Who inspires you? Comment please beause I'm looking for great artists I haven't heard of or seen artwork of yet!
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Yes, I has people for you!
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Published: November 12, 2013
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YourNinthLife|Hobbyist General Artist
:iconfightpunch: <-- King of technology/robot character designs
:iconcheo36: just yes. everything yes.

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YourNinthLife|Hobbyist General Artist
Be prepared for a long-ass list! I threw in photographers and craftsmen as well as vastly different art styles, just to add some lots of diversity. * = ones I think you'd particularly like. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!!!
just go through opening tabs and viewing galleries to browse what catches your eye!
*:iconarisuonpaa: BREATH TAKING PAINTINGS: portraits, scenery, everything!
*:iconnambroth: AMAZING paintings, with lots of animals and scenery (beautiful backgrounds!)
:icone-a-s-y: wonderful, fun characters; heart warming style
:iconvirus-ac: incredible anime/manga or gaming style characters; breathtaking details and backgrounds
*:iconomupied:goregous realistic-style characters and portraits
:iconaerosocks: fun, goofy, and very expressive animals and humans; semi real, semi-cartoonish style
*:iconelephantwendigo: LOVE their realistic and stylized humans; great expressions and anatomy
*:iconartgerm: recognized, professional artist with amazing anatomy (female), characters, colors, and blending techniques (Mr. Comic Magazine Covers)
:iconlukefielding: vastly well rounded; portraits, collages, paintings SUPER cool traditional cartoon portraits
:iconoffblacksecret: super amazing stylized ferals; love the way they draw fur and character designs
*:iconatroci: best ocs and character ideas ever; esp. raja, I think you'll like him.
:icontlk-ileana: <--- QUEEN OF LION KING ART
*:iconbrilcrist: ABSURD blend of realistic and stylized humans and characters: portraits, paintings, etc.
*:icongunnerromantic: insane dark-fantasy artist; characters + sick backgrounds
*:iconcobravenom: amazing, COLORFUL animal + scenery paintings; GREAT use of light/darkness and colors
*:iconakreon: aka PUGBUN; greatly varied artist: wonderful colors, designs, comics, everything
*:icontanathe: aka TAILCAT; ^ ^ ^ 
:iconengross: cute, fun, and realistic stylized animals are really great; nice use of colors
:iconearthytones: just adoration; great canine anatomy, and WONDERFUL expressions; great use of graphics/dynamics
:icondoubleleaf: wonderfully expressive/humorous/suggestive character portrayals; realistic cartoonish
:icongodforget: subjects like^; much more realistically blended style
:iconloputyn: fun, cute, warm, and girly anime/manga characters; FABULOUS lines and color usage
*:iconsnowmarite: BRILLIANTLY colored, fun paintings of animals, characters, and scenery as well as graphics
:iconbunlimia: <--- PIXEL GOD
*:icongr-ay: WONDERFUL characters, and anthro anatomy as well as designs. sketches are a bit messy (but nice), but her full and finished work is FAB
*:icondarknatasha: BEAUTIFUL traditional tribal/native themed and looking anthros
*:iconart-fromthe-heart: Amazingly detailed animal paintings! INCREDIBLE REALISTIC DETAILS!
*:icongrypwolf: INSANE characters and backgrounds; great use of blending and colors as well as dynamics and space (reminds me a bit like *Tatchit)
:iconkichaa: one of my favorite artists; BRILLIANT cartoonist with amazing expressions, humor, and wonderful characters (very inspirational sketches and art)

 :iconrare-pearl: <---KITTY & BOKEH PHOTO QUEEN
:iconvishstudio: <---Mr. Muscular and (mostly)Naked Men Photographer (GREAT models)

:iconshingorengeki: <--- CROSS STITCH QUEEN
:iconcreaturesfromel: <--- DELICATE SCULPTURE QUEEN

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:iconaquasixio: they have some pretty inspirational stuff c:

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NekoLynArt|Professional General Artist
Yes! I love their work too!
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forgetSanity|Hobbyist General Artist
Well mostly my friends ~Dweeb-chan ~DragonShark and *Crazy-Voodoo-Lady

Then there is ~Ningeko16 and ~lazaro (I hope I did their usernames right Xd) I have a lot more but im on my phone I'll post them later for you if you want more
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Phantom-Daydream|Student Filmographer

If you want some more weather oriented stuff, I suggest him. I love his work.
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you may or may not have heard of them, but these are some of my favorite artists on DA:

:iconnokkasili:  :iconcanadian-rainwater:  :iconmystalia:  :iconphobs:  :iconstressedjenny:
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CheekyStoat|Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe not the kind of artist you're looking for but this guy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=leCAy1…

He inspires me like no one else and not even to anything specific but to just put myself out on a limb and try something absolutely insane.
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LucidKitsune| Traditional Artist
There is no way I could list all of my favorite artists.... But by far my favoritest and the most inspirational artist to me is Stephanie Pui Mun Law. :iconpuimun: www.shadowscapes.com/.
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Clojo-733|Student Digital Artist
I love the work of :iconsqueedgemonster: :iconmleth: :icongriffsnuff: :iconshinerai: :iconnina-serena: :icontasteslikeanya: as well as tons of others- way too many to list here! 
And your art is pretty inspirational too. 
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Aktuell|Student Photographer
He isn't on dA but one of my biggest photography inspirations is Jimmy Nelson. You've probably seen his most recent photo release "Before They Pass Away": beforethey.com/

Obviously Kilaq ;) 
(for creative inspiration. and I also love her photography style.)

=Ahkward (idk if you have heard of her) but she inspires me to strive for originality :>

The equine photographer Christiane Slawik: www.slawik.com/en#2 (she also isn't on dA)

and also the very talented ~NaturePunk
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Well, I'm not sure I can list everyone, but some of my main inspirations are:
And you. :w00t:
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mysteriouswhitewolf|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohkay here we go. First of all I'd like to mention I am a fan of just about any skilled in field wildlife sketch artist.
But I think my most favorite artists outside dA are John Howe, because he is everything I imagine an artist should be, like some mythical creature but hes real. XD
Second is Lee Hammond, just because I learned so much from her books...
I am forever grateful and look up to her.

And here is a large compilation of my favorite artists nicely gathered together in two art feature journals.

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LuckyKoneko|Hobbyist General Artist








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Somniavii|Hobbyist General Artist
So many. xD But if I had to narrow it down... 


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BlueMJM|Student General Artist
Does it have to be someone on DeviantArt?
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NekoLynArt|Professional General Artist
nope, fire away with anyone.
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BlueMJM|Student General Artist
With short time on my hands right now, 2 who come to mind are the late Marcel Dunchamp, Banksy, and Josiah Brooks, Maybye Scott Mccloud?, what do you think?
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NekoLynArt|Professional General Artist
I actually have no idea who any of those people are. XD
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Broadwinger|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Other than you? Hmm, that's actually a tough one. =Plaguedog, *windfalcon, and `emmil all inspire me as well; mostly Windfalcon.
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NekoLynArt|Professional General Artist
Oh yes! I already watch windfalcon and Plaguedog! PLguedog has so many streams, it's awesome!
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TheSnowDragon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconphobs:, :iconalectorfencer: & :iconkajito:
They are some of my biggest inspirations on DeviantArt. C:
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