Do you find me unapproachable or are you scared/afraid to talk to me?
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I am neutral or don't know.
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Published: February 16, 2015
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PrismatDragoonHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't.
You're very approachable and friendly, I like talking to You during Your streams(sorry for not showing in them for quite some time, life is fucking me up recently). But why I do not try to talk to You besides Your streams? cuz I don't want to bother You when You're busy, and I know You are, don't even try to deny that.
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RevolverComicsProfessional General Artist
Not at all, with the day job and trying to break into comics myself time just isn't on my side. Plus I'm a total night owl :)
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EerieWolfHobbyist General Artist
Not since I've started watching the livestreams X3
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I talk to ya when i please, LoL Much Love <3!

But jokes aside i can always talk to you when we're both online on skype if you're not busy at the time. If you can't no big deal


During the streams you're very interactive with your audience and answer their questions when you see them if you're not concentrating on your work.

All in all, You're a chatterbox :dummy: So nobody can say you don't communicate enough hahahaha not to mention you're pretty lax and speak the truth, no sugarcoating and love to debate. God knows we had our share of things to say and I enjoyed every minute of it!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm gonna run over there and hug ya :U
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KAL0PSIA Traditional Artist
After watching your livestreams, Im not afraid to talk to you online... though I don't usually have any words to contribute :P. If i met you in person, I might be a little intimidated though because I am sort of a shy person C:
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Rufflemoon61562Hobbyist General Artist
im super shy :c
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ArkyiVolg General Artist
I think you are a very interesting person, I wish I had more time to talk to you and some other artists but I'm extremely busy at the moment due to my current work (which has nothing to do with art) sadly. So here I am talking to you a bit :)
But what I always do is keep track on your art now on instagram mostly, because is easier for me now :D
Keep it up with your amazing art :hug:
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BerkelisHobbyist Digital Artist
I am nervous to talk to anyone that I don't know.
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saltwaterhermitProfessional General Artist
I actually find you very easy to talk to! I kinda wished we talked more, hah... You're sweet, your conversations are interesting and you're interested in other people. I think a lot of people are just thrown off by the whole 'artist' thing and don't focus on the fact that you're just another person, just like anyone else.
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KeithaliaHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm aware that you/other big artists are just people just like me, most of them are super nice also! So I'm not afraid of talking, no, it's more like, I don't feel like it, or don't need it? Idk I'm bad at chatting and can't keep a conversation going so I just don't give a damn lol
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CheekyStoatHobbyist General Artist
I used to be...and sometimes still am after I've been dumb but I usually get over it and I like talking to you!
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super nervous talking to people. even to friends. i just feel like a burden all the time.
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CaptainXiamberHobbyist Digital Artist
Nope. However, while I'm much better at talking to people online than in real life, I'm still a pretty shy person and therefore don't comment on a lot of things ^^;
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NatakuXedenHobbyist General Artist
At first, I was nervous about talking to you, which is rare. I'm usually a pretty outgoing person, especially online.But artistic idols are one of those things where I suddenly second guess every little thing about myself and start worrying, "what if they don't like me? What if I say something stupid? What if I offend them?" I somehow managed to get the guts to talk to you, and I'm glad I did. Tatchit has been my number one idol for years, and aside from commission details, the thought of chatting with them is still overwhelming.

I think it has something to do with how I put talented people on a pedestal so far above myself that I'm afraid to even think about being on their level, which includes talking to them.
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You shouldn't put me on a pedestal, because I'm super short and look bad in high heels.  I like talking to people through livestream the best!  c:
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NatakuXedenHobbyist General Artist
Ha, we have that in common, then. I'm only 5'2" and I cannot seem to walk in heels most days. I'm very rough on my heels and so far I'm somehow snapped three of them. Never wear shoes you can't run in!

I'll be sure to tune into your livestreams more, whenever I can. It was a nice experience the last time!
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CaptainXiamberHobbyist Digital Artist
I know how you feel. Tatchit is one of my favorite artists on dA and I have never been able to work up the nerve to talk to them lol. I also put people on a pedestal. 
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NatakuXedenHobbyist General Artist
And the weirdest thing is that I know they're just another human on the other side of the screen,probably dealing with similar stuff in their lives and we'd have at least some things in common. I mean, if I recall right, Tatchit (and Awkward) live in Florida- so that's something in common I have with them already (I lived in Orlando, god I miss t.) But it really is so odd how we think sometimes. I'm trying very hard to push myself to talk to my idols and people I generally put above myself because when I do, they are usually very nice and very inspiring. Gotta push past our own blockades, I guess.
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CaptainXiamberHobbyist Digital Artist
I know. people never live near me lol all of my art idols always live on either the other side of the US or in a completely different country(I live in Oregon. All hail the rainy state) . It is odd. I guess part of it, for me anyways, is sometimes not feeling worthy enough or feeling like they wouldn't even notice me. The thing I can liken it to most is flying(I'm a student pilot). The scariest part is talking on the radio because it feels like the people in Air Traffic Control are gods, when they're people who are just like us(and can be bribed with cookies and pizza ^^)
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omg no I'm like so lax with peeps, don't be afraid to talk to me.  :c  I usually like talking with them through livestreams the best.  I'm just a people who really likes chickens.
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CaptainXiamberHobbyist Digital Artist
Ok ^^. I try to join livestreams but my lovely stupid computer hates them .-.
I love chickens! I have 7 haha
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EspherioStudent General Artist
Not anymore! 8D 
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I do. Don't get me wrong, you are very nice and talkative; I just have trouble talking to anybody. I often lurk on all of your streams without saying a word.
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