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Chapter Five: Instincts Awaken I
“This is wild, amazing!”
“Gary? Is that you?”
She was caught of guard as a red creature banked toward her, one resembling more of an eagle then a swan, and reflexively counter banked around the creature, circling it a moment before her eyes grew wide. “J-Jason?”
He nods as the two even out and start to fly side by side, “It just sorta happened, still getting use to it but the wind sure feels amazing on my feathers! I wonder if the others can do this?”
“Id be surprised if they couldn’t,” Gemma laughs, “You build a nest yet?”
“A nest? Not really I just sorta made a mess of my bed sheets.”
“Me too!” Gemma laughs, “Come on let’s head back to my place and set up a permanent nest we ca share!”
Jason swoops in closer as he nozzles Gemma, “Sounds great, just make sure it’s someplace high to keep our eyrie safe, besides our eaglet
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Power Rangers AU: Black Swan: Chapter 4 :iconnekollx:NekoLLX 2 0
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Power Rangers AU: Black Swan: Chapter 2
Chapter Two: A New Life Begins
Gary stares at his...her...reflection in the glass of the car as the city rolled past. Face, eyes, voice, body, even something as simple as hi...her hair or hands were unrecognizable from the boy he...she had been a day prior.
‘At least my clothes fit,’ he thought solemnly, as he absently scratched at his chest, still not use to the massive globes attached to his chest, globes nearly as large as his head. He hadn't them long and already his back ached and he couldn’t wait to just collapse into bed.
“We are almost there Ms. Stone,” the driver, a man in a black suit and authority sunglasses broke her reflection, “And again I just wanted to thank you and your friends for this sacrifice. We understand it can’t be least leaving your family, your friends, your entire world behind so despite the secrecy of our organization and government cutbacks we will do our best to make your time here on Earth as painless as
:iconnekollx:NekoLLX 3 0
Power Rangers AU: Black Swan: Chapter 1
Black Swan: Chapter One
A Whole New World
Six teenagers stood around the oddly human and frail looking alien struggling to breath, a short humanoid robot just off to one side pacing nervously as the alien held open his hand and six crystalline coins, each with the engraving of an animal in the center.
“I was too weak,” he gasped for air, “we were too weak...we could not...protect your world...”
“This is a joke right?” One of the boys, the one in the red shirt says in disbelief as he takes the red coin with the engraving of an eagle on it and looks around the wasteland, nothing but sand and rocks for as far as the eye could see, “Once second we’re at the Youth Center, and the next there’s an earthquake and where here taking gifts from Yoda...”
“Maybe we’re dead?” the boy in the yellow shirt mused as he took the lion coin.
“Don’t joke about that, it’s not funny,” the boy in green gasps a
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A Fun Weekend 5: Transfer of Ownership
Chapter 5: Transfer of Ownership
“That went better then I could have dreamed,” Richard grinned from ear to ear as he walked down the hall with Triah at his side, his hand resting gently on her behind, right around where her tail snaked out from under the hem of her charcoal jacket and off white button down blouse and just above her charcoal dress skirt.
‘Take your hand off my ass,’ Lexx groused mentally as Triah just smiled and shared a gentle kiss, “I am compiling the order details as we speak Richie-sir. I just need the credit card details to finilize the order.”
“Even Ms. Romaine was impressed, I was sure she was going to throw a feminist fit because all the robots look like wom...” Richard caught himself and stopped as he pressed the button for the elevator, “Wow your on the ball today Lexx, great wor...”
It was Max, coming from another hall, and closing the distance, patting Richard on the back as he s
:iconnekollx:NekoLLX 9 0
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With CA2 aporching the 3rd act and seeing a mixed bag of responses, mostly positive, I thought I should take a moment and explain the purpose behind the header art and why I'm doing thing the way I am for this particular narative.

First off why CA2?
>People asked for it and I'm always willing to revuse and expand on a previous story.

Why are you using other peoples art?
> now this actually gets to the actual heart and soul of the project itself. While I do have a arc and meta narrative, i know in broad stroke s where thing will start, the road to get there, and the end game i wanted to use the story as a means of highlighting other creators here on DA who my circle of fans and groups might never had run across. So i started by compiling a list of pictures that spoke to me, find pothers to fill the gaps and then arranging them in a way that worked for the narrative.

