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Moar features! =3
Cat in the Window by Ronigirl:thumb212657742::thumb239565662: Puutarhan vartija by nei-no Through the woods by Luckyten

Divine x Aki - Nothing to Fear by KarniMolly Miku: Twilight song by Roots-Love Magic by Tomek3618 Forget Me Not by Quaddles-Roost Solitude - Pastel by Devynn

Blue Mandellia by jardan Wonderland by ipsiksilon StrawberrySupreme by ash-bunny High priestess necklace by bodaszilvia Pokemon Gloom Amigurumi by adorablykawaii

Hoy no escribire...Hoy no escribiré del amor
pues ha partido de mí.
Diría que escribiré de la libertad
pero sigo preso de mis pensamientos.
¿De qué escribiré?
Afuera llueve y el sol nace.
Imposible, la lluvia cae dentro
y el sol es opacado por la luna.
Los pájaros cantan y los árboles bailan.
Inconcebible, el ruiseñor sangra en un rosal
y los árboles lloran con hojas su partida.
La vida sigue y el sufrimiento se ha esfumado.
Inalcanzable, sigo estancado en esta laguna verde
y las cenizas aún siguen respirando.
Creo que tengo una idea.
Escribiré de la nada,
pues es todo lo que ha quedado.
Escribiré que un día bailé, mi musa,
en un sueño y olvido, mis pies en soledad.
The Stellar Lights - RevisedCold and arid plains where nothing grows-
no hills, no valleys- it never rains nor snows.
It's dead earth filled with stumbling stones-
no people, no animals- yet the air's filled with moans.
Twenty-two million miles of grey possibility
and still not one grain of hope in this sandy sea.
Watching skies not blue, grey or red; only black.
Filled with moons and stars of every hue; no sun, in fact.
A sky seemingly escaped from a novel page's tear
written to glow, dance and swirl, and fill the night air.
Yes, the sky is beautiful filled with stellar lights.
My heart bears the weight in which my eye delights.
With beauty in every body ample and sufficient for each,
only stare at its splendor; it's too far beyond reach.
Witness beauty beyond speech.
On the scorched earth is where I'm at.
Gravity holds; but it takes much more than that.
I'm sprawled out on the Earth's dusty deck
exhausted and tugging the collar at my neck.
Laying with my thoughts on the heavens above,
eyes follow suit wondering
like a bad dreammy loved ones
are all falling
dripping construction-paper
[stalks of] bleeding hearts
onto rainy pavement
mother maple
tree was felled
feeding off the emotions
her daughter claimed to quell
sadness trapped her mouth like glue
now she aches to see you [whole]
carbon copies right down
to the scars on their wrists-
diamond sharp rapier wit
clash together,
advice isn't worth it.
peeling sliverscabs of guilt
off, never ceasing the habit
brown hair, red-eyed tears
confessions dunked in coffee
dribbling cigarette crumbs
[her vices vary, now her only vibrancy]
ocean-bound, she drank
too much salt water
and puked her guts out
i can't say i'm not watching her
knuckle said
i won't stop
this self-injury madness
if it keeps me believing
i'm something romantic
knuckle said
to the concrete
yeah, i'm a real
YieldI plant my feet in a grove of whispering trees.
Cool breeze sweeps limbs which yawn and stretch,
soles decompose as toes grow, break through soil,
descend into deep brown fists of earth.
Trunk thickens, arms broaden, fingers twist
and branch into capillaries which bud and burst
into saw-toothed leaves and apple blossoms.
Soon my limbs are laden with fruit.
Freed from burden, we swell in praise of rain.
The Land of the Light
Now the Sun rises above the Ocean,
And all of the creatures of Light are set into motion,
The Night's child is hidden safe in her den,
Guarded from the Light so that for her life she won't have to fend,
The Robin soars and sings her song,
The Squirrel hides his acorn from the throng,
The Tide is now free,
And the Dolphin frolics as she would please.
Now is a time of Merriment and Joy,
Light's children believe they are free of the Night's evil ploy,
But they don't seem to understand,
That they are all connected by a single strand.
No, they don't have to care about the Truth below,
As they laugh like the Crow.
Love Life and Joy is theirs,
Never concerned with the World's negative affairs,
This is the Sun's might,
For her children to live, here, in the Land of the Light

Squid Sphere by NinoxMeeki Oasis by Kasaurus Merry Christmas, Lily - Christmas Card 2010 by guardian-of-moon I Will Punish You by guardian-of-moon BEAUTIFUL SEA by Aim4Beauty

Before the Rain by BlueAnomiS Holding you dearly by MyLifeThroughTheLens -Snowflake- by Biljana1313 burning fire by KIARAsART Wild Beauty by LoneWolfPhotography

cheetah by krystledawn-stock faerie stock - sitting - 01 by Crystal-Snowflakes Premade Background  1314 by AshenSorrow River 23 by raindroppe Snowy Lake Stock by DeviousRose

(Psst: I'd like to hold contests for my groups LaRevolucionEscrita and Tinkerbell-Mania, but I need points as prizes.  XD I will draw chibis (either human or an easy animal) in pencil for 15 points.  If interested, please note me.

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toothy colored by merpagigglesnort:thumb209364856: soothes my soul by merpagigglesnort frog and silver necklace by merpagigglesnort  merpagigglesnort  is a deviant of many talents.  I especially love those really detailed drawings that look misleadingly simple. :faint:

:thumb206822565: :thumb124259623::thumb164623601::thumb175496487: JulieElizabethArt repaints dolls and crafts costumes for them, transforming them into one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Flower. by LizAlasca Flower. by LizAlasca Pigeon. by LizAlasca Flower. by LizAlasca LizAlasca

Shameless Self-Promotion:
A Vestige of Vitality by NekoMarik Remembrances for a SuicideNo, I never saw her
walking by that day,
although I heard she very much
wanted to go and hide away.
Oh no, I never dreamed
she would go off and do
such a horrible thing,
but all the same you never know,
and you just can never tell-
can you?
No, I did not know her-
not- not very well,
although I did once
hold her in the sunshine…
but that was many years ago,
when she was but a child,
and I the distant relative
charged with keeping her out of trouble.
Yes, it is quite sad
that a girl so fresh and with her life so young
should cast herself away like that,
into that land of distant nevers,
and all for that silly little thing-
but ahhh, the world does tend to pick some lives
before they are ever ready to be plucked.
No, I cannot say that it affected me,
if truth may indeed be told,
although it may sound cold as stone-
recall, I did not know her well.
March 28, 2010
age 17
Yami no Morin by NekoMarik InsubstantialShadows dancing on the air,
echoes playing on the stairs.
Thoughts are weeping in the light
and pain is shuddering with fright.
Love and laughter live hereafter
clinging desperately to splint'ry rafters.
Minds are taken by the dark
and freedom dies without a spark.
The hourglass's sands rush by
and we hear whispers from on high.
Quietly now we waste away,
dragging through abysmal days.
The sands are making their last clink
and stillness aches to cross the brink.
Time has reached its mortal End
yet we fight on for loose dividends.
Our bodies are but crumbling rust,
memories and delusion'd dust.
Our souls spill out at the ends of our lives
and fly to fullness in unknown heights.
February 4, 2009 Wednesday
(age 16)
Amalgamation by NekoMarik

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