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Anyone who can remember the 90´s can probably identify this tiny sheep. This was a highly popular desktop pet on its time along with orange.exe and neko.exe.

Sadly i recently discovered that this tiny sheep is truly dead, not only was forgotten but i found out the original exe cant run on window 7( more likely ).

So i decided to create a shimeji based on this 90´s desktop pet!

NOTE : This is for nostalgia purposes only and isnt the original exe, so it doesnt contains all of the animations.

( Also did you knew this tiny sheep is called poe and got its own cartoon called ¨stray sheep¨? )

To Use:
- Open the ¨shimeji.exe ¨ on your archive , is the one with the little screen guy.

Stray Sheep © 1994 by Fuji Television Network
© 2012 - 2021 NekoNatsume
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Hi, just want to say that I made an open source project to see the animations again.
It isn't the original, just a c# application for windows 10:
You can download it here:…

It is also possible to create new animations with the online editor.
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Thanks! I have fond memories of this sheep running around on my desktop back in 2002. :) Now it's running around on my desktop AND my kids' desktops!
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is that the sheep from Kirby?
Hi, is this still in development? Id really love it, would be great if it can awlk on windows again. windows 10 but i mean on the explorer window etc..
it works fine after installing java, thank you so much !
great, thank you so much! i'm going to try that :D 

so... if you search on google for "screen mate sheep", in the image category, you will see other little images of this sheep: when it eat the flower and when it meets the "boyfriend" *_* 
really so loveable!!!! <3
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Can you resurrect this guy? Link:…
I REALLY miss him :(
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Oh my word used to love this little guy! My mom brought him home on a floppy one day from school and I used to play with him all the time! Oh and Neko too! I actually still have a floppy disc with these two on it somewhere too bad they no longer work. I really wish I could get him again for windows 8.1 It would be so fun to have him run around again!

I guess you aren't updating him anymore judging by the comments but if you ever do could you let me know please I would love to have these guys again!
I managed to run the sheep on Windows 7 64 bit by installing Java 6 JRE 32 bit and running Shimeji.jar

Thank you for the work. My wife and me are happy now.
I guess you will not update the programm or add the missing animations?
I would like to do this, but I need more information about the development tool.
Thanks you so much for this, but unfortunately its keep whining about java while i just reinstalled windows and installed the latest version.

EDIT: even installed old latest java 6 from the java archives, still asking for java when i wanne run it. Win 8.1 pro media center x64
no any sheep T^T.. it isn't work on windows8.1 ???? help~~~ i miss this sheep.
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Thank you! I love it!
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soo... where can i find neko.exe? :D
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Sadly i only made the sheep.exe, but i might consider making neko.exe someday, since its only a couple of animations. Still it wont be the original, just a shimeji file that looks like neko.exe.
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the guys in my computer class used desktop sheep for trolling.
I so miss theses guys!
I still have all my exe's.
So Sad they do not work :(
My poor little Poe and orange!
Why wont you work for us!
Its 2014 If I can still run colonization then I should
be able to run my little Poe!
Ohh Dosbox MIGHT WORK!! Im going to
try it!
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Omg THANK YOU! I'm so happy to have this cute little guy back :la: :squee:
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I'm so happy to see it back! Than you!
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I remember him!!! I'm a Mac user and even I know and loved him…. This will definitely be loved once I get my game-playing desktop set up if it isn't old enough to have the original Poe...
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My new laptop completly refuses to play the Old one, that´s why i created this one. I might create other virtual pets on a future since it refuses to play those too.
Where is the download link? I can't find it. :(
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Right below the More Like This panel!
You'll see a green arrow and a Download File.
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