I'm taking 3, THREE requests for ACEOs. I had a blast on the first one. Comment to ask for what you want. It can be anything, my OC, your OC, or fanart. I will choose 3 that look interesting to me.
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Comment with images/links of what you want drawn, I don't want descriptions this time.
Please don't be offended if I don't pick you. I just want some quick fun work tonight that I can mail out with the rest on Saturday.
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Published: March 13, 2015
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i.imgur.com/VnFH3OQ.png  my galaxy child Aulë
i.imgur.com/nQXGuDD.png and my new feonix Narsïl <3
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sta.sh/09h7kdz9ckp Here's hoping (even though it's just a headshot...)
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Himaru-kun|Hobbyist General Artist
This is very nice of you to offer! Here's John himaru-kun.deviantart.com/art/… his ref sheet has been updated a bit since I ordered a commission of him from you a long time ago. Seeing more art your own characters is always awesome, though.
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Raveruna|Hobbyist General Artist
Ref Sheet - Skyudhirfjodh by Wotansvogel
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TwilitTiger|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A red panda would be cool in your style I think : D

Or if you want to do any of my characters, you can - twilittiger.deviantart.com/gal…
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GaiaWolfess|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, why not XD

Nox - m.imgur.com/a/yvaui
Sezukimi - m.imgur.com/a/6hqiL
Sky - m.imgur.com/a/IsAG2
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MudPuppyArt|Student Digital Artist
I don't actually have a ref, but im dying to see an owl in your ink style asdfghjkl; sneaks tattoo reference
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Shearah|Student Digital Artist
Here's an OC of mine I had a lot of fun drawing, he seems to me to be a bit like some of your designs

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Jenny2-point-0|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg I'm remaking a ref sheet for my fursona design. -rushes to finish before you choose-
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WolfOfTheAlphakings|Hobbyist General Artist
-cough- Ignore me -cough- Aros and Za

O maybe an aros teen pinup >_> -runs away-
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Hnn idk if you'd be interested in either of these, but sta.sh/28d5hc9e652?edit=1 or sta.sh/019thvfgzey3 ;w;
or maybe like insects? idk if they gross you out, but Goliath beetles are so cool media.mnn.com/sites/default/fi… or fluffy ermine moths omg www.bugsandweeds.co.uk/Moths/w… ok ill stop now ";w;
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EerieWolf|Hobbyist General Artist
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EerieWolf|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow link fail XD at least it's the correct link
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nyu-yunochan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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RowenSatell|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This seems cool, leaving a link to two of my OC's if you're interested in drawing one of them I guess~ 
Elliot: The Fawn by Rowbots  Pre Teen Concepts by Rowbots Elliot Concept Sketches by Rowbots
Laena: Laena Concept by Rowbots
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SpetsnazKaz|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you're still accepting, I'd like something of Mrs. Karen Blackstone; preferably all cutesy and lighthearted in manner as in accordance with her personality. :meow:
Wintertime Delights by SpetsnazKaz
(best reference pic)
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Faithful-Imagination|Professional Traditional Artist
Can it be a human character?

If so here is my OC Conner.
Conner Front View by covert15 Conner Profile by covert15 Conner Bio by covert15
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Lhethe Ref Sheet
Haha I have very simple character designs, but here they are :)
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