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Slania's Song by NekoMarik Slania's Song by NekoMarik
"A blatu blande bitos biuon.
A ‚m' atriia, a ‚ma helvetia.
Translation: "Oh dulcet blossom of the living world!/ Oh my fatherland, oh my Helvetia!
-"Slania's Song" by Eluveitie

Watercolours in my Strathmore visual art journal, 300 gsm watercolour edition.  I find calling them art journals instead of sketchbooks puts less pressure on my to get them perfect and more accepting of the fact that I am not a good artist, so it's okay for my art to suck because I can't improve if I don't practice.  This was the first time I tried masking fluid and second try with real watercolours - and how I learned that salt on wet washes doesn't work well on this paper.

Double inspiration here.  I'd been wanting to paint something reminiscent of the album covers for Eluveitie's Slania or Everything Remains (As It Never Was), but then I happened upon the reference photo.  The mood was similar to the feelings those albums evoke in me, so I just went with it.

Title is from the song above.

Watercolour on watercolour sketchbook paper.

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