it brings out Toothless' features and what I think is the morning dew on the grass. The detail...

by nnIKOO

This is my first critique so bare with me. I can't tell you how gorgeous this picture is!! I love how detailed the snowflake is!! Its a...


I remember 9/11.

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 4:43 AM
You would think after 15 years that you could forget such a tragedy but the memory of it has vivid parts in my mind.  

I was taking classes at a local Community College and it seemed like a normal day.  I showed up on time and went to my first class where all of my peers were seated but my teacher wasn't present.  I thought he was running late or something.  I didn't care at the time.  I remember him coming in and saying that he was going to cancel class that day because the school was going to be evacuated.  For what, he never got into the details.  All I remember is that when I was released from class and was walking towards the entrance of the college, I noticed that there were televisions placed in many areas of the school and that the news was on.

 I had seen an airplane hit one of the towers and thought, "What idiot would run his plane into a building?  Was he having engine problems?"  Now, understand, I didn't get it at the time.  That's how oblivious I was to the situation at hand.  I missed the news that morning because I had morning classes.  So I stopped and stared at the t.v. to see what was going on and that's when I saw the second plane hit the second tower.  What was really weird was that it left an outline where it hit the second tower.  I was like, "That isn't normal.  You're suppose to go around a building and not through it."  Still oblivious, seriously.  I wasn't being ignorant or anything but I just didn't get it.  Why would anyone do that?  Then some time passed and one of the towers fell.  This building being as tall as it was and it FELL?!  I couldn't grasp the idea that the plane didn't hit the middle of the building I think it hit the upper part more than the middle.  It fell....   I couldn't believe that a building that tall would collapse so easily.  Just mind blowing.  Then I got home and learned that the second tower had fallen.  "This is totally fucked up.  Am I really seeing this?!", was what I was thinking.

Our college evacuated the students, the mall was closed and so were most of the businesses.  All of the flights were cancelled at the airports and at the time I was working in a hotel and we got so busy in the restaurant because the people who were suppose to fly out that day couldn't so that had to find somewhere to stay until they could fly to their destinations.  

I remember on that September 11th, my cousin was over at my house and wanted to do something fun like go to the mall but as we went there it was closed.  We came back home and were just left in our shock of what had happened that day.  It was so surreal to me that this had happened and that the US really wasn't aware of it.  I'm assuming that we thought we were invincible and Bin Ladin proved us so wrong.  We are just as vulnerable as anyone else.  

Sometimes I hate our country because if feels like we have our heads up our asses thinking we are #1 in everything.  It drives me crazy how this country works!!  I want to be honest about 9/11.  The more I thought about what happened and how it happened, I will say that I give Bin Ladin credit for being a Genius with his plans on the attack on the towers.  I don't mean it in a bad way but, fuck, he got our attention and it was a genius way of doing it.  It is a curiosity of mine to wonder if We had done similar things too.  We probably did but it's classified.

 Then our President sent soldiers to the wrong place to find Bin Ladin.  (Makes me wonder if Bin Ladin got a laugh out of that?  Knowing that our men were, what, 2,000 miles in the opposite direction of his location!!  I would be rolling on the floor laughing.)

Bin Ladin...genius.  Our President Bush...not a genius.  Sad isn't it.  And who actually gets the guy?  The men who were sent to the RIGHT place by President O'Bama.  They took care of Bin Ladin and we celebrated.  But there is a lesson that needs to be learned.  We can't stick our noses in other people's business.  We tend to want to take over the situation at hand and fix it ourselves to earn Brownie Points and we can't do that.  The other countries are getting tired of us getting involved in their affairs.  They want to handle their own problems by themselves.  And I think we need to let them do what they want and leave them alone unless they are requesting our help.   

I apologize to those who might think I was wrong in calling Bin Ladin a Genius.  I just thought that he really put a lot of work into his attack and that nobody knew about it.  Although there have been rumors, speculations, theories that the government knew about the attack but its hearsay.  I don't know if I believe it now.  I don't like to read or watch the news anymore because its just sad and depressing.  There isn't anything positive about life that the news has to share.  

I'm glad that it has been 15 years since the attacks because we didn't receive anymore attacks from other countries or from Bin Ladin before he was killed.  I still remember the towers falling and the planes running into them and all of the chaos that was going on in New York that day.  Oh, I live in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.  The third plane that was heading for the capitol crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  I'm about an hour away from Shanksville.  I remember that there were no remains of the plane or the people that crashed.  What was left was an eerie outline of the plane.  Really messed up.  It just surprises me how close I am to where Flight 93 crashed and that the true heroes were the passengers who had the courage and strength to stop the plane from heading to the capitol at the expense of their own lives.  They were so brave to do what they did.

I'm ending my journal entry now.  September 11, 2016 is in its infancy of morning and I know there will be specials on t.v. about this day 15 years ago.  A reminder to those who were there to see it and for those who are just learning about it.  Then tomorrow, on ID, is a three part special on the Jon Bonnet Ramsey Murder Case.  (I might've got her middle name wrong.  I do apologize but it's amazing how topics change within one day.)  


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