What makes you dream? Why do you dream the way you do?
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I love to sleep
I wanna tell you about it (comments)
I don't know, I just do
I don't dream (lies)
Dreams are the sort of things we all strive for, whether it be in your head of in your life.
I'm getting philisophical
Where did those RP polls of yours go? those are more fun! >:U
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Published: February 3, 2014
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PupSpaceStudent General Artist
I think my dreams are many extensions of memories/experiences that help me work through things. If I don't have time for complex problem solving, my dreams often help figure that stuff out. For instance, I was angry with my sister, because she'd worried me by not answering her phone for days. I had a few dreams over that time; one was that she was hurt, another was that she was in trouble, and the last one was her sitting with me and talking. The first two were because I was panicking, but the last one reminded me that she had to be ok. There was no way she wouldn't be. It helped me logic things out when I was, honestly, hysterical.
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MyufiHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wish I had the time to read all these comments; dreams are very interesting to me. Personally, I dream about the sort of activities I do and/or think about most. In the past, it was always adventurous video-game-esque settings. Only recently, since I've become radically more social in my life, have I begun to dream about people and sounds. Sadly, I have also begun to remember less of my dreams, but, I think that may be related to the fact that I've become busier and more easily distracted. I of course have easily-remembered bad dreams, especially when my daily life becomes very stressful. I used to take pride in being able to remember my very creative and enjoyable dreams, but now, I feel my childhood slipping past, and it is saddening.
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My dreams are...weird. I don't know what causes them, but they are either really weird and goofy or full-on terrifying. There was this one repeating nightmare I used to have when I was six, but stopped having when I was seven...and then recently I had that old nightmare again! Thankfully, I've never had it since, but it was still weird. Another time, i woke up, looked at the clock, got up, and started my day as usual. Or at least I thought I did, because later I woke up for real. It was so weird, the dream was so realistic. So I really don't know what causes my dreams. 
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Uh I don't know why I dream lol but I usually have really weird dreams that's make no sense (the ones I can remember anyways.) I usually have nightmares about running away or trying to fly or something XD I know from my parents/ people who sleep over that I scream and talk in my sleep, and move/kick a lot. I can't really remember ever having a "happy" dream, either I have a extreme nightmare or just a dream were everything is rather neutral. Sometimes I do have the same dreams/have dreams in the same setting/have a dream where I think I've dreamt it before when I'm in the dream but actually don't remember another one like it when I wake up. When I was little, I used to able to wake myself up from bad dreams, which was cool. Annnnd I just realized how much blab I've already typed, so I'll stop ;u;

As for aspiration/dreams, I don't have many cause I like to set my goals short owo
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
I had a roommate once that was a sleepwalker. That was always interesting. We had to get a special lock to lock the door from the inside so she wouldn't be able to undo it. I often found her huddled up by the door in the mornings or in the bathroom. So strange XD

I don't mind reading lengthy responses. I actually like communicating with other people. I don't understand why people complain about no messages, then they finally get that masive inbox they want, then complain too many responses or too long. I just take my time to sift through them. lol 

Setting our goals too short really will not benefit you, you should raise them for yourself. 
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I'm not a sleepwalker, which is kinda surprising since it seems I should be XD I just roll around a kick and sometimes sit up. That must have been really interesting with your roommate haha XD One of my friend's parents is a sleepwalker, they have a baby fence on their stairs so she doesn't fall down them. We always thought it was for my friend, until he grew up and we asked why it was still there... lol

I don't mind either, the trouble I have is replying to them in a timely matter ^^' Haha, I know. It's great that you take the time to actually go through them though :)

And I know, short term goals go with long term goals and such, but I haven't really thought of any long time things I am interested in doing, haha. Setting goals is hard for me, because I'm always sure I won't reach them, but I'm trying to start small and get to the point where it's regular for me ^^
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I'm not sure what kind of dreams you mean... but if was the sleep dreams sometimes I can chose the dream I want; like if I stare into the darkness of my eyeballs long enough, strange movies start to appear and I start to dream... if I don't like the dream ei. zombies then I wake myself up right away and start again. Other times I make up stories as I'm laying in bed... then it turns into dreams... so that's how I dream? 
I'm usually very aware I'm in a dream so it makes good stories and art to make ^-^

