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I miss daily dA-ing - this whole adulthood nonsense is an utter scam

- How's your summer been?
- Is it your favourite season or are you looking forward to another one?
- Icecream or Icepops/lollies/popsicles?
Happy January!
Though, actually, January is one of the toughest months for a lot of people, so please go easy on yourselves re: resolutions and all that. You don't have to do ALL THE THINGS right this second because of an arbitrary date change - your new year could start on a random Tuesday in April if you so fancied!

What was one of your favourite things in 2018?
Do you have anything you'd like to start or do more of in the future?
kay, so! I finally have my own online space for prints :3…

I went with INPRNT because, unlike a lot of other print sites, they give the artists 50% of the profit (other sites range from 5-20% of the profit).

If there's a piece of mine you don't see in the print shop that you would like to buy a print of - just tell me! If I have a file that'll suit printing (and if it isn't a personal commission for someone else), I'll try my best to make it happen :3

Gallery for perusal:…

Thank you everyone for your interest <3
I'm gonna be opening up a print shop :3
I'll also be selling some of my originals from Inktober 

Are there any pieces in my gallery that you would like as one? (or think would do well as a print?)
Is there anything you think would be a nice new creation for future prints?

Let me know! 

Other Questions:
Do you like this time of year? (whether yes or no, why is that?)
Who's your favourite pokemon and/or digimon? (if of course, you like either!)
So, I turned 30 and the world didn't end, so that's nice!

I know I've been a bit sparse on the art front. I won't promise to be a hive of activity from now on, but I will absolutely try to make more pieces which of course I'll share (well... the good ones anyway) <3

I'm also going to be in an international sport competition next month, which is ludicrous to me as I'm not sporty?! But I'm representing Ireland all th'same! I... might be shitting it ever so slightly (a lot. I mean a lot)

  • How has your summer been? Do you enjoy the heat?
  • What has been your favourite new find of this year so far (tv show, podcast, comic, artist, etc...)
  • Chocolatey desserts or fruity desserts?
Holy crap
Last month marked my 16th anniversary on dA and this month it'll be my 30th birthday

Thank you all for making my original internet home always feel so lovely to come back to; it's the reason I've stayed so long (on dA and on this planet) <3 
Days are a little easier

Show me any new characters you've made/bought/received lately! :3 I could do with the inspiration
On top of losing job and having to move in the same month - my relationship ended
I am broken. I don't know how to function. I am not doing well. I am sorry. 
Sorry, I know I was uploading a lot and then sorta... disappeared again over night. I got hit with two things pretty damn quickly. One of which is my landlords wanting to take the room back for their friend. At this time of the year and on top of the other things (some super serious; historical sexual assault - and others that just mean I'll be financially strapped again) it was just a bit of a spiral.

Though, I can't say for absolutely 100% certain, but it's looking like I'll at least have a room sorted (a friend of mine had a room going in their house), and I've counselling for the other stuff. Who knows, might even end up opening commissions or adopts again, new year depending, if people were still interested in things like that :3

So anyway, wanted to let you all know as I didn't want to be leaving you in the dark or making you think I don't care about this place or you lot, 'cause I sincerely do, and thank you for sticking around <3

Do you celebrate anything at this time of year?
If so, what?
Do you have your own traditions?
Are you looking forward to any particular presents?

If not, do you get bothered by all the people talking about it? 
Do you have a particular way you spend time around December? 
I'm alive!

But I'm sick today, which means I FINALLY have the time to go through my watch-list and comment on everything I've wanted to comment on but didn't have enough time to dedicate to!

... there are pieces in there from LAST October. 
Christ alive, what on earth is up with my time management skills?!

How are you today?
Are you participating in Inktober?
What is your favourite part of Autumn? 
My friend code is: SW-5222-8581-8718 

and I’ve just got Mario Kart, so hit me up! 

Holy shit
I've been on dA for FIFTEEN years
That's longer than some of you have been alive :O!
Oh it’s that time again! It’s been a while :3

As always, I might only pick one to draw! (I won't be drawing everyone's! Maybe just one or two)
I do this from time to time to force myself into drawing, to keep my practice up when I have no inspiration, AND because it’s nice to see a big showcase of everyone’s characters!

