Do you ever draw in public? If people ask to look at your art or book, do you let them look? (Streams could count too I guess, but I was thinking more like, outside in public)
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Yes, all the time or often! I love drawing in person or in streams.
Sometimes, I don't do it much. I'm either too busy, don't know how or I'm too shy.
Almost never, but rarely. I don't like others watching.
No way! Never ever! I'm way too scared or I have other reasons.
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Published: February 26, 2015
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GoldenDruid|Professional Digital Artist
It's a great way to meet people :D  I love when people come up to me and ask to see what I'm drawing.
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MariiCreations93|Hobbyist General Artist
Sometimes... I am shy and get nervous, but other times I am very inspired that I don't care people watching me :'D
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LittleMisaChan1x|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Always everyone wants to see what I'm drawingin school xD
And the theyre like "wow your good" or "awesome" c:
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Ailithir's avatar
Ailithir|Student General Artist
I don't really like when people watch at me working, it puts pressure over my shoulders, still I don't mind as long as they stay silent till I rise the pencil for a pause or cuz I'm done.
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WahyaSevlow's avatar
WahyaSevlow|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I draw in school but I only let my friends or Art teacher see what I'm drawing. I don't like random people looking at my art, so i usually draw in a spot away from people. 
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LuckyKoneko|Hobbyist General Artist
I draw everywhere, and sometimes I show people my art, if they're genuinely interested.
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It's weird.. I don't like the looks, when I'm drawing in public, but yet I'm sometimes still doing so. It's kinda like I ignore all the other people then, except there complimenting me or asking me qeustions. But their presence is kinda not there for me.
Streams are totally fine for me though, because I really decide to show people how I draw (and there is mostly no one watching anyway, haha;;; )
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Konveekou's avatar
I draw everywhere. Literally everywhere. It's good though because most people just ignore me so I don't mind drawing anything, really n___n
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PrismatDragoon|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't have the means to do it in public, but do draw when others can watch, for example at work during break, or at home my mom or friends are watching sometimes. I'm not going to stream yet, I'm too slow with drawing and I make too many mistakes, it would be too boring to watch.
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Onepiecefan15|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
when i was in high school i used to just draw my manga everywhere... it was fun to see people watch... they are trying to hide the fact they are staring at the page... and when i draw sonic, little kids would point and gawk at it... XD it was so cute to watch, almost wanted to give them the picture~
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Iiwi|Student General Artist
I'm fine with people looking at my stuff, but I'd want to finish the stroke/sketch i'm on before I give it to them so I'd say give me a minute.
Otherwise I have no issue
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MinecrafterNenagirl's avatar
MinecrafterNenagirl|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Most annoying question ever when I have my sketchbook out: OMG DID YOU DRAW THAT??!! xD
It's kinda sad how many people ask that, even when they already know I did, or when I'm drawing right in front of them.

I draw in public all the time, so I've gotten pretty used to people asking to leaf through my sketchbook(s) on hand or watching me as I draw.
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Le-Vane's avatar
Le-Vane|Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm... I tend not to mind nearly as much. I find that when I force myself to do streams or sit with people that I actually draw better than I would without... because I'm making myself be better for them X'D

As for the sketchbook... Not really. I'll find pictures and show them, but I have so many unfinished or personal works in them that I don't like to share... And it's incredibly frustrating when someone ignores that and steals it anyways.
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Kayru-Kitsune's avatar
Kayru-Kitsune|Hobbyist General Artist
Funny story, that was how I met my now-ex husband; I was drawing at a mutual friend's house, he kept asking me about it and I gave him short answers and this "no, go away" look. hahaha
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Galvan1c-Miscr3ation's avatar
Galvan1c-Miscr3ation|Hobbyist General Artist
I doodle but I've stopped carrying around sketchpads, I just use old papers.  Occasionally I get compliments.  Only once have I been asked if I would let someone see the sketchpad, and it was by a substitute teacher who I believe is also an artist.  I let him look at it, I didn't really have anything important in there yet, it was a new book.  

