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Comment and I will assign everyone a number (first comnebt is one, second is two, etc)
You will have until December 27 at 11:59pm Eastern US time to enter.
In your comnent, tell me what you did/will do for holiday. If you do not celebrate anything this time of year, just say you dont,
Comments like "hello" or "coment" or anything that tells me you did not read carefully all instructions will be disqualified. You get one comment, no second chances.
If you already have one, you are also disqualified, that includes you betas as well.
Good luck. I will use a random number generator via livestream to pick the winner on December
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Published: December 24, 2013
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(If this is a repeat, I'm sorry, just delete this or the other one.  DA decided that since I didn't confirm my new email address I needed to do that before I could submit my comment, and when I tried to submit it afterward it disappeared.  I didn't see a repeat in the list but I could have missed it) 
So, guess I'm almost late getting into this, but I figure I'll give it a shot anyway.  My cousins from Kansas came and stayed at my grandma's house so I've been going up and hanging out with them.  Other than the usual going to church and exchanging gifts I haven't done a whole lot.  Tho I am working on cleaning my room which really needs it.
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Keprion|Professional Digital Artist
We had our Christmas on the 24 and my mom, brother and mom's boyfriend came over and opened our presents. We didn't do much cause there was no dinner fixed so it didn't feel like Christmas much, but I still enjoyed us all being together. My dad came from out of town to visit with me and my brother and on the 4th of next year my two uncles and cousin are coming down to visit in a kind of late holiday celebration. c:
What about you?
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I visited my grandparents a and am now heading back home... But I ended up thing a bunch of art stuff and a new wacom tablet... Merry Christmas!! :-)
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MissBabyMint|Hobbyist General Artist
hey Ahk! I got up this morning to my sister sitting on top of me saying "WKAE UP ITS CHRISTMAS!!" then I took my bunny downstairs with my sister and we opened gifts with the family (I got a drawing tablet, yay!) And I will be visiting with my family in Chicago for the next 4 days C: Merry Christmas to you!
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Comet-117|Student Digital Artist
We went to Paris for Christmas and New Year's this year :3
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SavinoWolf|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I worked for Christmas Eve, but for Christmas day I plan on having breakfast with my grandparents, exchanging presents with them, visit a friend in town to give her her presents, and finally watching the new Doctor Who Christmas Special!!!
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willplay1a|Student General Artist
huh, I worked Christmas eve too.  Guess you just can't escape that need for money :(
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My original plan was I was going to work on my portfolio, but since I have gotten early admission, I no order need to work on my portfolio so I will finish another comic! ^-^
How about you?

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SpecklArt|Student Digital Artist
Today I'll be going to the early Christmas service at my church, then going over to my Grandmother's on my dad's side for my cousins birthday and to exchange presents. Then tomorrow we'll have our immediate family for presents, and an uncle over for dinner :) And I'll be doing a lot of drawing! What about you?
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willplay1a|Student General Artist
I'm going to be going to Squaw Valley to see family, ski, and eat Honey ham! I'll also be working part of the holidays so I can pay off the money I spent on presents for my friends xD How about you? Will you be doing anything?
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FullMetalSniper|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Today, I am going to be working and selling the PS4s that I wish I had all the while struggling with these nails that my coworker convinced me to get yesterday.
Christmas Day itself, I am going spend hours laying on my bed because I don't know when we are exchanging gifts, our dinner is leftovers and the vast majority of my extended family hates us.
But at least I'm spending it with my pets! -cuddles all pets-
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Miukitty|Hobbyist General Artist
I'll be going skiing, and hopefully be making some cookies. Probably will also be doodling with my new water colors.
I've already drawn a Skitty and maybe will paint Houndoom c; What about you?
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LucidKitsune| Traditional Artist
I don't have much of a holiday, only one day off from work, but I'm spending it with my family and opening gifts :)  Then we're having egg nog french toast (delicious) and ham and eggs and mimosas for brunch, then I'm going home to (hopefully) play with some new art stuffs I'm hoping to get ^_^
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LovelyShibe|Hobbyist General Artist
I will be with my family for the holidays, then around the 28th i am having second xmas with my boyfriend when i move in as well~
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XimNeri|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am going to my grandma's house this Christmas and on New Year I'll stay at home 'til midnight, afterwards a friend and I are going to this huuge party (:
Christmas is actually fun, all family gathers and we exchange gifts and dinner, sometimes we dance. But there is always a game or two to share laughs until morning.
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Honestly, I wish I could take a nap for Christmas XD  But alas, I have to go with my mom and sister to my mom's dad's side of the family.  Lets hope the little kids don't beat me to pieces again.  
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For Christmas, my family and I will probably go fishing and shooting. And of course my brother likes minecraft, so I have to play that with him. Luckily what I bought him is something that he will forever love me for! :3
I don't know. Whatever is in the christmas presents we will play with, so that will be fun!
What are you gonna do for christmas?
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Zekkentak|Student General Artist
I'll be working on my art and my sketchbook over Christmas,
both for my portfolio, and for fun and leisure :la:
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shadowhawk6776|Hobbyist General Artist
I'll be going to my grandmothers house where her side of the family will be celebrating Christmas and maybe eat dinner there, and then later that night or early in the morning I'll be visiting my grandfathers house where the rest of the family will be.
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We got our hands on a nice holiday ham, and I'll be cooking a couple of dishes to eat heartily around the table...might be able to make space in the living room for my faux-tree today, but holidays tend to be cooking days rather than decoration seasons.
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Dawnface|Hobbyist General Artist
As usual, we'll be celebrating it on either the 1st or 2nd of January, but we'll still have a small Christmas on the 25th for when "santa" comes for my little brother. ;3
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recoverthewinds|Hobbyist Photographer

I’m trying (frantically) to prepare everything for Christmas, which I’ll spend with my family most likely. The rest of the time will be spent either drawing or writing, as well as revising for exams in January. Have a good Christmas too! :icongingerforyouplz:

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Missen6577|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm going to hold christmas together with my dad, aunt, uncle, cousins and some of their family :)
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TiaraShin|Hobbyist General Artist
Well, tomorrow I'm celebrating it with my parents, my sister and my honorary aunt. We'll probably play a few games and talk, nothing really special. And 26 December (which we call second Christmas day here) we're (my parents, my sister and I) going to do a Hobbit marathon, the first part in the afternoon at home, the second after diner in the cinema. I'm looking forward to it.:D Hope you have a lovely Christmas too.:iconsanta-glompplz:
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