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Great Bay Wildlife Refuge World Watercolor Month 7 by NekoMarik Great Bay Wildlife Refuge World Watercolor Month 7 by NekoMarik

Last Saturday I went birding and took a photo of a particularly striking view.  Even though the photo is an iphone snapshot and doesn't capture the magnificence of that view, it was still stunning.  I had to paint it.  Given how good my World Watercolour Month tries have been coming out (with the exception of Day 5), I decided to paint from the photo I had of last week's adventure.  And I decided to do a primary colours challenge again, with a different set of primaries in my palette.  Came out fine!  Watermark looks so fancy, right?  Actually, I just figured that if I'm slapping it on all my knitting and crochet stuff it makes sense to throw it on all my art, not just design.

I'm working on a post about each day of World Watercolour Month and the process for some of the pieces.  It will have the reference photo I used for this.  I post works in progress and such on my Instagram, so if you'd rather just see that instead, go ahead and follow me there!

Watercolour on paper, ink for some starker details in the forefront.

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