As for the aspiration dream... 
I think it's something different that having a goal. A goal I can work on, but a dream is something that maybe has to do with more with chance or something that doesn't seem as certain?
Sometimes I think we dream of the things we don't have, like when I was younger I would dream I would have a friend, but I  was much to scared of everyone to open my mouth. 
I used to dream in elementary that I would become an artist, but now it has become a goal because I can work for it. However, being a successful artist  is a different story. So until the future, I can only dream that I'll be successful in someway and hope I'm not doomed lol
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
Either kind, goals or sleep dreams, I purposely left it open ended. 

I usually don't realize I'm dreaming. ^^;

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MinecrafterNenagirlHobbyist Digital Artist
-flips desk- HOW

XD Sorry it's just the first part sounded like lucid dreaming stuff and I've been trying to have a lucid dream for a while 
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I think I`m usually really aware of the stages of sleep. Cause as soon as I am "awake" but unable to move my body, I know I'm falling asleep and should look out for dreams to hop into. It takes a lot of practice, but I hope that helps you?
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MinecrafterNenagirlHobbyist Digital Artist
i can usually get to that state where you are awake but cant move but i never see any dreams to hop in to  
perhaps its because i usually dont dream?
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I don't know, I just stare at the darkness until something forms or I make up a story and something happens
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SharkyToofStudent Digital Artist
I normally daydream the most

totally not homicidal fantasies
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Devan-ColleyStudent Traditional Artist
I dream very seldom... But when I do I'ts always really vivid and happens usually after something emotional @_@ 
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
vivid on my end too! So real sometimes I can't tell I am asleep.
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ZekkentakStudent General Artist
I rarely ever get dreams and when I do,
they're kind of..blurred. Never can seem to remember them
but when I do, its really strange.

Also, I experience the strange phenomenon
of a continuation of previous dreams, every once in a while.

I did have one really strange one a while back though..

I visioned some dragon-beast thing offering advice to me
after being seriously depressed for over a week,
hating myself for not being up to standards in school.

 Oddly enough, when I woke up,
I remembered him and as crazy as it sounds,
I got this strange sensation that he was following me around wherever I went throughout the
following day, and odd auras as well. Even felt a telepathic connection, which was...strange.

Never had the same experience ever since.
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I used to have a reoccurring dream about a tall woman dressed all in black when I was 3 years old. Her face was always in shadow, so I only saw her outline when she wasn't in a shadow herself. She would come through my doorway or up under my bed. I'm getting chills just writing about it...I would always feel like she was watching me, even when I wasn't asleep, from the forest in my backyard. It was like she was there, but not. Mind you, this was way before the movie Mama came out, so thats not where I got the idea to call her mama...that the name that always came to my head when I saw her in my dreams or felt her aura. I would sleepwalk, fortunately not far, following her. It was like my house was there, and I was putting my dreams and mama in it. When we moved from that house, I never felt, saw, or heard mama and haven't since. I have also never sleepwalked again. Dreams scare the sh*t out of me...
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
Hm, that is veyr odd. I've had dreams continue on different nights, but never following me throughout the day like that. 
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Kayru-KitsuneHobbyist General Artist
I have long stretches in which I don't dream at all, and then 2-3 weeks of several dreams a night. In fact I just finished one spurt of dreams. It's kinda neat but at the same time it means I sleep terribly for those weeks.
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
You have a harder time sleeping during your dreaming nights?
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Kayru-KitsuneHobbyist General Artist
Yeah - sometimes worse because it's a lot of nightmares and I hesitate to GO to sleep, but at any rate, when I dream a lot I don't feel as rested. Especially when I wake up inbetween.
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
I'm curious as to so many people having nightmares. Nightmares are so rare for me.
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Kayru-KitsuneHobbyist General Artist
They used to be very rare for me too. It's just been in the last few years, since I was pregnant, that I started getting more.
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ImagineCorgisHobbyist Digital Artist



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