>I often like to compare each chapter to an episode of something like Vatiwah's Mod Reviews on youtube, (ot alchestbreach, or Gopher, take your pick). With the art standing in for the mod and the meta narrative being what weaves them together. By drawing in readers with say chapter one featuring a picture from :icondoggirlkari: and then remaining invested as you move into a chapter with material from :icondead-robot: or :icondestinyblue: it is my hope that people who only tend to follow the mainlines in a particular genre will see art just and engaging from people they may have never even know existed and thus follow them now as well.

>I am well aware that some may view this is some form of art theft, which is why i try to only use a thumbnail instead of composing a caption style picture where half the composition is the image in full, it is also why after the narrative stinger i immediate list out the artist AND the source piece before getting into the link table, I want the artist acknowledge me to be one of the first things you see. I admit that this type of format is non-standard but that's sort of the point, if we aren't willing to step out of our comfort zone then how are we to find new marvels of design and their creators?

Thank you.

PS. Oh and if any of you content creators out there don't want me to feature your art in this project let me know in a comment or pm and I remove it as soon as I see it.

PPS. For those of you curious on what artists have been featured this far (as of chapter 16) here you go (check out their art, be as amazed as I was)

PPPS. And here are some featured creators to come in later chapters

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Chapter Ten: The New Normal

Gemma paused from preening her wings at the sound of foot falls just outside the old but well kept Coop by the lake, it was pretty obvious that it had been years since it was last used but with was still warm and sturdy enough, for her and her nest to rest comfortably.

“Jason?” Gemma's heart fluttered as she called out, she coun't explain why, she was still getting used to her new life, her new gender, but anytime Jason was around she just got lightheaded and full of excitement.

A red eagle man ducked into the coop his beak and face receding back to reveal his human face just as Gemma's own did the same and the two shared a tender kiss as Jason settled into the nest, “It's crazy out there. Have you been out to the norther forest? Seen what their building?”

Gemma shook her head, “Been keeping to myself, trying to take everything one day at a time.”

Jason nods and shares another kiss, “Their building an arboretum, a giant glass habitat, and it's almost finished, by next week all the bird people are going to have to relocate. No more separation of home and school. It's like what they did at the marina for the aquatic girls. How much longer before they start building habitats for the cats, rhinos, and bisons?”

Gemma muses in thought, preening her feathers a moment, “Well in all fairness it was kind of unrealistic to cram all us birds on the roof. The land mammals can at least go to normal classes and don't have to worry about laying an egg once a day.”

Jason scowls, “I just don't like all this separation and segregation, it's not good for reinforcing our humanity when they keep splitting us up into groups like this.”

Gemma chuckles, “Humanity? Have you taken a walk down main street, there isn't a single pure human left in this town, and even fewer male animals, Angel Grove has become the city of Animals, animal girls.”

“Hilda-Beast and Professor Sack must be laughing their asses off,” Jason sighs, “But I suppose your right, for whatever reason I haven't been able to do what the Zack and Billy have and become female permanently to help you, Trini, and Kim ride out the changes. The Red Energy or I dunno maybe because we're so close keeps me from doing the same thing they did...”

Jason talks a long breath and sighs, “Some leader I am.”

“You're doing fine, no one could have predicted that Doctor Sack would use our own totems against us and target the entire town, we're just lucky Billy was able to keep us all from going full feral.” Gemma coos softly as she nuzzles Jason.

He smiles, “I guess your right, we just need to ride this out for another month that at the very least we should start seeing the avians returning to normal. Then it's just the waiting game for the others.”

“How long a wait?”

“Well Trini and the other lions should be about 3 months after that, the Bison girls like Zack, as well as the aquatic are closer to a year, and Kim and her rhinos are stuck for a year and a half. But after that we can start getting back to normal.”


“Lion!” Trinni growls as she shakes her morpher, her face clothes torn, dirty and showing some cuts and bruises while one eye was swollen shut.

“What's wrong kitten,” a blue shark-faced monstrosity taunted, “the Yellow Power not responding? Maybe a weak little girl like you should go back to baking cookies and leave the fighting to the me...”


Trini dropped to all fours as she saw red, shifting into a more bestial form as she pounced, claws and fangs slashing, tearing.

“Argh! Get her off! Get her off!” The monster shrieked as the Red And Black Rangers landed.

