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Tetris Hat

This hat went to ~bluexco. I had a lot of trouble with this hat, mostly because when it was finished, it's hard to tell what it's supposed to be. I mean, I knew what it was, but other people had a hard time with it.

It would have been better if I had made it black, but at the time, I was completely out of black.

Tetris © Nintendo
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T.T *also want* you are made of win *hugs legs*
nekosd43's avatar
Awwww, thanks ^^;
TracyBandit's avatar
lol.... yeah, that went along with the crack cereal thing.... plus tetris is my favorite addictive game ever 8B
bluexco's avatar
awww I could of had black, well its nice anyway XD I'll admit i didnt love it untill ziggy told me it was tetris, then for some reason i fell in love!
Brockiepoo15's avatar
It's recognizable! I think the variety of colors makes it easier, too. My favorite hat out of all of yours. You're getting much better ^^

*hums Tetris theme~*
Gen-Kavik's avatar
That is awesome.
vampiress-kat's avatar
Tetris hat = made of WIN.
nezy93's avatar
that's cool! :O tetris...good times.
zebendyone's avatar
I figured it out when I saw him! :D It's recognizable, so it's good. lol.
nekosd43's avatar
XD I'm so glad you recognized it. I got so many mixed messages when I was making it, I was totally afraid it was going to be a mystery hat.
DestinieKirby's avatar
Ahaha, that's awesome. It brings back so many memories. Great work! :heart:
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