I only feel self-conscious when I draw myself or Whitetip clearly representing me (ie, wearing the same clothing as me), other people in RL (so far I've only been courageous enough to attempt drawing one friend, and it still feels awkward), or myself interacting with people in real life, even if they're symbolic representations.  

I also get uncomfortable when people make comments on what I'm drawing that I have no idea how to respond to (example: another substitute teacher made a remark about twilight while I was doodling a wolf).  
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Rufflemoon61562's avatar
Rufflemoon61562|Hobbyist General Artist
ive learned to not let people look at my sketch book since this really grabby girl at my school went through my stuff when i went to th bathroom, i had countless poems and feels in there, i stayed away from everyone for a good while :I
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bearrawr|Hobbyist General Artist
I always draw in public, but whenever someone stares longer than five seconds (never mind them asking to see) I just flip the page over or put it away cuz I cant do the pressure... plus im too shy and its uncomfortable and just gah XD also sometimes when I do let them watch me draw they get so close i can feel them breathing on my hands... ^^;
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Heartsinclaire's avatar
Heartsinclaire|Hobbyist General Artist
Almost never since its usually a quick trip to the store, or I forget my sketchbook and end up doodling on a random napkin until its time for me to go home.

I actually filled up ten napkins with little doodles of pokemon while at a party and started to doodle on the table-cloth when I got bored with the napkins.

I don't ever let anyone go through my book unless I know them and they ASK first. even then I'll just say no and stop drawing to move, I like my privacy even when its in a public setting
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KAL0PSIA's avatar
KAL0PSIA| Traditional Artist
I draw/doodle in school and I don't mind people looking. Usually only my friends, people sitting next to me or teachers look at what I am doing. It's a little annoying when I am drawing in class and later teachers refer to me as "the artist" because although i like to draw, i'm not the only one who likes art. Sometimes I shy away from extreme attention because I get sort of deer-in-the-headlight-y. I've gotta fix this personality o' mine :)
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jackofalltrades0097's avatar
jackofalltrades0097|Hobbyist General Artist
I love drawing in public. I like the environment and can openly admit to enjoying the attention when someone asks to see my work, or just comments in passing. The only time I regretted taking my book into public was when someone didn't even ask, they literally took my book and started flipping through it. I wasn't even drawing in it. I just took it out of my bag to grab something else and this random stranger went "Oh cool, you draw?", grabbed my sketchbook and just started looking.

That definitely felt like an invasion of privacy, as opposed to them just asking if they could see it, but it only happened once, so not enough times to make me stop drawing in public XD. 
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Tytoquetra's avatar
TytoquetraEdited |Student Digital Artist
The only time I let people look at what I'm drawing is when I stream. When I do it in public people generally get the wrong idea of what I'm drawing. Then it's just all the awkward.
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Mayasacha|Hobbyist General Artist
Really depend of the situation.
I mean, I always carry with me a sketchbook and can start to draw in it whenever I feel like to.
Though, I don't mind if people look 'cause I know that they are not paying attention anyway.

But, if someone is actually trying to "look" what I am doing, I might stop and ask what they want. x,D
Besides that, I'm used to it, at school my art teachers was always doing this and was looking at what I was drawing all the time.

I also don't mind about streaming live, but I am not comfortable when I do sketches 'cause I fear that, when I will do an errors or simply erase all my drawing, people will judge me or laught at me. x,D
Though, I'm still okay about it, especially when I do free sketches streams, everyone can do errors~

BUT, if I am ever sketching a, you know, hmmmmm... "picture that you don't usually show in public", well here, it's a big NO. Nobody can look. C,:
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HigekiHigure's avatar
HigekiHigure|Hobbyist General Artist
I doodle at school and often get asked about my art.
It's a nice feel, but I get uncomfortable letting them touch it cause I'm scared they'll rip my babies :c
I also don;t like being asked tons of questions about what I'm drawing cause Idk wtf I'm doing half the time and it frustrates me XDd
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phenaroo|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I draw sometimes in public and people often ask to look at my doodles.
I'm admittedly a bit hesitant to let them see the whole book just because I have a lot of pictures in it from stuff on here. While the dA community is pretty accepting of cartoon horses and seems people in real life are a bit underwhelmed and weirded out lol
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