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Edward Elric Coat Pg1

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These are the translated files that JanChan [link] (I think that's the link, her site is down again) posted. I don't know japanese, so I got my friend of a friend [link] to translate them for me. She did a *beautiful* job!

Page 2: [link]

This is how I made my Ed Coat, with some modifications. I fully lined the hood with the coat fabric, so it would be the same inside and outside. I used a placket instead of extra seam allowance to create the slit in back so I didn't have a seam running down the middle of my back. I also lined the sleeves and added pockets. For me, I used these measurements almost exactly. I did have to take the sleeves in by 4 inches, but I am very much so ed-sized, as you can see from my cosplay photos, so this isn't all that surprising. I'll try and post some photos of the differences between my and the described coat, but hopefully any future ed cosplayers will have an easier time making their jackets now!
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how would you go about washing it?
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Depends on the fabric you use, I used cotton for the first one, poly cotton with a cotton lining for the second one, they can both be thrown in a normal washing machine
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Hey, what would be the best method to hide the inner seams of the coat without adding a lining to it? I'm kinda struggling in coming up with ideas for that. :(
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You can't really, You could possibly to welt seams like are on the insides of jeans, but that will give your larger seams on the outside. But that might be ok, depending on what look you are going for. 
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is the pattern in metric?
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Yes, these are cm measurements.
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This is actually very helpful for me, as I want to make a Takane Shijou jacket for her Luxury costume, only need to leave out the sleeves and add a collar instead of the hood :)
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how long did it take for you to make it?
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The first one, maybe a week, I made a 2nd one after the first one was lost/stolen in a very long evening. 
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Sweet Jesus thank you! Finally, I've been searching for a coat pattern (specifically for Edward cosplay) for hours! Again, I thank you!
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:'D Thank you!!!
Lady-Lumiya's avatar
OMG thanks so much for sharing this, will defo be needing it for my edward costume!
Scottish-Dragon-Boy's avatar
This is neat. I can't just buy one, cause I can't get anything big enough to fit my fursuit.
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What are the measurements for the sleeve?  I see 50 plus 12 for the length, what is the width at the top?  I don't see it on the pattern nor can I figure it out.  Please help. 
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You know, I'm not sure. It's been years since I drafted this pattern. You could take the measurement of what the arm hole ends up being when you draft the main body of the coat and use that to determine the length of the curve bits. Drafting sleeves is tricky. Sorry I don't remember more....

If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably around 25-30 cm. Just make sure to measure your seams and make sure they match in length.
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I hope that i can get to a fabric store and get started on making this soon, thank you so much for uploading this! It's great!
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how much fabric is needed for this pattern?
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depending on how tall you are, you can get by with 3.5 yards of 45" fabric. To be safe you probably want 4 yards. If you are using 60" fabric, you can probably use less, but I'm not sure how much less. This also accounts for lining the hood with the outer fabric, which is what I did, to maintain consistent color.
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The numbers surrounding the patterns are in inches or cm?
Not the numbers that are circled right? I want to try and draw out the pattern today;;
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The numbers are in cm, as this is from Japan, where they use the metric system, like a civilized society should ;P

And yeah, the ones next to lines, use those. The numbers in circles are to help you match the back to the front. But I think it's kind of obvious where they go myself :P
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This was way helpful for I have wanted to make this forever.
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I'm glad I could help! :D
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