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Leon always desired power, to prove he was the best.  He became a student of the Beast Arts at a young age and quickly showed his talent by manifesting his spirit before any others. Soon he was promoted to Exemplar and tasked with keeping Zhoh Shen Long from escaping. He was partnered with White Tiger Master Dan Kidou and Wolf Master Terry James Ryker. But soon his ambitions grew to great, he betrayed his friends, consumed Zhoh’s spirit and escaped to tap the power of the Black Gate.
It took him several years to open the Black Gate even a little, to aid him on his quest he resurrected Lady Diamondback using dark magic he had learned from absorbing Zhoh Shen Long. She in turn took his heart, granting him immortality. With the gate open he can release a army ow lo level undead to do his bidding or infuse one of them with dark energies from the gate to create a demon general for hen more muscle is needed. But he will need much more power if he wishes to open the gate fully, and to do that he must gather fear from the people. Knowing that his old Academy would oppose him once he made his presence known he staged a assault on the Academy just as Cody was being brought in.

Lesson 1: Baptism in Fire
Cody is being introduced to Auric and Anna, and the Masters comments on “his potential may see him as your decedent one day.” While a tournament is going on to see who will be the 3rd chosen one. The undead attack, lead by Lady Diamondback in her true form and kill everyone, only Auric, Anna, and Cody manage to escape and their masters dieing words tell them to head to a nearby town to find their new Master.
Soon they arrive at the town but find no clues, hungry they stop in a restaurant where they catch the eye of Terry, but a monster attack draws them back outside, and to their surprise Terry comes to their rescue when the monster proves even to much for them. Retreating to his loft they are soon given the transformation card deck and reader Kenny Brice Olsen's team had developed but lent to Terry though a middle man type deal. Realizing the Chosen Ones need more power then they had and their Spirit Boosters were all in Leon's hands he gives them the 3 devices and sends them off for the second round fight. Things go OK until the the monster grows. The Chosen ones are at a loss what to do until a giant wolf appears and drives the monster off.
Returning to the loft they get a quick lesson, they can't learn the growing large technique until they have more energy and and all on a equal level. When Auric asks why they must hold up their advancement on account of Cody Terry lays it down for them straight, “At your current level you can at best maintain it for  ten minutes, and even then you will not be able to to use the fire power of your spirits, you will need all 3 for any chance to succeed”
Training begins, it is slow going but ultimately when the monster returns the are able to summon their spirit beasts and squeak out victory.

Lesson 2:  Stronger!
Leon is stands before the Black Gates waiting to see what warrior will be reborn though his zombie foot soldier. The warrior is a Bison, Leon smiles, appreciating the monster's strength and sets him loose. The Bison tosses our heroes around but is scared off once more by the mysterious wolf spirits attack, however the wolf spirit is gone as quickly as it appears. They each feel they need to up their game, so Anna begins to run around the city, pushing her cheetah spirit harder and harder to increase her speed and accuracy. Auric practices kata to perfect his form, Cody talks to Terry asking for special training. Terry agree under one condition, Cody must do what ever he says. Cody agree. What follows is a more like chores. Cody has to scrub the floor and wax it, when he's done Terry makes it dirty again and makes him start all over. Terry drops a engine block on the floor and has Cody reassemble it, its hard requiring careful moment to get all the small pieces in places. Sometimes he has to do tasks with Terry sitting on his back or shoulders Cody is frustrated, felling more like he was tricked into doing chores then training. Then the Bison monster returns Terry doesn't let Cody go because his training is incomplete. The other two fight, the monitors recording the battle provide a incentive for Cody to work harder to help. Eventually he 'abandons' his training to go help, in the ensuing fight Cody finds his chores recording into his muscle memory, the delicate engine work mimicking the motions he needs to summon his spirit makes summoning the spirit easier, the floor scrubbing opens up the patch for a 4 foot “tiger charge” that knocks the bison off his feet, and other chores lead to other discoveries that let them over power the Bison. He grow, they summon their spirits, in the harrowing battle Auric and Anna discover something new, as their animal forms transform into large boots that lock onto the Bison's legs, and soon they find their mind sharing a space with the Bison, as the three minds battle the body is immobile Cody's tiger finishes it off.
Later at the loft they ask what happened, Terry explains, “When 3 spirits combine, a new warrior is born with power far exceeding the three alone. In time Cody's spirit will be strong enough to support the two of you. But since Auric and Anna discovered this ability earth they were able to combine with the Bison controlling his legs and distracting his mind.”
Cody thanks Terry for the training, but doesn't escape from punishment for abandoning his commitment

Lesson 3: Time Limit!
Leon muses of the battle, if he can't remove the Chosen One's threat soon he will have to summon THEM, furthermore the Wolf spirit worries him, he knows of only one Wolf Master but his spirit was never violet, and in all appearances the wolf spirit carried a hit of the Black Gate in its energies, a traitor in his hands? To Test his theory he scours the handful of Warrior who have come though, no wolves among them but there is a coyote If the Coyote is the traitor bet to get rid of him now, so he sends him out. The Heroes are getting better but when the Warrior grows things turn for the worse, the Coyote is a deceptively tricky opponent, and before our heroes know it they run out their time limit, their spirits dissolving as they return to group level, weak and exhausted The wolf comes into the fight, only in spirit not solid form (they have yet to see the wolf solidify) and he seems a match for the coyote but the fight drags on, approaching the time limit.
They know so little about the wolf but Cody is worried, if he is anything like them he won't survive past the time limit, Cody despite his exhaustion, simple cat let their mysterious ally fall, we get a glimpse of his unlimited potential as Cody forces himself to his feet and become the tiger again, but the tiger is unstable flickering between solid and spirit matter. Refusing to let the Wolf down he charges the Coyote and...something happens.
Suddenly Cody finds himself in a strange plane, the Coyote general beside him. Cody movement are sluggish at first but soon he burns with red energy as he proceeds to beat down the Coyote on the psychic plane alone. In the physical ream the Coyote tries to fight, but is being weighed down by heavy, red tiger body armor. The Wolf watches for a minute or so until the Coyote self destructs. On the ground Cody lands hard, he's not breathing, Terry runs over and is about to administer CPR when Cody coughs, he's alive!
Back at the loft the others ask what just happened, Terry isn't sure, in Cody state he should have never been able to summon a spirit twice, let alone fight. As Cody rests the other watch him worriedly Back at Leon's his suspicions are confirmed, the Wolf is a 3rd player in his game, it's time he kicked this up a notch.

Lesson 4: Fives Flavors of Poison
Terry gives each Chosen One a new card, the cards depict a new version of their uniforms, one with a definite theme fitting their spirits, “My friend of a friend has been analyzing the data of the last few fights and came up with these data cards. Use them instead of the original cards to transform into warriors better engineered to handle your individual energies.”
At The Black Gate Lady Diamondback checks the quarters of five warriors, admiring their particular fighting styles, before presenting them to Leon. He sends them out to fight. As our heroes arrive to put a stop to the chaos they are attacked by the 5 Venom Masters, Leon and Lady Diamondback (in human form) and are trounced. Terry charges into the fight and manages to hold them off as the others get their second wind. Black Lion spirit and Red tiger spirit clash as Jaguar and Cheetah do their attack runs on the others. In a desperate situation Terry unleashes a wave of violet energy, that knocks Leon's forces on their back, no one can make it out due to the size difference but what he really did was unease a full size wolf head attack.
Back at the loft Terry increases their training intensity for the inevitable rematch. Anna ask why he doesn't join them, add his Spirit to their forces. Terry bows his head, “I have lots of spiritual energy but my gone.”
He will not elaborate on the issue leaving the others curious and confused.

Lesson 5: First Blood
Leon is dissatisfied with his performance, Cody's tiger was ALMOST his equal and while they did win it was a seven to four, absolute victory was expected. One of his generic warriors was a match for three of them. So five Elite Warriors, himself, and LDB was just plain brutal. But it did send the message he wanted. Still he wasn't satisfied, thus he announces his intention to start resurrected the three Demon Lords, starting with the Sky Demon. Taking care of the Chosen One's falls to LDB while he is out. Eventfully the Centipede master is sent in, in the initial fight Cody is poisoned with a lethal venom, LDB mentions that she will provide the antidote if Anna bests the centipede in a test of speed and accuracy, but if she should loose her cheetah spirit belongs to her. She accepts, and a energy field is erected around the two combatants, the challenge? The first to defeat 1,000 undead foot soldiers wins. By the end of the fight the centipede eeks out victory, winning by a 3 point lead, as LDB is getting ready to take Anna's spirit Cody, weak and barely able to stay conscious interrupts He argues LDB called it a test of Speed AND Accuracy, but their counter is only showing total hits, where is Accuracy being factored in, because he KNOWS Anna didn't miss one hit but he saw the centipede miss several times. The centipede just wants to get on with things, LDB growls, know full well how much Leon prises honor and adjusts the counter to give a bonus for accuracy and penalty for consecutive misses. Anna shoots up to 1,497 the centipede down to 500. LDB growls and tosses the antidote to Cody, he's back in fighting form a instant later, just in time the centipede assumes his true form and grows (a giant centipede as opposed to a humanoid one) Both Anna and Auric are impressed with Cody's insight and their join hands, to summon their spirits, it is Auric who suggests they try the armor effect they had done in past battles but with each other, after a moment the new warrior stands tall, the Tiger forms the body the Jaguar and Cheetah the legs, the new formation manages to eek ahead, the arrive of the wolf spirit insures victory.

Lesson 6: Web of Pride
Leon finds the location of the Sky Demon and opens a jar full of black misted water pouring it over the stones, it seeps in and the sky Demon comes to life, she is not please to be resurrected by a human, a small battle ensues where Leon is humbled. Not believing his story he is the Leader of the Black Gate she fies to the temple, demanding to see it's master, when Leon enters shortly after and everyone bows in his presence Rukia the Sky Demon snorts. Eventually she calms down and agrees to train him, but only if he is willing to embrace his hatred. Rukia takes him for a trip in his own mind back in time, intending to break him by making his relive his past and then twisting it to a darker vision. Eventually he will emerge from the trance, changed, colder, harder, and training begins in earnest.
Meanwhile the spider Warrior of the remaining Poisons boosts she can easily best out heroes with her fantastic technique. LDB sends her out to prove it.
By lingering on the wall and using webbing shots she is able to fight where none can touch her, Auric does his best to climb the wall and even manages to hook her leg threatening to pull her down, she taunts him about him only be able to fight her if she plays in “their world” Auric releases his grip and falls to the ground, ah but she wont let things go that easily, she snags him in a web and cocoons him, disappearing with her prize and leaving out team one man short, Anna and Cody are crestfallen.
Back at the Black Gate the Spider hold up her prize taking about how even now her magic is working its way into Auric's mind, when he emerges from the cocoon he will not be a jaguar anymore, but a Sanderling serving her. She heads up then to find a place for her magic to go undisturbed.
In his own little world Auric Jaguar spirit is taunted and degraded while he is tempted by the power of the stronger spider, his willpower begins to falter. As the spider goes to fight Anna and Cody. Back at the loft Terry meditates and in Auric's mind he hears Terry's voice encouraging and elevating the Jaguar. The fight spills into the warehouse just as the cocoon begins to open, the spider laughing gleefully about her new child, Anna and Cody worried, what emerges though is the Jaguar Marine who proceeded to move quickly and skillfully along the wall, not so much scaling it like a insect but never remaining still long enough to let gravity take him down, he strikes quick and efficiently until the spider is knocked to the ground, a few strikes from Anna and Cody destroy her, the fight moves to the sky, the warrior now a giant spider. They trio combine into the warrior and just eek out victory on their own, but just barely The wolf spirit watches from atop a building and howls in congratulations
Back at the loft Auric thanks Terry for helping him keep his head together, Terry downplays his contribution humbly.

Lesson 7: The Spider and the Frog
The scorpion venom is training (dancing) with some special undead foot soldiers The frog venom pines for her, trying to convince her to team up with him. The Cobra Venom tries to woo LDB, one of his tactics is to extent one of his six claws and offer her true life, but he blows his chance when he implies he would, and should, be leader. The Scorpion heads out to fight our heroes, the frog tagging along. In the ensuing fight the fight decides to intervene, leaping into the way of a attack and using his own powers to repel it effortlessly. This seems to woo the scorpion who begins to coo about the frog as she uses him as a shield and decimates our heroes. Leaving them on their back they head off for some romancing. Our heroes gather back at the loft where Terry has a new weapon for them but it needs 3 spirit energies to fire, thus he lays a heavy burden on Cody. Cody has proven time and again to have a nearly unbreakable body, and while Terry has no spirit he has tons of spirit energy, Cody must act as their shield while the 3 of them charge the cannon. Cody agrees.
In the second fight however Cody flees the scene after taking  number of hits, before they can fire the weapon. Later the others catch up to him and he admits he got scared, he was afraid he was going to die and the others would never fire. After a bit of trust building and a round of “if I could take the kind of damage you could id willingly volunteer as shield”
The 3rd fight goes much smoother, as the manage to get off a shot that shatters the frogs defensive shield, a moment later his stomach bursts as thousand of baby scorpions swim out and attack out heroes. The Scorpion warrior gloats for a moment and kicks the frogs corpse, “he was a good shield and host while he lasted” she coos then grows to full size (And true scorpion form) to finish the fight. The fight isn't looking to good until the wolf spirit wraps around one of their arms and with a dragon uppercut style attack the scorpion is defeated.
The Chosen Ones morn the frog, “he was sooo bad” and curse the scorpion “She was just playing with his heart” and wonder what the wolf had done. Terry explains the concept of Armament, of adding additional spirits onto a warrior for for additional powers. He also compares the jaguar and Cheetah legs as forms of Armament, “While the Tiger can not stand on his own, the principals that allowed your 'wolf knuckle' also form the basis of the cat legs as well as the 'cement boots' effect of the bull and the 'heavy armor' of the coyote.”
Anna wonders though, in all those cases their minds shared the same place with their fusion, so where was the Wolf Exemplar in the mental plane.
“The wolf was never solid right?” Terry confirms, “Then it was only a projection of energy not a true spirit. Which is why their was no mind to combine with yours.”

Lesson 8: Sting of the Viper
LDB is not liking the new mood Leon is taking and believes Rukia is a bad influence. At the same time Leon confronts Cobra over his intentions and allegiance They have a short fight before they part ways, Cobra intent to handle things his own way, as he tries to gather some troops LDB stops him, but she is no match for him in a real fight. Leon tell her to get stronger and finish things with her own kind unless she want to fall in stature to his eyes. She challenges our Heroes and endures numerous spirit cannon attacks until she is able to catch and throw them back. Instead of finish the off she returns to the temple just as Cobra is about to take his new recruits with him, including Spider, Centipede, and Scorpion which he revived with his talons, (he was not that impress by Frog's failure) in a grueling fight she kills him, using his own attacks against him. He tries to tempt her with true life but she just cuts off the last 3 talons and takes them for her own, Scorpion swears her alliance to her, centipede wants to reclaim his honor against Anna, Spider flees to save her own neck.
Anna gets called out for a rematch with centipede, the stakes are much higher now though, Should Anna loose she would have to swear fealty to the Black Gate and Leon, but if she wins LDB would train all three Chosen One's for one day, helping them improve their skills. She accepts, and this time wins hand down , both in speed and accuracy With our heroes distracted in training LDB heads to the ocean to revive Octos, she does so but he wants her as a student, not Leon, he even poisons Leon. Ultimately its a ruse to test Leon's desire to win and in the end Octos begins to train him.
Leon is troubled though, because his men trained the Chosen Ones their stronger then ever, he has no choice but to see about reviving the Land Demon but he knows the Land Demon will not simply submit to him so he explores other options first.

Lesson 9: Spider's Web
Something of a filler Leon watches and gauges the Chosen Ones as they fight and defeat the revived Spider. Scorpion reports her babies have news, there are more Exemplars then just the Beast Arts, their a  Massive academy of elemental ones. Leon has his agents keep tabs on them for now.

Lesson 10: Hard Rock
Leon unleashes a Pangolin warrior on our heroes, the Pangolin seems to be doing great, his impenetrable armor repelling all their attacks. Terry is forced to send out heroes for help, This leads them to find Lie Fang's shack in the woods, but along the way a mysterious figure manages to keep them on the defense, when they reach the shack and Lei Fang she turns them away but they discover she was that warrior woman. When the Pangolin starts causing trouble again Only Anna stays behind to try and warm Lei Fang's heart. It is not easy but when Leon sends his undead foot soldiers to kill Anna Lei Fang acts. Cut to the pangolin fight and suddenly the two boys are joined by Anna in the generic armor, she is wielding  flail though not her normal staff. Which smashes Pangolin's armor however the pieces begin to melt though the Earth, Pangolin follow suit and burrows down. A Golden flash appears and a moment later Anna stops next to the armored girl they thought was Anna, she is blowing on her hands as she drops a pile of the armor chips at the other one's feet. The armored girl summons a unknown spirit and stops the chips shattering them and making them inert. But Anna's hands are badly burned, the new girl leaps into Pangolin's pit, and after the sounds of combat  she jumps back out, her flails chain is really long and as she cracks it like a whip pangolin is pulled out of the pit, a moment later he grows to full size. The new girl powers down, revealing Lei Fang and helps Anna transform, the Chosen Ones form their own giant, but are soon given a boost by a Armament from Lei Fang. After the fight is over Cody is ready to welcome Lei Fang to the team but she declines “Time was of the essence so I temporarily stepped in, but from this point onward Anna will be using my flail and my spirit” she also cautions that Anna needs to be prepared for the physical changes taking on a second spirit will bring, Cody is on the ball though referencing his predecessor Way of the Tiger, the girl with wings and striped skin as well as a feline face asking “Something like that, I think I heard someone mention she has a hawk and tiger spirit.” Terry and Lei Fang nod.
Note: The caution is unwarranted but Anna and gang will be worried for a few chapters waiting for the effects to surface until Terry reveals (along with the second spirit mode card) that since they only called on the second spirit when transformed the suit has been absorbing the energy over flow and thus protecting them.

Lesson 11: Calming the Inner Storm
Auric is trying to do three things at once at the restaurant as well ans tripling his training. All the extra work is starting to see his normally perfect style and grace slipping, Rukia decides to send 2 warriors since now their have five spirits to contend with, a dove and a crow. The duo manage to hammer our team pretty throughly until a flying spirit comes in to even the playing field. After ward the blind master takes Auric under his wing. The training mostly consist of getting Auric to know when to do everything with average skill or one thing with masterful skill by having him step back and relax. Ultimately Auric master this, the war fans, and the flying spirit to take out the dove spirit but the crow swears revenge.

Lesson 12: the Power of Hate
The crow is back but seems different, stronger. He uses a new attack that turns Cody and Auric into children by stealing their energy, leaving Anna to have to care for them and fight to get their life force back, even at his young age Cody's unlimited potential appears as he draws on power deem inside to help Anna defeat the crow and reclaim the lost life force.

Lesson 13: Charge in!
Cody reflects on recent events and wonders if any more Masters might have escaped the purge, Terry know of only 2, though he isn't 100% sure on one. When Cody presses the fact all he will say is it's a White Tiger Master. He, Dan and Leon were a team a lifetime ago but Leon betrayed them and Terry never found out what happened to Dan, but considering Leon's betrayal destroyed his own spirit he can only speculate what became of Dan. The other master those is just as mysterious, why Terry won't name him he says that this other master was not one to sit still and after his retirement went off alone to fight evil solo. There's no telling where that master could be. Cody ask if Terry could train him in his spirit then, to which Terry restates the fat his own spirit is not a true spirit but more manipulation of his spiritual energy.
A new Warrior appears and our heroes go to fight it on the beach, the fight is not going well, and drops into abysmal shape when the Scorpion Venom reappears. However the tide turns in our heroes' favor when a sword wielding warrior charges into battle.
Eventually we learn this is Terry's father Ixia, that their bad blood between then because Terry choose the path of the Wolf, finally revealing the spirit that Terry lost, (and drawing more then a few lines in our heroes head that perhaps his spirit isn't as gone as he lets on given their protector is a wolf spirit)
Ixia takes a shine to Cody taking him under his wing for training in his spirit and blades but things turn ugly when the new Warrior uses a power to take control of Ixia's spirit, sending him into a deep depression that takes the efforts of Cody and Terry to snap him out of.
Ultimately the Scorpion Venom and new Warrior are defeated though.

Lesson 14: Two Fronts
While LDB keeps the Chosen Ones busy with a Ell Based warrior who produces a body slime that makes it impossible to hit him without weapons or fists sliding off and a combination of a sludge wave attack and electric volts Leon sends his foot soldiers after the Elemental Ninja he considers the biggest threats, the original Exemplars of Air, Earth, Water, Thunder, Rain, and Lightning who had defeated the Exile years ago. And were now reunifying the way. As Ikki never progressed past the foundation and has no element Leon ignores him seeing him as a tolerable threat. This Lesson will focus on Nikki as she defends herself but badly hurt and carried away.

Lesson 15: Air, Earth, Rain, Thunder and Lightning
We break away from the Chosen Ones to show the fight to capture Sonya and Nicole, they fare better then Nikki and it takes the addition of Rukia and Octos to capture them by the end. The three are reunited in the holding room of a strange complex, on the other side of the complex we see the unconscious forms of the Exemplars of Rain, Thunder, and Lightning brought in.

Lesson 16: Sonya Unleashed
With Nikki down only Nicole and Sonya stand a chance at escape, Nicole creates a new Earth Booster but this leaves her to drained to fight leaving the fate of everyone on Sonya's shoulders. She proves a masterful warrior even without direct access to her element and breathing air that dampens her chi but she cant even touch Leon. Refusing to fall and let her friends be hurt she dings down deep and awakens something long dormant in the elemental line, her Lion Spirit. However the lioness can not over power the superior Alpha Male of Leon and Sonya submits to his rule, hating herself for doing it but unable to disobey the superior lion. She personally locks up her friends and is given armor that protects her from the Chi draining atmosphere while at the same time empowering her lion further.

Lesson 17: Tiger's Fall
Leon molds Sonya will to his, and despite her wants she beds him, once he is sure she is compliant he calls out the Chosen Ones and then orders Sonya to take them down, the fight is brutal and fast but Sonya hesitates to make the killing blow, this gives Terry time to arrive at the fight and we finally see him summon his wolf spirit, he offers up himself in exchanges for giving his students time to train for a fair rematch, Leon agrees and as they depart with Terry Sonya uses her powers to scribe Ikki's address in the Earth hoping to give the Chosen Ones the edge they need.

Lesson 18: A Year of Training in a Day
Arriving at Ikki's Cody eventually gets him to listen to what happens, Rallying the new Exemplars is a start but Cody's team still need more time to train, eventually a hesitant Ikki decides to use his heirloom to transport them back to the past to be trained by the Beast Arts founders. While Cody, Auric and Anna are trained in their spirits Ikki takes a new route, training in the creation of the Spirit Booster creation hoping that by making real Booster it will provide a edge their Kenny tech suits can not.

Lesson 19: Linked Fates
While The Chosen One's train in the past Leon sets to work increasing his own power base. By having  LDB breath the Mist of the Black Gate into Sonya's lungs she transforms her into a being of the Black Gate, while this doesn't change her mind it does further enhance the Lion's influence and gives Sonya a personal stake in the war, for if the Chosen One's close the Black Gate, all those who draw power from it would die, that includes LDB, Rukia, Octos, and now....Sonya. Meanwhile Rukia and Octos see about increasing their power base as well, sensing the animal spirits buried inside Nicole and Nikki they use their own spiritual energy and the dampening atmosphere to weaken their elemental chi and cause their Spirits to surface, Nicole has a Hawk, Nikki a Dolphin, this lets Nicole easily fall to the influence of Rukia while controlling Nikki is more difficult due to Dolphin not being a Octopus like Octos however he find a work around by using their affinity for Water for a tenuous hold.
In another part of the complex Leon trains under Sonya to awaken his earth Chi but with the chi deadening atmosphere and his Lion Spirit suppressing his elemental energies just as her elemental energies suppressed her Lion it is hard going, short of a miracle defeat that would push him to reach beyond his limit she sees no solution. At the Black Gate Rukia tries to link Nicole to the Black Mist but the Fire Lady rebukes the spiritual invasion leaving her high and dry for the level of control Leon has over Sonya while Octos is having enough trouble keeping his hold on Nikki without a synergistic spirit.

Lesson 20: Wolf's Howl
Leon believes he has a means to awaken his Earth Chi, so he sets up a cage match, Terry, Rain, Thunder, and Lighting must defeat him in a duel to go free, to improve their odds he gives Terry the Wolf booster he stole during the raid (a claw like device), and with Rukia feeding Nicole a enormous surplus of Chi she has Nicole create Air, Water, Thunder, Lightning, and Rain Chi Boosters, the first two are to increase the power of his own power while the last 3 he gives to Rain, Thunder and Lightning, himself he borrows Sonya Earth Booster to boost his own Elemental Chi, while also wearing a Lion Dampener, the battle is a brutal 4 on one with Leon's Lion Spirit weakened, and it looks like the war might end right here before Cody's team even return, but just as Leon suspects the intensity couple with the Earth Booster and Lion Dampener is enough to push him over his edge and he turns the tide as the Earth begins to quake and rumble, the cage shatters and the four try to escape, Leon turns the tide again by grabbing his Lion Booster, disabling the Dampener and transforming into the Exemplar of Lion and Earth. His next attack deals a savage blow to Terry's spirit that we won't see the effects of for some time (two words, werewolf) and shatters the Rain, Thunder, and Lighting Chi, destroying the trio ability to use any chi. Effectively normal now he lets them escape as Terry is dragged back to his cage for the final battle tomorrow  

Lesson 21: Unlimited Potential
It's the big day, the Nine Exemplars of the New Way, the Three Chosen Ones of the Beast Arts, each with 3 Spirits each vs. Leon, Sonya, LDB, Rukia, Octos, Nicole, and Nikki. The Battle makes the elements shake, the world tremble and animal spirits roar but Leon clearly has the upper hand even against greater numbers. As the Chosen ones lie on the ground defeated Cody tries to rise, in his condition it could kill him but he's at Death's Mercy anyway, he call upon the power of the Gorilla and rises again, but the power is to much, it shatters his Kenny Tech and is released in a raw, unfinished form, still the power can not be denied as he holds his own against several opponents, galvanized Auric and Anna do the same, and ultimately Beat back Leon's forces, free Terry and return to the loft but at a great price, their booster tech is gone.
For the end note Rain and crew try to summon their elements but soon conclude their chi is gone, they wonder what to do. Thunder makes his decision, they will find Cody and the others, and help any way they can, now Cody's fight is theirs as well.

Lesson 22: Bad Blood
Believing victory near at hand Leon sends a Porcupine monster to finish off the others. He is partly right, the strain of the new spirits has left Auric and Anna is a weakened state, more then that the energies has started to change them, feathers sprouting from Anna's arms herald the start of her new wings like small horns and long lashes mark Auric's changes, Cody has become more brutish in appearance but is able to fight thus he is the only one who CAN fight when the Warrior appears. Unenhanced fighting does little good and he is struck with barbed fists the poison tipped barbs soon take him out of the fight and if not for the timely arrival of the New Exemplars to get him out he'd be a goner. Terry helps remove the poison barbs but misses one, the toxin then slowly turning Cody evil, by the end of the episode its Cody vs Auric and Anna with Cody on the porcupine's side. Everyone uses their founder spirits but ultimately Cody is saved and they return home. Anna wings grow a bit more, Auric skin becomes smoother and paler as the body hair looses density but doesn't completely fall out. And his Horn grow more, Cody become more brute like.

Lesson 23: Call the Wolf
Terry muses, now that he has the Wolf Booster back he can't use it thank to Leon making his spirit unstable again, on the news there is sighting of a creature, no one has be hurt but many have been scared, Terry wonders if the creature is tied to his black outs. Leon gets bold and sends Sonya to attack the restaurant with Cody's gang still recovering from the recent Founder Spirit use it is up to the new Exemplar and Terry to defend it. Hallways through the fight though Terry transform into a wolf man and runs off, howling. Sonya uses it as a excuse to end the fight and “investigate” following Terry and reporting to Leon, he is upset about abandoning the fight but ultimately the info on Terry makes up for it, “If we push him just a little harder the Black Mist might just assert full control.” He wagers and orders Nicole, Nikki and Sonya to do just that. However someone else finds Terry before that, it's Charity! And she has a gift from Kenny, as a fellow wolf she can get in under his defenses and convinces him to use the “Knuckle Booster” when Sonya and crew come to fight. The device works beautify transforming Terry into a new warrior, heavy chains laced through out the suit help keep the wolf in check but as the 3 on brawl escalates he “breaks the chins” and unleashes Wolf Mode, a savage power up that leaves him defenseless afterward, and human, bur makes the trio retreat. As Terry returns to the loft he has a new present, new card transformers with a imitation spirit booster that let the Chosen Ones harness the power of their Founder Spirit without the immense body strain (though the physical corruption still occurs).

Lesson 24: Back in the Fight
The team now strengthened by the addition of Terry's Armor and the new Faux Spirit Boosters for the others Leon once more decides to test their mettle. Sending a Pig warrior the result is expected as they team make smoked sausage, unbeknown to Octos Nikki sends a email to Terry with detailed information on just what was done to him, its turns out his Chi was altered, he only lacks control because he BELIVES he lacks control, the magic suffusing his chi makes anything he BELIVES possible. If he wants it hard enough he and his wolf could be in sync, in control, and unstoppable all it takes is the desire and believe he can do it. Terry reflects on this for a couple Lessons as the battles proceed as normal. As for Auric's changes from using the Stag he looses several pounds as he becoming smaller, slimmer.

Lesson 25: The Final Demon Lord
Convinced they are not strong enough to win now Leon, against Rukia, Octos, and LDB's protests seeks out The Bear Demon, master of the Land. While LDB sends another warrior. Later LDB finds a hot spring and relaxes in it, Sonya joins her, assuming her human form, and shortly turning it into a mud bath. The Girls talk, Sonya wonder how old LDB is since she doesn't even look old enough to attend high school. She reveals she is quite old, but because she is a snake her human form looks almost boyish instead of like a adult woman. Aside from that the girl just relax in the mud bath, and talk about Sonya's impending birth and when it will start effecting her fighting ability.

Lesson 26: Awaken!
Leon returns disheartened, even though he had the spirit the bear master would not awaken, Rukia informs him because he was so dangerous they made sure his body was beyond restoration, LDB presents a talon, the one thing that could do the job, with talon in hand he returns while another warrior is sent out. Once he awakens though things change, he pushes Leon down and takes over, his rage a palpable power that Leon demands to be taught, he is shoved on his back and made watch as he sends one of his warrior, a monkey to fight, he does OK but ultimately falls.

Lesson 27: Believe!
Bear Demon Ragga won't even acknowledge Leon, but as Sonya wears a beast form he will acknowledge her, though she only answers to Leon. Leon orders her to go undercover and be his eyes and ears in the throne room. As he won't listen to Leon Ragga begins testing out heroes to gauge their strength, this time he sends 2 insect warriors. When the fight escalates Terry watches as the Founder Spirit Warrior is getting trashed, deciding to give Nikki's email a shot he takes a moment to meditate, summons his wolf and then gives it physical form for a proper Armament, Terry joins the Chosen Ones in the mind plane for the first time While the Elemental Exemplars help out with the Hawk/Dragon/Dolphin/Lion mech Ikki rebuilt.
The depowered thunder Trio arrive at the loft and offer what aid they can, they may lack chi but they still have their boosters.
Another figure (David) arrives in town
Anna's wing finish coming in, Auric's horns are done but also his hips have widened, there is concern over the secondary changes he is going though but little that can be done about it, and he needs his founder spirit power. Cody finish his Ape transition.

