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Pay de Limon (Key Lime Pie) I

For the recipe, see my blog entry here: [link] :dummy::la:
Made this Saturday- first time ever making a key lime pie. I was surprised I actually liked it. :dummy: It was like a light flan- very nice, and very delicious. I made a crust using finely powdered almonds as half of the flour, which turned out as deliciously nutty and aromatic as I imagined it would. Alternate photo here: [link]
Special thanks to `VintageWarmth for advice and hints on how to photograph future foods!
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This is more a hint on the recipe than the photo itself! If you brush the crust with melted butter right before putting it into the oven, it makes it crispier and stay together better as well as being more of a "crust" color rather than a flour color. :D They sure look yummy, though!

As far as presentation and the photograph itself, instead of a lime garnish (since no one really eats lime by itself) I would do a tiny bit of whipped cream and a little raspberry garnish and maybe a little leaf of mint. Would give it contrast and add to the fresh light fragrance. :)
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Oooh. I have never heard that. I must try it soon. :woohoo: As for the garnish, I was a bit idealess, and my house has lots and lots and lots of limes all the time. :slow: Mint leaf...I have plenty of those plants in my yard, so I'll definitely do that. Thank you! :la: