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The Wind Blew by nekonekomaomao The Wind Blew by nekonekomaomao
"Sometimes she doesn't know how to get through it.
But all the days that pass- ends with a wish
-That all will be well."

Heheh I feel like I'm improving!! 😄
[This is for Quidamity 's contest]
QuinlokiArt Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You get a free critique as part of entering the contest, if you're not interested in a critique, then simply ignore this next bit!

I really like the overall vibe of this image. It evokes what the title leaves me to believe it's supposed to invoke - which is a young girl holding her hair out of her face while a breeze goes by.
Technically speaking the only things I would alter or focus on are the hand (it looks a little awkward and small compared to the rest of the proportions) and the hair looks a bit stiff. Less like it's been picked up by the wind and more like it's clumped together.

Now, that being said, hair is a tricky one to really get down pat, and you're doing good so far. Don't be afraid to treat it less like hair and more like water when you're trying to evoke movement =D Finally, you can totally cheat with the hand and bury most of it in the hair. When I'm holding my long hair out of my face because of wind, my hand is right up against my face. To the point that the heel of my hand is almost resting on my cheekbone and my fingers are lost in the mess of hair.

Your shading is subtle, but not bad by any stretch, subtle is nice, just don't be afraid to continue it on the clothes and hair to help give depth to the hair and folds to the clothes. (the lines in them help, but shading will really help bring it to life).
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January 20, 2017
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