Do you prefer Baths or Showers? any particular reason?
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Published: June 26, 2014
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NerielMiHobbyist General Artist
Showers because I like the sound of falling water and I'm probably just more used to it. It's also great for strained muscles. I used to take baths when I was a child and also I still remember how uncomfortable it was when I lay there and the water got colder and colder...:D I love bubble baths though, they're sooo pleasant.^^ I guess that if I had bubble bath I wouldn't mind either.
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ArmeenieHobbyist Artist
Showers, its gets the thing done faster when i'm getting ready for middle school.:iconbruhpertplz: 
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showers, it's nice to feel the running water.  plus i haven't had a bath since i was a kid i think.
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I prefer bath in winter unless i have to wash my hair (just way too long to be rinced properly in a bath)
In summer i prefer showers though.
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100DaysSnowHobbyist Digital Artist
I usually take baths but I take showers whenever I'm really dirty or need to clean my hair.
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shadowhawk6776Hobbyist General Artist
If I get the chance I like taking a shower to wash up and then a bath to relax. But I usually only have time for a shower.
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LuckyKonekoHobbyist General Artist
showers. they're more comfortable, for some reason.
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I can't seem to strike a balance with the heat in my shower. It's either scalding hot or lukewarm/cold. At least in a bath I can add cold water to make it just right :)
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BerkelisHobbyist Digital Artist
I like showers. Bathing gets boring after 2 minutes for me.
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Showers in the morning, because they are fast, and I prefer to minimize the amount of time that I have to spend making myself presentable. :lol: Baths at night, though, because I can let my sore muscles soak (my job is pretty labour-intensive some days) and read a book.
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CheekyStoatHobbyist General Artist
I shower then bathe...I love a book and a hot bath.  <3
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KaymaroHobbyist Digital Artist
Only showers ;D
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Showers definitely. I don't wanna sit in my own stench and filth. =w=
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I only remember for some reason having a bath once, when i was super little, so y'know of course my parent was bathing me n just... no
not long after i started learning to shower. Then we moved.
The tub in our house, the plug part does not even work, so i only get to shower.
I do not know how a nice warm bath with bubble stuff or w.e feels like.
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Mmm, baths. Long, hot bubble baths with lavender Epsom salt, a few candles, a honey/olive oil mask, tea or ice water. And maybe some background music for ambiance. It's easy to relax in baths (my dad takes baths too - he's able to go into a full meditation that way). I feel more relaxed and able after a bath.

With a shower, it's like you're rushed to get stuff done. And the water sometimes feels so harsh, I like having control of the softness of the water I'm in. That said, if it's a hair washing day or a hard labor day, then I do take showers.

Bath luxury, though. Can't deny that bath luxury.
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SkrayleProfessional General Artist
Showers! Except there's no such thing as a bubble shower. D:
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SemiFloatingProfessional Filmographer
That's why. xD :laughing:
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SalivaAssassinHobbyist General Artist
I take showers to be clean and they take less time. I love baths too but my bath tub isn't long enough to accommodate 5'9 people and it's not as relaxing then. (hot tubs are more my style for relaxing with calming music and the nighttime stars it's perfect) although after 2nd degree sun burns the bathtub full of vinigar and cool water was wonderful compared to the flesh beating shower that felt as is my skin was being scraped off by a cheese grater...
Florida + Me = Medium Rare
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StarlightAngel-WolfHobbyist General Artist
Showers. Mostly because I can get in and out quicker and get on with my day.
Also because I don't like sitting in my own dirtied water.  Showering beforehand, then cleaning the tub, then filling it to take a bath would take FOREVER and I don't enjoy them enough to make up for all that time.
In a clean tub if I'm really sore I might enjoy a bath. Usually I just turn heat higher and sit under the spray instead of stand if I intend to relax a few minutes
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DexFenikHobbyist Digital Artist
Showers are only for being clean. With the time and the right sized bathtub, baths are preferable because they're quiet and relaxing. Most of all, if feels VERY refreshing after you leave a bath. Go ahead and try it, that post-bath feeling really makes it work the amount of time it takes to fill up that tub.
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mysteriouswhitewolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
My sisters always likened a bath to sitting in ones own filth. :/
So I like baths for luxury, when I have time and am not terribly dirty.
They are the ultimate in relaxation.
Showers are better just for getting a thorough clean, faster.
The water pressure on my body is nice for achy muscles too after workdays.
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LupusDreamHobbyist Digital Artist
I feel like I am sitting in my own filth when I take a bath.
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StarlightAngel-WolfHobbyist General Artist
I feel the EXACT same way
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LupusDreamHobbyist Digital Artist
so i am not crazy
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