When you do a drawing/painting/visual art, do you plan the backgrounds/environment WITH the character or make the BG/enviro last minute?
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I plan the whole drawing usually first or get a rough idea.
I plan only the character, BG's aren't needed/not important so I make it up last minute
I don't draw BG's / enviros. Too hard or I'm lazy or don't want to.
I never plan anything, everything is spontaneous.
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Published: April 4, 2015
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kaseylsnow|Professional Digital Artist
Sometimes both? If I know I'm making a full-blown illustration I map it all out thumbnail style beforehand. But sometimes doodles go crazy and I end up doing more than I originally planned, thus slapped-on b/g.
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Stygma|Hobbyist General Artist
I roughly sketch the character and the main focuses of the background, especially the parts interacting with the character. I need to know early where will be my source(s) of light. After that, I focus on the character then the background.
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LuckyKoneko|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm usually too lazy for backgrounds, but if I make one, I plan it layer by layer - first I draw the character and sketch what is in front of the character, I ink that, then I erase the first sketches and sketch what's behind the character.
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KAL0PSIA| Traditional Artist
I plan them at the same time so I can create a composition which works with the character
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Miukitty|Hobbyist General Artist
I plan the background before the character?? I generally paint the bg first and then think of how the character can naturally fit into the scene
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Galvan1c-Miscr3ation|Hobbyist General Artist
If I do a full composition, then yes, I have an idea of how I want the background to look.  Sometimes when I'm drawing it things get tweaked (usually do to my incapacity to draw whatever I wanted it to look like lol).  

Other times I just add pretty things to a picture I drew that I did not intend to have a background just to make it look more complete.  
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TheTinfoilRat|Hobbyist Artist
Uhh, all of the above? XD It depends, there are pictures I've done where I had an idea for the background from the get-go. And there are also times when I just don't plan anything. XD I guess if it has a background, it's more common that I put it in at the end. Ultimately though I do draw just characters with no background the most, so I suppose I'll go with that.
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M-Lee08|Professional Traditional Artist
It all depends how important the background is. If it is intrigal part then yes I will. If it's going to be a solid or pattern I will just wing it and see what feels right.
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GlyphBellchime|Hobbyist General Artist
It may depend. I sometime want the character to be in really big focus. If not, then I kinds slap-shod a background together.
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Kaymaro|Hobbyist Digital Artist
if drawing gonna has a bg I sketch it with character.
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