How many of you drink or eat Aloe based or flavored foods/drinks?
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I do!! I love it!
I don't, gross.
I havent tried it.... but I would be willing to.
You can eat or drink Aloe?!
I have not tried it and I do not want to.
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Published: December 7, 2016
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Kayru-KitsuneEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
I've had a few bottled ones, they're pretty decent. I didn't particularly love the one with a bunch of chunks of it floating at the top though. It's a weird texture thing, boba teas weird me out too... gooey chunks in my drink ewwww lol
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I-WAS-1-9-8-7|Hobbyist Digital Artist
the juice tastes good
a little sweet but I have a sweet tooth so it isn't a huge problem
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Cosmic-Cucumbers|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I one time had a bottle of natural Aloe gel to use for my hair and I saw that it said it was edible and so right there in the shower, I just tried some to see how it tastes. :XD: Not bad, though I never really paid much attention to food products with aloe in it a the grocery store. Perhaps I should?
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Aki-rain|Student Traditional Artist
I selected the "I do! I love it!" option but it's a little inaccurate. I know there are some aloe drinks out there but I haven't tried them. However, when I was in Japan I ate aloe yogurt and it was delicious. Unfortunately I don't think they have aloe yogurt here in America so I haven't eaten anything with aloe in it since.
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Arch-Core|Hobbyist General Artist
I saw it at the store once and was thinking about it, but decided not to for the moment.
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DinoSpine|Hobbyist General Artist
It's a nice flavor, but too sweet for my taste.
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KirasDarkLight|Student Digital Artist
I've tried it, it's okay.
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NekoLynArt|Professional General Artist
I do! I drink an aloe gel everyday to help manage my celiac disease and inflammation. 
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MariiCreations93|Hobbyist General Artist
I love to drink in either juice or yogurt <3
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