Have you ever been so upset that your heart feels like lead and you want to lay down since it feels too heavy to stand up?
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Published: November 17, 2014
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PilafiaMadness|Student General Artist
Yes. It's incredibly shity. :c 
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NekoLynArt|Professional General Artist
It is. T-T
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Ericaw2001|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sadly yes...
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MariiCreations93|Hobbyist General Artist
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LuckyKoneko|Hobbyist General Artist
so many times. especially in the past year.
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LilWitchlingAly|Hobbyist General Artist
It's rough feeling that way. Everything you do feels tiring and not worth the effort.
~hugs~ You're not alone. Take some time to breathe and it will be easier to muddle through. ~soft smile~ 
Sweet dreams when sleep finds you and may you have many great days ahead.
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Eriu-Dawn|Hobbyist General Artist
All the time or it seems like it. Mot of the time its irrational but sometimes i just have an overpowering feeling like that and I have to tell myself I'm only doing mre harm than go by giving into it. :hug: hope you feel better soon, I know its not fun at ALL
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Iiwi|Student General Artist
I used to have some bad bits of wrath when I was younger but now that I have gotten a much better handle on it.
I never get that upset to that extreme.
Although it does come back ever so often I try to remember my old methods to calm me down.
Irrational anger doesn't really help anything.
So that's when I have to bring myself back, look at it from three sides of the situation, find a solution and work that way.

and If that doesn't work, then I either vent to some friends or sleep off my anger which usually works as well.

If anything is the matter though, I hope in the end it works out.
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SkrayleEdited |Professional General Artist
Absolutely. If you ever need to talk/vent, my skype is always open. Hope you're ok :c
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WolfOfTheAlphakings|Hobbyist General Artist
*holds kat close* it will get better, you just got to push through miss kat.
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Galvan1c-Miscr3ation|Hobbyist General Artist
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Faithful-Imagination|Professional Traditional Artist
I'm assuming everything isn't okay. Do you need to talk?
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