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My Cube is Not Big....



Everyone is always like, "Holy crud crackers! Your cube is *so* big!!" And I'm always like.... "Um, it's game accurate...", and then I go into my schpeel again about how I took the measurements from the game, and that it's 40" if Valve uses inches, etc, etc, etc. But people still always think that it's too big. Now, granted, I don't blame them. When I first put a full side of my cube together, I was like...... "OMGoodness, what did I get myself into!!! This is *HUGE*!! I don't have space for this in my apartment!!!" But that didn't much matter at that point, I had to finish it. I did wonder myself if it was, in fact, too big. So I decided to compare some things. I first tried to pull Chell's model from Portal 1. Unfortunately, the .mdl decompiler did not work as promised, and all I got was her skeleton. (If someone has access or, can tell me how to get access to Chell's model in a manner that I can actually see the value of her vertices, please tell me. People don't seem to post their models that they ripped from the game. Not that I blame them...) Anyways, so I roughly measured her skeleton, and she was ~67 units tall. This means that she's about 5'7", a perfectly acceptable height for a video game heroin. The woman she was modeled after is listed as being 5'4.5" on her IMDB, but there's no reason that they would have had to stick with her exact height. Either way, she's taller than me, but not by too much. I'm 5' flat on a good day.

Now you may be looking at this picture and saying, "But Nariko, it still looks too big!" Well, my cube is a plushie, so he's a little fatter than he should be. I'm working to correct that. He's not a lot shorter than he should be, and he comes up to where he should on me, and I'm not on my toes in that picture, and we just established that I am not technically tall enough to play Chell.

So, I don't know if you are convinced or not, but I am. My cube is accurate, or as accurate as a giant squishy plushie can be. My cube is not big. I am small. Don't tell Edward I said that.

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Cubes aren't big
but if you have one of thoose in your room they aren't the smallest things in there! xD