So I know you watchers like my art, that's why you watch me. However, what could I do to improve it? Please be honest, I am really wanting to improve, just like everybody! :D
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Be more detailed!
Clean up your images, not so sketchy / stop posting so many sketches.
Change your style, or vary it up more.
Draw more variety in subjects (ie humans, vs, animals, vs still life, vs landscapes)
Try to be more consisent with the style you do have! It varies too much.
Your anatomy needs the most work.
Other ideas?
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Published: July 7, 2014
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AkimuneHobbyist General Artist
Another thing I can think of, to give a fresh view on your art, maybe don't change anything but try to improve your perspective! Like, we all know we come to the point where we repeat ourselves and do the same poses over and over, but maybe if you give a new view (from bottom, above, etc)- it'd give it a nice look!
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AkimuneHobbyist General Artist
Oh also, not to be overwhelmed with all this- focus on ONE thing to improve at a time, not everything at once.
Work a bit on this, then if you get bored to do that, give yourself a different goal and work a bit on that. See what I mean? >W</
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AkimuneHobbyist General Artist
I don't think you need to fix your style or anything like that. However, if sketchy-messy lines aren't part of your style, maybe you could give this a try to see how your art would look like! You could also have fun with new brushes or play on different programs to see what you could add more to your art.
More more more details always is good to improve a quality of a piece of art! (again, needless to say that people put the amount of details they think is good according to the style they wanna give their picture, too much can look odd with some styles and too little can look 'empty'.)

As for anatomy, as usual it depends on the style, but a good anatomy sure gives more to a picture, I like to draw fantasy things for example but with the correct  anatomy and a lot of details in the coloring/fur/backgrounds, etc. Though I'm FAR from good at that, I just like this kind of art and I'm trying to draw those things xD; I'm the slowest on earth I swear!

About the variety of things you draw, really just do what you like. I mean, if you force yourself to do things you don't like, you won't enjoy it and then what's the point? but you could do little practices here and there just to get a new perspective on things maybe. Like, it is said that knowing how to draw a bit of everything, in animals/humans/objects/landscapes is a good bonus for anything in art!

You could then maybe experiment new things if you feel like you only do the same thing over and over; create a new species for fun- do collaborations with not one but multiple people on one piece, etc. :3
I hope this helps a little!

For the art block when you get one, I'd suggest you to take a break or to draw things just for yourself/friends without thinking much about details, do memes or play games, etc. It's what I do, it doesn't work all the time but it's all we can do until the inspiration comes back (having so much ideas often result in an art block, we try to do all of them and we get frustrated because it's hard to draw what we pictured inside our heads, just relax and focus on one thing at a time).

There you go ♥ ~
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myheartyoungHobbyist General Artist
I actually adore the somewhat sketchy quality of your linework. It's so lovely and aesthetically awesome!
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
I am very happy you think so. I like it too.
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I'd say to try and experiment more with your style and colors as well. For example, making art without lineart and use many more colors than your usual pallets.
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
I am considering that palette challenge.
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From my perspective, it's hard to pick out something I think you could improve on. It all looks beautiful. But if you're having problems with an art block or you feel stuck, then it can be really helpful to vary it up! And I mean both style and subject matter. Sometimes trying a new style is just what it takes to return your interest in art, the more different from your usual, the better (even if you don't finish it).

Changing the subject matter and drawing, idk, elephants or mythical giraffe humans, might help as far as improving the quality goes. You know you're fantastic at what you're doing, so if you draw something completely out of the ordinary whose anatomy you aren't very familiar with, it might be easier to pick out the parts you don't like and feel you need to study more. That sentence is kind of a mess, but hopefully you understand what I'm trying to say :P
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LibertadesProfessional Artist
I honestly think anatomy is the part to take most care of :)
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Fluffy-OkamiHobbyist General Artist
I picked drawing more varied subjects, simply because that is something that can help any artist!  The anatomy of the things you draw is really nice, details aren't a problem, and your art isn't too sketchy or anything that might distract people.  Drawing from photos and live models (animal and human!) is super helpful. :)  I'm not good at this kind of thing lol, your art already looks fantastic to me.
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
I agree variety might help more.
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LuckyKonekoHobbyist General Artist
I love your style the way it is, the only thing that bothers me at times is the coloring. you should try new coloring styles and vary more with the color schemes. that works a lot. new coloring style often leads to new techniques, which leads to a slightly different style.
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
I have been considering that new palette challenge running around.
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LuckyKonekoHobbyist General Artist
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canobefnurHobbyist General Artist
I would say to draw more of a variety of things and to work on anatomy. c:
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
XD Those were gonna be my choices if I had voted.
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dayylightsHobbyist Digital Artist
I would say vary it up a bit and draw other subjects, because I think that's really key when wanting to expand as an artist. If you become skilled in multiple areas, then newer subjects just seem to come easier, when you have a wide range of knowledge. At least imo.

I think you have a really neat (and gorgeous) style that stands out and is really different than a lo of others, just very unique ^^ I noticed your style is quite realistic an maybe you should give more toony things a shot

I think just expanding to different areas is just the best way to become a better artist, but in all reality, you already are a stunning artist C;

(And sorry if there's any typos I'm on my phone and who knows what the hell autocorrect may do)
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
It is very interesting you say that, because everyone else is telling me to draw more realistically! I do agree on drawing more varied things.

I hear very often how people like my "unique style". I don't find it unique at all though.

and OTL autospell. I use dA mobile a LOT and so I totally understand that feeling. Damn you autospell..... x-x
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FilipePVasconcelosHobbyist General Artist
Try new styles, like the masters' (or any person you admire) style. (Both by tracing and eye.)
And make some practice on Pure Realism. (Complicated still-life like flowers with many petals will help a lot.)
Train with a change in the medium. (Both Digi and Trad.)
Limit you palette. (great for Color Improving.)

Sketch A LOT both in your favorite ways and "the best technical ways you can get."

The most important thing is to improve the mental process in creating the image in the best way you can put the idea.

Also, trust yourself more :meow:
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
Though I find master studies the most boring thing possible, as still life too, I very much agree and see your point. It's very valid, but ti is motivating myself to do it since I see it as so boring.

I already draw in both traditional and digital mediums and I switch between them daily. I'm always experimenting with new mediums, which drive my teachers crazy sometimes. lol

I do think some palette color changes and limitations might be interesting to try.

I do sketch a lot. Infact, normally I do 5-6 pages of sketching a day, in a variety of mediums. However, lately I have noticed I'm only doing one or two a day. It's how I noticed I am suddenly drawing less and having less motivation. Process work thumbnails, color studies are things I already do, but I don't really post them often as I have noticed many people don't' like to see them.

I wish I could trust myself more to be honest.
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DexFenikHobbyist Digital Artist
All of these sound more like rules or orders. What you SHOULD do is to try new things. Experiment with new techniques, tools, styles, etc. It doesn't hurt to do things appealing, but always remember that it's best to explore your potential. Do more personal work if you need to.
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
I think I just worded them wrong. XD I didn't mean them to sound as orders. lol

Personal work is very limited to non-existant with Naor right now.
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CheekyStoatHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, none of these are a complaint that I have with your art.  You're just at the stage where hours will generally improve you!  Your art is great already, I can't even imagine how awesome it will be in a few years if you keep going!
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
I have realized that I am at an odd stage right now where something must change to reach that next level. That's why I'm putting all this out to see what others might think. In a few years I hope to be twice as awesome.
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