- - -

R U L E S 
- Limit of 3 references per person
- Can be own character, friends character or characters from shows/games
- Anthro and feral preferred for this; ponies and pokemon also fine!
- Must say “summer breeze” somewhere in your comment, otherwise you won't be counted! (just to prove you’ve read the journal :P )

- - -

If I DON’T pick your character, please don’t be upset! They’re likely beautiful and unique, I just feel like drawing something else that day for whatever reason :3

Also, please don’t comment with “you never draw mine :<” because this really isn’t a competition and that kind of “woe-is-me” attitude towards what’s supposed to be a fun little character exchange is really off putting. If you are properly desperate for me to draw one of your characters you can always note me to negotiate a commission ;3
Did anyone give or get gift art this wintering?
Show them here, I'd love to see! 
I'd love to see :3

Samples, prices and recommendations very much welcome! 
(crossposted to FA)
S'been a while since I've drawn anything furry-esque; been all humanoids and pokemons...

SO, thought I'd do another free sketch journal while I'm off sick because I'm getting cabin fevery 


♥ Link me to one of your characters - only furries/anthros this time! 
(you may include feral or even pokemon characters, but they will be anthro/furry-ised in the drawing in that case)

♥ MAXIMUM of THREE REFS per person please <3

♥ Friend's and official characters are also fine!

♥ NO specifics - this is a wing-it, free, fun situation

♥ No couples/no groups sorry!

♥ End result will be a sketch - might only pick the one! Please don't be disappointed if I don't pick you, it's nothing personal I just felt more in the mood to draw a different character this time around - I'm sure your character is lovely!

 To prove you've read these rules, please include "Smoky Quartz" in your comment 

Thank youuuuu
Link me to your favourite characters - the ones you're most proud of creating or even your favourite from someone else! SHOW ME SHOW ME!!!
What did Santy/The Hogfather bring?
Jeez, it's been October since I last journalled?!
WELL, hello all you lovely people  I am not dead!

I am actually working on a piece as we speak - a 2 character full digital prize, no less! ALL the big pieces a-comin' to your inboxes, veeeeerrryy slowly, hahaha! These bigger commissions and prizes obviously take a lot longer to make but they come with a lot of satisfaction in the end so I'm having a lot of fun with them! Mini spoiler - it's wintery themed :D!

So, yes, I just wanted to pop in and say hello, I still live, I am still working, my progress is just slower than it used to be what with the whole weekday job thing, but you're all wonderful and patient and I'm very grateful for you all 

Are you excited for any sort of wintery celebrations?
Are you expecting presents, and if so, what?
Hello lovelies <3
I finally feel free enough to breathe and update and come back!
SO. Things that have happened in the past little while...


:bulletgreen: To put your minds at ease - I found a room :3!!!
The room is temporary, it's only for 2 months, but it gives me some breathing space to save up a little bit again and find somewhere on a more permanent basis. Plus, the couple who own this house are super friendly and flexible (and they have cats!) - I have a feeling that if I was really stuck after 2 months they wouldn't kick me out, which is very reassuring!

:bulletgreen: Also - I got a job! It's monthly pay and it's a 3 month provisional trial, so I'm still a biiiit fucked for money right now, but the exciting thing is that I WILL eventually have money coming in! You have no idea how excited I am at the prospect of being able to buy my friends some things - so, so, so many of my friends deserve nothing less than diamond encrusted mansions for their love and generosity, but I'm sure they'd appreciate a drink or a dinner or something too! I won't be able to buy these until my second paycheck (which won't be 'til the end of November because all my first paycheck will be spent up re-paying people, agh!), but it'll be SOON. SO soon. I'm quite excited about this!

:bulletgreen: I have at least one commission to be working on, and I haven't forgotten about my contest prizes either! I have a good few ideas I want to draw; a comic, some personal depressing bullshite, some funny depressing bullshite hahaha - but I think I should probably just start off with a warm up doodle to get back into the feel of it. Crawl before I can run again, y'know? So expect something small soon!

- - - 

:bulletblue: In sad news - my beloved cat, Bam, who was 17, passed away a couple of weeks ago
I knew it was coming, but it doesn't make it any easier. It's only hit me in small bits - I haven't had the space to properly feel it what with th'whole looming homelessness thing, but I'm sure I'll be devastated when I go to the family home this weekend. But that's okay. It's okay to feel that.

:bulletblue: Also, it's really weird adjusting to not being part of a couple. I don't really know what my identity is without another person, which is sad, and it does make me wake up some days still going "what's the point? Why am I even trying? Why am I doing a job/living in this city when I don't give a shit about me/don't even know what I want?" - which is hard.

However, today, I am just grateful to be here :3

Are you excited for Halloween? Do you have any plans?