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I like the idea you have here, the soft lighting and nice composition. You have both hard and soft lighting here. However there are some things I'll hit on that I think could be improved or modified.

-The fur on the wolf seems a bit muddy and unclear. I don't understand the large amount of browns if the wolf is supposed to be white. The warm lighting and cool lighting usually don't produce brown like that. Also I would define the fur tufts a but more. Here is an example of white objects to use as an example maybe?…

-The background behind the columns looks a bit muddy and unclear as well. I find it somewhat distracting. It's not really needed since the focus is just the wolf and pool of water. I'd possibly consider making that area more soft. Behind the wolf I can almost see an exact silhouette of them and I wonder why that would be there? It looks like a shadow and I don't know why there would be a shadow there.

- I would also define the moss and foliage in the front a little more. It's about as detailed as the background and since it is closer, it should have a tiny bit more detail, maybe a slight bit of white or yellow to make it pop, but not be distracting. Moss often has small tiny flowers in it, so it'll be a nice touch without being too distracting.

- Also, light rays are not the same as ambient or universal light. When using light rays, only highlight the parts the rays touch. In this case, the tip of the outstretched wing and the parts closer to the body. Then the head and top of the raised/folded wing. This will make the rays seem more prominent and a bit more believable and consistent as far as lighting.

Other than those few things, it looks wonderful. I love the pose and environment. It's simple and not overwhelming with detail. Great job! I wish you luck with the judges! :'D
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