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Naruto Tensei -Chap 4 -Cover

Chapter 4 of Naruto Tensei. 'The Fourth's Legacy'

This power that has been used for evil... shall now...


chapter 1 - [link]
chapter 2 - [link]
chapter 3 - [link]
chapter 4 - here
chapter 5 - [link]

cover - here
page 1 - [link]


In the last chapter, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura situate themselves in the summon realm, undergoing training. Naruto's father, the fourth hokage, sent them there to train in summoning, but... there's more to it than that.



Hai, hai. Sorry I'm late. My hands got covered in icecubes, you know that just won't do.

Or that might explain my artist's block, I dunno. Murr. Trying to get a handle on the pages before I post- I have, pages 0 through 16 all scanned and base-colored, 0 through 8 ready for postage (just need text) I wish the entire chapter was done though. I won't be able to post everything before I go to a co- ah, a fun place with many Konoha ninja. So instead I'll finish them all before I leave and have a trusted buddy post them in my absense! *niceguy pose* all so you guys don't suffer another break!

Anyway, CHAPTER 4! All asides pages 1-4 this art's uber-recent. The coloring's uber-recent, too! You'll notice an immense improvement in the art this chapter (I hope) but then it's pretty close to a year on from when I started.

Story-wise, expect a lot of excitement, and plot developement! (Yes, wtf? I have PLOT?)

I'm pleased with the cover! I put a lot of effort into the lineart that usual, I don't know why drawing's such an effort this week, though. The coloring's just cel shading, but it's what suited it.

Next page will be out tommorow! Please enjoy reading! Comments will be used as dental floss for Naruto!
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NeonlightTheLighthog's avatar
Judging by this cover, I sense DOOM
runnerdragon's avatar
i relly like this comic it is relly great :D
Crazyweirdo4life's avatar
Great job! Holy smokes is that good!
Satosanteru's avatar
Cool cover!!! I see where dis is going!!! xD
SilverandStar32's avatar
love the cover! It's awesome!
pokeman710's avatar
Minato is DEAD and even if was alive Naruto woulnd be 9 tails jinchuricki but FUnny story Ive been reading it
avdsouza's avatar
GG-BOY's avatar
That is the most awesome cover art I ever seen well...
*Volumes 15, 26 of Naruto"cough"*
I think your style is great :D
Where's the pages? I can't find them anywhere! D: D:< I don't blame u just can u like send me links to the pages or something? I TEALLY LOVE THIS COMIC! IM OBSESSED!
Tsuki222's avatar
BronwynLeBlanc's avatar
how'd long did it take you to draw like that!? this is great!
Eeveelution-Fangirl's avatar
OMG the cover just cool = D!!!!!
KiDtehEPiC's avatar
This picture says to me someone at Naru's ramen...
artemis-blackrose's avatar
I love it! and I love the pink fox with a big mouth. It's really great how you put this together! :boing:
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sasusakuforever99's avatar
nARUTO FLOX MODE BABY! XD lol, I like the cover. Wonder what'll happen next.
F1n4lH34rT5X's avatar
*shocked* that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asangochick's avatar
austereDescendant's avatar
but whatever great covveerr! :p
austereDescendant's avatar
oh noes he hasnt had hi ramen for a wile! runn!
DarkChewster's avatar
Oh my, Naruto looks epic here. :p
X-youmkio-X's avatar
Naruto looks Pissed offhas he had his ramen yet?
Kawaiinekinu's avatar
you can really draw naruto so well... ^^
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