Lesson 28: Spring Cleaning
Ragga has reached his limit for dealing with humans, ordering LDB to never show her human form in his presence if she wishes to live. Next he turns his eye on Nikki and Nicole, with a powerful strike he blows away Nikki's humanity, as the dust settles only a dolphin warrior remains. He turns the same attack on Nicole, and is rebuked by the Fire Lady, surprised but undeterred he inform Nicole “the Fire Lady is not as powerful as you believe, she is only your own will driven by your own desire. The Energy may not be of this world but it is not beyond my influence” He glows with his black aura and strikes her again, As the power fades Nicole has been replaced by a dragon warrior. Now Ragga is impressed. His next move is to send a Mole monster to fight. David arrives at the restaurant and cons a free meal before hooking up with Terry, when the Fight breaks out David runs to help but his laid back attitude and apparent lack of any powers outside exceptional martial arts is not something Cody cares for. But by the end David proves his worth by ending the fight with a chi blade that cleaves the weakened warrior in half (before he grows)  Cody lets him join after that.

Lesson 29: Henshin
Ragga decides it's time to flex his power, gathering his General's he assaults the city forcing Terry, the Chosen Ones, the Exemplars, and the Thunder team to act to hold off Rukia, Octos, Nicole, Nikki, Sonya, and LDB while Ragga senses something in David and changes him, with the others occupied no one can intercept his charge, his arm comes down to to destroy David.
Then they are enveloped in a brilliant white light and they heard David whisper one word, “Henshin”
As the light fades a white clad warrior stands where David did, a massive bade covers one arm, resembling a shark, one his bladed hand the warrior parries Ragga's attack, and while it is evident Ragga is still stronger the development makes him call a retreat to think over this odd development.
The warrior powers down and we see it is David, when asked how he transformed he introduces them to a small origami like creature that resembles a metal shark. “In my travels I spent some time overseas where I worked with a Samurai who used the power of origami spirits to transform, he helped me create my shark friend here at first to train me in harnessing my chi, then later to help him fight before his four retainers were called and I left”

Lesson 30-32: The nexus
The next three episodes focus on David having a dream about unlocking the Nexus, the quest to retrieve the dagger key, Leon acquisition of the key and then a mad dash for the nexus to claim it's power, The Chosen Ones, Leon, and Ragga forming 3 competing forces. By the end Rukia and Octos are destroyed, and Ragga's absorbs their spirits (allowing him to keep control over Nicole and Nikki) David unlocks the nexus and gains control of a ancient artifact from the Founders days, a massive, transforming Elephant mech with a warrior mode. Leon also absorbs a portion of the energy but soon passes out, a golden light passing out of him.

Lesson 33: Ragga's last stand
With the powers of Octos and Rukia Ragga stands ready to crush our heroes, laying them out flat in no time. But at the moment of his final strike a golden figure appears. With one strike he destroys and then consumes Ragga's spirit as well as Rukia and Octos. He reveals his warrior form and his name.
Zhoh Shen Long, thanking Leon for collecting the energy he needed to take a physical form the villains retreat, for now, there is much for Zhoh to talk about with Leon and thus our heroes destruction shall be postponed.

Lesson 34: Mythic King
Zhoh offers to teach his Mythic Beast power to Leon and make him the Mythic King if he will help him revive Zhoh's mythic general by collecting their emerald eyes. Leon agrees but only if Zhoh can prove he is more then mere boasting with a test, capture the 3 living masters. Zhoh agrees and summons some generals of his own to aid him.

Lesson 35-38: Wrath of the Spirits
Zhoh captures the 3 masters and takes them back, originally Leon was going to kill them but Zhoh has a better plan but needs the Emerald Eyes, so the search begins for them. Once a archaeologist finds several of them new reaches our heroes. Cody talks to her and surmises she has a dolphin spirit while she believe she has him pegged for tiger. Leon's gang steal the eyes. By the end our heroes must Fight, loose against, rematch with, defeat then free their master 'spirit ranger' counterparts. By the end of this arc uric transformation is complete, he is fully female now but it doesn't seem as if the changes have stopped completely. (eventually he will take on appearance slimmer to Renee with hooves legs and a small dear tail).

Lesson 39: Revival
Zhoh revives his Mythic Generals and Leon is imbued with their power to become a mythic Griffin Warrior. The rest of the villains fores also get some form of upgrade, LDB is upgraded to a Medusa, Sonya to a Leotur, Nikki to a merwoman (more like  creature of the black lagoon type then a mermaid) however Nicole draws the short end of the stick s Zhoh slams his fist though her, killing her and then enveloping them in his wings (or cape not sure yet) to absorb the Fire Lady energies. They send one of the General lieutenants out to fight our heroes and Cody realizes their only hope of saving Sonya and gang may start with Nikki, they will have to bring in the dolphin spirit girl and call out Nikki but a Dolphin Spirit Cub should have more influence then a Octopus or Dragon Alpha. The plan works and Nikki switches sides giving our heroes news if just what has happened, and of Nicole's death.
They now know the battles will only get harder now that everyone is more powerful.

Lesson 40: Disciple
Renee finally joins the story as she finds her way to town and eventually find her master, She is surprised to see auric as a girl, and relate how she survived by being “saved” by her spirit but unfortunately she is now permanently half jaguar. Another lieutenant is fought and defeated.

Lesson 41-46
For this batch of lessons its more or less filler, of sorts, a general/warrior is sent and defeated, its all against the backdrop of Leon's training for the final fight.

Lesson 47-50
The final arc, Zhoh betrays Leon in the nth hour, turning him from king to pawn as he sends all the “transformed” out to distract our heroes. Zhoh raises the black gate out of the ground and prepares to open it wide. Leon manages to break his control, and reject the griffin power, joining forces with the heroes as he has to fight his own mind controlled team. When all hope seems lost the three Demon Lords, Ragga, Rukia, and Octos emerge from Zhoh's form in spirit form, lending their power to the Chosen Ones, who unleash their four spirits (each) on Zhoh in a massive brawl that seemingly destroys him.
But Zhoh rises again, though it seems with his death his hold starts to fail, Sonya rejects the 'taur and joins the fight, reluctantly, using stored fear to grow to giant size.
Zhoh falls again only to rise again, but this time LDB, for every time Zhoh has die Leon must have 2 or 3 times, but his immortality revives him just as it does for Zhoh. He soon realizes neither of them can die and so the only solution is to push Zhoh beyond the Black Gate and seal it, but if he does that all those connect to the gate will die as it closes. LDB and Sonya know what that means. With the Chosen Ones providing fire power Leon pushes Zhoh beyond the gate as the Three force it closed, in his final moment he tosses something from beyond the gate just as it closes and Sonya and LDB collapse As our heroes morn for the fallen Terry picks up what Leon discarded, the two remaining Life Talons and with them saves LDB and Sonya.

With only a handful of masters left (including the chosen ones) the rebuilding of the Beast Arts academy begins, one of their first students in LDB, and while it has been a couple months since the final fight she wears a locket around her neck with a picture of her lost love, Leon. Meanwhile Sonya and Nikki morn the loss of Nicole.
Note: At some point toward the end we should see David discover his spirit, the Sloth, which is soon explained as why he could never awaken it. The sloth is slow to rouse. Awakened David fighting style changes, the Sloth tends not to act, so David would hang back, seeming almost bored and then strike with one or two powerful attacks before falling back into the old routine. While generally not a powerful spirit all the spiritual energy David has developed and honed gives the Sloth unimaginable power when it does act.
Note: Even though our heres gain a 4th spirit at the end by now Kenny's tech is powerful enough to protect them from the adverse effects, though the founder transformations have already settled.
working on the script out for Cody's story.

More to come in time.
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Plus, it seems much of this story doesn't grow organically from the characters, with Sonya, Nikki, and Nicole spending 90% of the story just being manipulated by events. AND there's too much time focusing on the 'bad guys', with the heroes not being able to do all that much. Too much focus on the villains being undefeatable, not the heroes trying to defeat them.

Leon seems like a 'Villain Sue' if you've seen TVTropes, just stomping over everything and then getting to pull turn to the good side at the end. (Though he does get a horrid punishment, he also gets to be a Hero, when he's crossed the moral event horizon BIG TIME.)

I'm definitely not interested in this arc, sorry.
NekoLLX's avatar
well you have to remember this is only a rough summery, each chapter will ultimately be 9 pages each when written out, this is just to guide the flow. so yeah the villains do get more focus in the summery since i need to know where the conflict comes from and builds to.
*nods* Do you need/want any help building the summary into the main plot? As it is, it seems like this summary needs a LOT of, well, 'tightening'.

It seems like a LOT of this involves the villians moving farther and farther from the heroes, where the focus should REALLY be on either 1. Sonya building up to escaping, or 2. Everyone building up to rescuing Sonya. (She only breaks free in the final chapter, just in time for the guy who has been TORTURING HER FOR OVER A YEAR to pull a heel/face turn.)

Nicole's arc ESPECIALLY seems like a Shaggy Dog Story, since she goes through a LOT, only to be killed off uncerimoniously. What does Nicole's death do for everything?

I'd recommend looking up these TVTrope articles.

Leon fits the very core of Villain Sue. He's the focus of the chapters, he does HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE deeds, but at the end of everything he has a last-minute redemption.
NekoLLX's avatar
Actually Leon is anything But Redemed, Later on i have a follow up planed where LDB, still pining from him, tries to rescue him. Opens the black gate, hes gets out and then proceeded to plunge the world into darkness. The only reason Leon was helping our heroes was because he got betrayed by Zhoh.

But yeah i don't mind help fleshing out the summeries
Did you read the TVTropes articles?
Please do so. They have VERY good advice.
Well, glad to see Sonya makes it to the end...
NekoLLX's avatar
Yeah but she looses a lot by the end
Yeah...It seems like she spends most of the story being forced along by events, as opposed to her actions growing organically from them.
NekoLLX's avatar
yeah, the Elemental Exemplars sort of end their story here, i mean by this point cronilogically they have had 3 full "books" revolving around them.
Um, Neko? Two things...

1. Being forced along by events is not a good thing.

2. Where's the other two books? I've had a hard time archive-trawling your stuff. (Got a link to the first page of your stories, so I can start from the back and work my way up?)
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