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Features XXI

Jejeje, don’t you love how late (*cough 6 months couch*) these are? ^^;   
Fave the article if you want to self-promote while promoting others (and not having to feel guilty about it).  You can suggest your own work or another deviant’s...as long as it has under 300 faves.  If you suggest someone else, I will credit you as the suggester, unless you don't want me to.  I especially need literature suggestions! =D

Index of features: fav.me/d4ff2ta

Shadows.... by TriciaS Argentina by 25Nanao16 :thumb194925002: Cat Boats of Rhode Island by John-Tansey Primeval by Ofeliac  

Drawings & Illustrations:  
star by Lovepeace-S Princess Deerskin 3 by raevynewings Her name is Gaya by GeniusFromTheBang :thumb174483478: Fishing on the Moon by Moondogla

Big Shark by YenaYarn Autumn Rock'n'Roll by tishaia Neris, Yuki and Fox by periwinkleimp September Songs by Arleen Small Spring Basket by alaskabaskets


These words, this loveThese words won't mean much;
Probably not to you,
Or you,
Or you.
Probably not to him
But that's not what matters.
These words are for me and my broken heart.
Not for you.
Not for the satisfaction of some stupid society.
Not for something important like this worlds constant hate and discrimination.
These words are for me.
To let out these raw emotions buzzing through my head like bees in a beehive.
This poem is for me.
And what he did to me and my already broken heart.
These words are for me.
Every time I see him, all I ever think is:
"I miss you."
"I love you."
"I miss you."
"I love you."
"Get these damn thoughts oughta my head!" My heart screams.
But I can't.
It's my hearts fault for making me think these things.
Because that's how it feels.
And still in love with him.
You'd think by now I'd be over it, right?
When I see his face my heart beats at the speed of light.
My smile lights up brighter than the sun.
My soul feels complete…
Like it's found the
A Tapestry"Thy Hector, wrapt in everlasting sleep,
Shall neither hear thee sigh, nor see thee weep."

The thread was pale as new-hewn beech
She grasped it; held it close
And let it rest upon her cheek
For she loved it the most.
She could not find the other shades
That matched his eyes or hair
Though she had searched so many years
And stripped whole gardens bare.
His skin was all she could distill
From tender buds, half-grown,
And as she watched his cheek grown round
She wove, and grieved, alone.
She pulled the shuttle through the warp
To form the woolen weft
And wished that he had never gone
And left her so bereft;
Not just of him, but of her life--
Her child, cast away
Over the broken battlements.
If only he had stayed!
But as she wound the thread around
And beat the fibers close
She knew that he had never loved
Her or their son
Our FaithOur Faith is the ironic nonbeliever
in anything beyond this earthly flesh.
She writes about the future as a lost bohemian utopia,
a place her starving readers need,
we who have known
in our deepest parts a feeling
like forgetting how to climb stairs
we who have dreamt of mattresses
on deflated inflatable beds, weekend eyes gummy,
mouths sticky and full of a taste we can't spit out
while we wait for more time
and for the train to arrive, finally.
Our Faith writes a someday like cheesecake in our mouths,
thick and real as childhood dreams of flying,
and when we're waiting for nights of humid neon freedom,
waiting to ride the swells of another body
and breathe in the heartbeat from electric skin
without looking over our shoulders to see what God has to say,
her somedays taste like long-lost elegance and laughter,
like driving nowhere through summer fields, windows down,
and like big-city balconies, watching car lights on the beloved faces
of those who will miss who you really ar
The Starcatcher's Story
By Pedro Oliveira
"I feel them all around me
As if they're looking for me
I'm sure they're protecting me
You're all so close to me
And don't you never ever leave me!"
Every night before I fall asleep
I look out of my window and always see
A shadow sitting in the moon
With a fishing rod and wizard hat
I swear he is catching the stars
Why would someone do that?
Hey, you with the the fishing rod and wizard hat!
Tell me what are those stars you're looking at!
"They are wishes and dreams
They are hopes and fears
From the children, who before going to sleep
Look at the sky and make a wish
Hoping that tomorrow
Won't be full of sorrow."
Hey, you who sits on the moon!
Why are you catching
August 6th, 2010I took a risk today
  Of a kind that's not my way
Put my heart out on display
  And I'm happy I can say that it rather made my day
When things went not so bad at all
  Yeah, I think I'll be OK
Life is how I like right now;
  Simple but challenging, stable in its intensity
And even if I don't know how the future will play out right now
  Yeah, I think that that's alright
Yeah, I think I'll be OK
I talked to Beth today. It was the last day we're going to be able to spend together for a long time, probably. We did yoga in the morning down by St. Mark's, then went to my place to take showers (no one should sweat this much, there must be something wrong with me). Afterward we went up to the roof. We had a smoke of our respective preferences, which probably made the next part considerably harder.
I had told Beth ahead of time that I had a letter for her (I didn't, but I knew that would make sure I did). I had decided in the interim that I wan

FallingDawn by Miyu-Tou Princess Viola : Ivy's OC by SweetDarknesz Dances at Sunset by ArtOfEdge Dreams from the deep by Kristoff-Kristoff Teddy Told Me To by GeorgieM-onster

:thumb211679851: :thumb152207011: :thumb214000260: Travemynde 2 by ximocampo Twinkle, twinkle little star by starykocur

(Remember to check the stock artist’s rules before using their stock!!! =D)
Shell stock by gc-stock :thumb198460357: Queen of Hearts Free Stock Pack by FlexDreams ::thumb194136158: Snow II by Eirian-stock


Creative use of my stock:
+ Hallelujah Goat + by Minmuchan Shooting Star by Galidor-Dragon :thumb168154461: Reaching across time by MisChibiOus Fuwa Fuwa time by MisChibiOus


Deviant Features:
:thumb261859241: :thumb261301941: :thumb258039702: Emerald--Weapon has a varied fantasy gallery that both mystifies and instills nostalgia.

Sammiches #2 by moofestgirl Spring Hullabaloo 2012 7:9 by moofestgirl Yellow Ear-Flap Hat by moofestgirl  moofestgirl has a wonderfully eclcetic crafts gallery you simply can't miss! She also has an Etsy, and is open for commisions!

Fata verde cu parul padure (spring) by Ansheen Cozy by Ansheen Love for tea by Ansheen  Ansheen has another enchancting fantasy gallery filled with work both quirky and refined.

:la: If you know someone who deserves or needs a feature, you can suggest your own work or another deviant’s...as long as it has under 300 faves.  (If you suggest someone else, I will credit you as the suggester, unless you don't want me to.)  And please, I am especially in need of literature deviations!

Group Features:
:iconwaterypencils: is for those who work with watercolour pencils!

Index of features: fav.me/d4ff2ta
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Thank you so much for the feature :D It's nice to see my Gaya next to so beautiful pictures ^^
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Very cool to be featured in amongst this calibre of work. Appreciate it!
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Thank you very much for the feature! :)
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Thank you!! ^^ :heart:
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...thank u so much :heart: ...
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Thanks a lot for the feature! C:
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I don't know if I have suggested her before, but for beading and bead sculpture, I would like to suggest my friend ~azdesertlupine and for homemade cards, I would like to recommend my friend ~nixeew.

And, yes, of course myself. XD But, instead of my primary account (this one), I would like to suggest my earrings account, ~TrulyStunningDesigns.
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You have not. :D They're up now. :la:
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