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I'm so depressed anymore, nothing makes me happy....I'm stuck feeling sad, angry frustrated and even jealous all the time. It makes me tired...and it makes me cry...which also makes me tired...there's no one I can talk to.... I maybe only have 1 friend left, my family doesn't get it they just tell me "calm down don't stress out be patient"....I think m husband has just stopped listening to me. the only support groups in this town is for addicts, the ones I need are in other cities that are nearly an hour away...
My girl's ex-boyfriend rewritten as
My boy's ex-girlfried When she was seeing him You could see she had her doubts And now she's missing him Because she knows she's missing out Now it's haunting her The memories like a ghost And she's so terrified 'Cause no one else even comes close She's a gal that you should feel sorry for She had the world but she thought that she wanted more I owe it all to the mistake that she made back then I owe it all to my boy's ex-girlfriend So then, along comes me This undeserving mess Who would believe my life Would be so blessed Two years ago She left all that to breath Who would've known It would be everything I need She's a
what ever happened
what ever happened to DA being for fun; sharing stories, ideas, rp requests, different types of expresionary art? now its all about hackers, banning/suspending wars, and art theives. what ever happened to the whole "if you cant say anything nice keep your mouth zipped" logic or dont respond? DA has sure changed a lot since the first time i logged on 7 years ago


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Thank you for the faves!Levi' smile icon   Levi's looking at you with the new look by Inquisiki Levi Rivaille (Time to Kill) [V2]  
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Ariane26nicole|Hobbyist Artist
Hola, como estas?, espero que muy bien, muchas gracias por poner favorito a mi dibujo de Yuri on ice(Vikturi). <3
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Thanks so much for the watch and the faves! :la: :heart: 
Much appreciated!
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Thank you for the faves!! <3
Just Friends (Gray Fullbuster x Reader)
“What’s wrong, (Name)?” Gray asked, leaning casually against the wall, his hands in his pockets.
“I wanted to tell you something” you said, clasping your hands nervously in front of you.
Gray tilted his head. “Well, I’m listening.”
You exhaled softly as you prepared yourself. How had things turned out this way?
When you had first joined Fairy Tail as a child, you and Gray had started off on extremely bad terms. Him being an ice mage and you being a water mage, your fights had always ended with an angry Erza chasing both of you around the guild hall.
”Hey, Fullbuster” you panted as the two of you hid from Erza around the corner of the guildhall.
“What do you want, nuisance?”
“I hope you step on Erza’s sh*t.”
“I hope you eat Erza’s sh*t.”
“WHOS SH*T?!” Erz
Invincible (Levi Ackerman x Reader)
“I can’t do this anymore” you said, pulling away from him, “I’m sorry.”
“What?” Levi asked, grabbing ahold of your arm, “what do you mean by that?”
“I just…” you avoided his gaze, “I can’t stand it.”
“Stand what?” Levi demanded.
“(Name), just tell me what I did wrong!” Levi pleaded, “I’ll make it right, so—”
“You’re in the Survey Corps!” you exclaimed, wrenching your arm away from his grasp. You turned your back on him, holding your arms tightly to hide your trembling. “You’ll always be outside of these walls, risking your life. I never know if you’re dead or alive, if you’re safe or injured. day, if the titans break through these walls, I don’t know if I can run away knowing that you’ll fight them to save all of humanity. I can’t stand you being a soldie
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Thank you for the fav! glad you like my loki!
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thank you for the fave!
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Thank you for the faves! :la: :heart:
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