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Pidge Shimeji

By NekoRawrMeow
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aAAA I did it omg :'DDDD
i'm so proud //sHOTTT

But here she is~ a lil shimeji to run around your screen :'DD

And yep you can download her!… !

Warning she loves to sleep, she sleeps 24/7 dreaming about her video game :'DDD And if you wait a bit she'll start hacking ;D

How to use
- Download using the link above
- Extract with WinRar
- Open and click Shimeji-ee (The jar file one)
- Have fun <3

If there are any problems then please just ask and I'll try my best <3
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She's an absolute doll to have on my PC! ^^ I talk to her whenever I'm lonely :3
It would be great to see the rest of Team Voltron! ^^
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She didnt on my screen! :( 
Im opening the Shimeji-ee (yes, the jar file one) and nothing happening!

im using windows 10... this is the problem here?
Please, if you notice me, send help :(((
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*looks at the 40 shimejis on my screen*
I've got room for one more
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The little Pidge-on ain't showing up but the little green star appears
So, uh, help would be nice!
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Hmm, when you clicked the jar file, did it give you a "Image Set Chooser"? I know sometimes it doesn't give that and you kinda just have to close and try again :'D
I don't really know much about the program itself, but try reloading or deleting and re-downloading to see if it'll work <3
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Alright, I'll try re-installing the program!
Thanks for the help~ <3
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this is so cute! you should make a shiro one
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haha, yea ive gotten a lot of people asking to make a shiro xD
if i find the time i will <3
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I 1000% support that 
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ohhh my goshhh she's so adorable ;__; i'm gonna pray shimeji will actually work on my pc now for this
edit: i click on her and i make it so she'll get on my screen but you can only find her icon in the system tray and she never falls from the top of the screen. rest in pepperonis ;_;
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hmmm i know sometimes that happens with me, maybe right click the little icon and it should pop up with an option to click "Another one"
that might be able to push the program to spawn one :'DD
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OMG...can you also make shiro as shimeji ???
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I had a few people ask me that haha xD I might if I find the time ;w;
I'll let you know if I do <3
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that would be so cool !! having spacedad on your desktop XD <3 
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I got the little icon that shows up when the shimejis appear on your screen, but she's not appearing? Also, could you send me the link to where you download the free winrar?
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I really love this cut little Pidge. I hope later on you do the rest of the Voltron crew.
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Oh no the child just fall OAO
NekoRawrMeow's avatar
aaa ty <3333 glad you like it~!

o no smol child don't fall--
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They are rlly cute Beating Heart Beating Heart 

they are taking over the screen with their smol cuteness
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hey i cant find the jar file on my computer?
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uhhh...the jar is in the zip folder, if it isnt there then maybe just redownload it? not sure ;w;
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Old Mac Donald had a farm e i e i oh
And on his farm he had a pidge e i e i oh
A pchoo pchoo here
And a pchoo pchoo there
Here pchoo
There a pchoo
Everywhere a pchoo pchoo

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