“Kobi said you were being attacked...”
“We came as quickly as we coul...”

“Get her off! Get her off!”

Trini continue to growl and tears as Red and Black stared on confused. The monster kicked her off him but she rolled landing on all fours and launched back into her assault snarling and gnashing.

“You in there?”

The monster scrambled to his feet, scrambled toward Red and Black pleading, “You have to protect me, that girl's the real monster.”

Red and Black shared an amused look as they drew their sword and cross slashed the Shark Monster, spinning around each other as it fell behind them and exploded, the Yellow Ranger finally appearing as she tornado spun through the monster and landed in a crouch in front of Red and Black as the monster exploded.

“Finally,” Yellow growls as she pushes to her feet, “I had to tap into my animal rage and even then the power took forever to come.”

“Maybe we should see Kobi, see if he has as though on what's happening with your powers.”

Yellow gives an exhausted breath as she leans on Black for support just as they hear a dark launch and turn to see the monster has return but this time as a giant.”

“We need Megazord power now!” The trio call out as tank like lion and twin bird jets roar onto the scene the Trio leaping up to enter their Zord cockpits.

Launching several blasts from the lion as the twin birds cycle overhead with wing missiles but the monster just crossed it’s arms and braced itself against the onslaught.

“This isn’t working,” Yellow growls as she smashes her fists on the console then recolils as it sparks and the Lion Tank stalls, “Oh come on!”

“Focus Trini! Focus,” Black chides over the intercom, “You’re letting your animals side get the better of you.”

Yellow roars into the coms as she gets the Lion Tank running again and charges the monster, “My animal side is the only reason I'm still morphed, I keep feeling my power fading. Just finish this already!”

And the ramming charge is soon joined by the Bison and Rhino Zords as they pushes the shark monster back toward the waters edge.

“Firing missiles,” Blue’s voice cuts over the come as the Shark Submarine surfaces launching a pair of large misses from behind and the twin birds fire from the front as the monster is finally consumed in fire and explosions.

Returning back to the ground and demorphing Trini leans on Gemma her face still twisted in a feral growl, “Come on Trini lets see if Kobi can figure out whats going on with your powers.”

“Fine,” She snaps as she pushes Gemma to the ground and drops to all fours padding off, “But I can get there meowth.”

Gemma dusts herself off as she picks herself off the ground as Trini looks back the other Rangers glaring at her, except Billy who just looks confused, before her face soften and she bounds over, dusting off Gemma’s clothes as well, “S-Sorry still kind of wound up from trying to hold my morph.”

“It’s alright...”


Legs together and with a much more subdued and calm demeanor Trini slides off the high tech table, wincing slightly as she drops onto her feet, bandages peeking out of her still cut and torn blouse and skirt while she is in her more reserved cat eared girl form, the other Rangers gathered around her as they all look toward the small robot Kobiashi with worry and curiosity to the verdict.

“Ai yi yi,” Kobi paces nervously, “It’s just as I feared...”

“So the Power is leaving me?” Trini says with a resolved sigh of sadness.

“The power isn’t just tied to animals,” Kobi begins, turning to Gemma, “You understand right, it’s why you became a woman, by the same token if any of the others Rangers had been women they would have become men.”

“Y-Yeah, there were some references in the journals left by our predecessors I found at the manor...” Gemma nods.

“But we changed due to a spell,” Kim inserts, taking a moment to hold her belly, “We can’t change back...”

“I’m not pregnant,” Trini says softly.

“T-Then Why?” Zack glares daggers, “Why didn’t you tell us your heat broke, Mom’s been on my case for getting blindsided by the spell after all the work she went to to find me a mate, but I wasn’t going to just change back while...”

“I’m not chaning back…” Trini cuts in quickly. “I-I want to stay a woman...”


“It’s I…” Trini takes a long breath as Gemma clenches her fists.
“I can’t belive it! You wanted to be a woman all along! Why? Why? didn’t you speak up before! You could have been Black! I could have kept my...”

“Gary…” Jason starts to say…

“I’m sorry!” But Trini starts to cry, “I don’t want to be a woman any more then you do, I hate the way I look, how my body feels every morning, but I...I...”

“Then Why!” Gemma demands, “Why are you keeping up this facade!”


“This is my fault?” Kim cuts in with a low whisper, “Because I’m stuck like this for 2 years? It’s alright, you can change back, especially if it’s effecting your powers.”

“But I...”

“Is this because of your family problems? Do you think being a girl will help your sisters cope with your parents being gone?” Jason wonders aloud, “You play the cute cat girl, keep them distracted so they stop thinking about ‘where’s mom and dad?’”

Trini’s eyes go wide as she starts nodding enthusiastically, “YES! Exactly! They don’t really understand what happened to everyone….what I tried to do to dad, but they see a catgirl, and I start chasing yarn balls and they start laughing.”

“Yeah I saw how you were playing with them at the part the other day, it was very cute.”

Trini blushes as she leans over and kisses his cheek, “T-Thanks Jason.”

“Hey paws off girlfriend, he’s mine,” Gemma glares death as she pulls Jason away from Trini, and gives a deep kiss on his lips.”

“Hey don’t hog the teams last man, we all have needs!” Zack laughs as he gives Jason a joking kiss.

Then suddenly Billy pounces on Jason tearing off his shirt as she straddles him.

“Billy!” The other girls gasp as they pull her off and glare at her, Gemma in particular, “What are you doing?”

“I thought we were trying to mate...” Billy looks at the others confused.

“I was teasing, joking, tearing off Jason’s shirt and straddling him is going a bit too far man,” Zack shakes her head.

“You really need to learn how to read people better Billy, get out of the garage and away from your inventions,” Kim admonishes.

“S-Sorry...” Billy says confused as everyone starts laughing.

“I wish I could just be one of you girls, I feel like the literal odd man out here,” Jason flusters as he rubs her now bare arms nervously as he swears the girls all start staring at his chest with hungry eyes.

“S-so how do we fix Trini’s power problems,” Jason coughs nervously as he looks over to Kobi.

“Not much can be done, if she won’t return to being male the power will leave her, and in time each of you. The only way is to find a new power, just like when the First Rangers formed and found the powers you use.”

“Grrrrreat!” Trini purrs, “How do we do that then?”

“It’s not that easy, besides legendary says when the first Rangers found their power they spend 3 days and 3 nights in a feral haze and its not know how they broke the haze and turned that into the power coins.”

“Great...” Trini sighs.

“What’s more if you do find a new power, and even master your feral haze to harness the power into a new Ranger form and color that will leave the lion power free to be claimed by other forces with the right skill and knowledge...”

“Like Professor Sack?”

Kobi nods, “Exactly.”

Trini purrs, “So we need another male to take over the power?”

“Not just a male, but one attuned to the Lion Energy as well,” Billy muses.

“Like a young man who was also turned into a lion girl but has already found a mate and regain his masculinity,” Trini grins widely, “Aka my own mate...River…”

“River? I thought she was a lion girl?”

Trini grins even wider, “She switches back and forth when my needs become to great…”

“In that case,” Kobi muses, “He could be perfect, but in the mean time I still have to figure out how you unlock your own powers.”

“Alright then I’ll do what I can to keep hold of the Lion power,” Trini says dropping into a squat as she begins to lick her wounds, “Even if my mom would kill me if she saw me acting so...uncivilized.”

“I think she would understand if she knew it was to keep the lion power out of the hands of Professor Sack,” Billy says bluntly. Causing everyone to laugh.

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Chapter Nine: First Day

As light streamed into her window Gemma lifted her long neck out of her chest and yawned as she adjusted her positioning on her nest, lifting her arm/wing to preen it a moment and then the other before standing and looking down at her nest, there was one egg abnormally larger then the rest, about the size of a human child and the rest were the size of normal swan eggs before she trumpeted and fluttered her wings in alarm as she steps out of her nest, ‘Shit! Shit! Focus! Focus! Today is your first day back at school.’

Spinning around she looks for a blanket or something to keep her nest warm but she had already torn them apart to make the nest, scrambling to the closet she grabs a handful of clothes and brings them over to layer atop the eggs which she carefully tucked and adjusted, ‘That should be good.’

Standing proud she stands up and takes a deep breath, ‘Okay, focus, focus, you can’t go to school like this.’

Waddling out over to her closet she step back enough to see her reflection and takes several long breaths, slowly closing and opening her eyes, neck shrinking, beak shrinking. She she still had the tail and legs of a swan, still covered in feathers, still had wings for arms...still flat chested. With several long breaths, skin, nose, teeth, and a human face and neck emerging from the feathers, but try as she might her ears and hair didn't return remaining instead as a crown of black feathers.

