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Stylized Microphone

Highly stylized antique-style microphone, not quite steampunk and not quite fantasy or sci-fi, inspired by the steampunk microphone in "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" by Panic! At the Disco. This marks the second Panic! At the Disco inspired drawing I've done, the first this little thing made almost five years ago:
The letters are meant to appear Greek, and the overall look went more toward astrolabes , compasses, and general ancient navigation. However, I chose not to use an Ω (omega) for the O, so it looked rather off with the "R" in "air" as P (rho) as the only non-Latin letter, so I turned the Latin O into a Greek Ø (theta), which really bothers me but at least communicates ancient Greek navigation to the viewer...I hope.

Media Used:
Mainly watercolours, coffee, and ink (as watercolours and texturizers), with coloured pencils for added texture. And Wikipedia for research on Greek compasses.

Walkthrough of each step is here: :thumb310551791: Detailed accompaniment here.

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I like the details of this :). The background looks a bit muddy, but it makes sense since you were inspired by that steampunk microphone. Hmm, all in all, I think you did well. ^^
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Thanks for the feedback! :) I'll keep that in mind for future artworks! :happybounce: