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These are the translated files that JanChan [link] (I think that's the link, her site is down again) posted. I don't know japanese, so I got my friend of a friend [link] to translate them for me. She did a *beautiful* job!

Page 2: [link]

This is how I made my Ed Coat, with some modifications. I fully lined the hood with the coat fabric, so it would be the same inside and outside. I used a placket instead of extra seam allowance to create the slit in back so I didn't have a seam running down the middle of my back. I also lined the sleeves and added pockets. For me, I used these measurements almost exactly. I did have to take the sleeves in by 4 inches, but I am very much so ed-sized, as you can see from my cosplay photos, so this isn't all that surprising. I'll try and post some photos of the differences between my and the described coat, but hopefully any future ed cosplayers will have an easier time making their jackets now!
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how would you go about washing it?