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empty :(

These are still in negotiation, but I figured I would make a list so I wouldn't forget
:icontayran: *waiting for lines*

HANDCRAFTS!  ((AKA things made by hand))
Currently none

TO MAIL!  ((AKA finished drawings that need to be sent to their owners))
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Is there a problem with my donation? Did it not go through?
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Oh no, it's all good. I haven't opened the email you sent me, so I don't know the exact number of how much you donated ^^; I didn't want to open it and then lose it.
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*scrutinizes the to-do list* Umm...I think you have more listed for me than you should. You've already done my first batch (however much I paid), then I changed one in the first one to include two additional baby characters, plus donating an extra $10 just because, not for art. And then my second batch, which you have there.
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Dude if you hadn't said anything I would have never known the difference XD But now that I know, I'll take the $12 off the list as done :) Thanks for letting me know (and keeping me from doing soooo much work!) And of course, thank you for your donations :hug:
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XD You're welcome, it would hardly be fair of me to let you do doubles of half my sketches. And I'm happy to help. :3
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Lol Thats about how I feel with my knitting right now... Six scarves and possible christmas gifts for family and then like, my two new charachters havent been used almost at all... D:

Lol But I cant help it. :D
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Weeee! Commission-ness! :w00t: lol.

Awhile ago, we talked about possibly doing a second trade after the ATC you want me to just take that off my list for the time being? ^^;
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Bwah? I get an i.d.? You don't have to do that. I've since abandoned my fursona.
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I'll probably still do one anyway, just because I like what I came up with for it.
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Thanks but RAWR!

Okays, but how about using a different "fursona" that I'm gonna come up with soon and incorporating Sloan (the toaster) somehow? :D
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I can do that. It's not like I started the drawing yet anyway XD
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Here's the rough draft of the new "fursona." :pointr: [link]

Now I'm reworking it to incorporate not only more communism but also deutches afrika korps.
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wow , yous ish busy persona O.o
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*steals spot one*

Note later D:
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lol, you get spot three simply because I actually heard from two other people D: SHOCKED.
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Spot three is fine, lol.
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I am... gonna get inspired, and draw you something... even if it's not in color, I'll make it spiffy :D

But... it won't be on DA, I may send it by maaaail...
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I have my own cheering section.

The good news about the trades is only one of them the other person has done their half, so I don't really have to do mine anytime soon.
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Yay for stratagizing!!!
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As soon as this is a little bit emptier I think I should point something out to you >.>
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I probably already know about it and am pretending the problem doesn't exist. I do that a lot. It's how I live from day to day without screaming.
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