‘Okay move on, you need to get back to normal for school.’

With another long breath she brought her wings out preening them a moment as she grunted and groaned as the feathers started to shrink and fingers started to press out of the tips with a monumental grunt of effort that dropped her on her ass and left her trembling. But as she tried to push up onto her talons her fingers buckled, numb, cold,  forcing her to take several more breaths as she forced blood again to pump into her fingertip and gently touched them together until she could actually feel them. Exhaustion growing she looked out the window to see the Sun continuing to rise and redoubled her efforts as the feathers on her chest started to recede as her large breasts grew out as her brow and growing skin became damp before she collapsed back to her knees.

‘Don’t have the time or energy to keep going.’

She panted as she looked down at her still avian legs, though at least her tail was gone before she rolled onto her back exhausted and got a glance at the alarm clock on her vanity desk.

‘That took way to long, and I still need to eat, get dressed, shower, and actually pack my bags and drive to school...’


A wave of relief came over Gemma as she pulled into the parking lot and took a look around the school. In addition to the normal student body, which seemed a lot smaller then she remembered, even this early in the day. But a pair of lion girls similar to Trini were talking casually with each other, purring, as they headed inside, while a trio of truly massive Rhino girls were striding inside with such abandon that others were being knocked aside by their shear presence, with a pair of not quite as massive Bison girls we just behind them. While on the roof a trio of Hawk girls seem to be watching the campus.

Stepping out of her car Gemma blushed as she patted down her loose pleated skirt as her finger nervously brushed against her feathered thighs as she takes a long breath, slings her backpack over her back and her purse over her shoulder and…

“Morning new girl.”

Nearly shits an egg as a white swan girl land just behind her soon flanked by two of the eagles, her long neck craning and wrapping around Gemma’s torso before slipping under the hem of her skirt causing Gemma to shriek and brush her skirt down as pull away, “What the hell!”

“Kimmi!” One of the eagles admonished.

“Just making sure she has all the right equipment...”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” the other eagle rolls her eyes, “even the boys have lady parts!”
“Yeah that’s the problem,” the first adds before glaring daggers at Gemma, “So are you a real girl or not...and what’s your name?”

Gemma coughed nervously, as she fumbled in her purse for her id, “G-Gemma S-Stone...I’m n-new...”

This seemed to make the trio relax as they wrapped their wings around her, “Must be rough, new girl in town and you get hit with the...”

“How did you get your upper body to look so human!”

“Kimmi!” both eagles snapped again, causing her to recoil back.

Gemma just smiled nervously, “Concentration? I-I thought I’d be r-ridiculed for being an animal...”

“Does the Principal know?”


“You have to tell him...” one of the eagles explained, “they have separate classes set up for the afflicted.”

“What!? Wh...” Gemma balked but cut herself short as she looked at her peers and her righteous indignation evaporated as Kimmi took a moment to preen her wings, “Oh...right...”

“Kimmi get her purse, We’ll introduce Gemma to the nest.”

“W-What! Hey!” Gemma protested as Kimmi slipped her long neck under Gemma arms and slid her purse down onto her chest as the two eagle girls lifted into the air and grabbed a hold of Gemma’s arms and shoulders lifting her into the sky. “Don’t be so grabby!”


Landing on the roof Gemma winces as she rubs her arms, glad she wore long sleeves today as the girls’ talons were sharp, which earned sheepish looks for them both.

“Sorry...we’re not use to having to transport others...”

Gemma took a deep breath and reentered herself, “It’s al-alright...we’re all in the same boat now right?”

Before Gemma could even take in the rows of nests lined around the roof or the black board standing by the stairwell into the school she was accosted, surrounded by half a dozen other swan and eagle girls.

“Oh My Goo~warrrrrrk~ how did you...”
“Are you new?”
“Where’s your nest...”

One of the two eagle girls slips in front of Gemma while the other slids behind her, both raising their wings like a shield to envelope her, “Girls, girls, girls! Calm down you’re overwhelming the new blood!”

Gemma smiled and took a deep breath, even as he skin started to tingle, her body start to revert to full bird form.

“Awwww she’s reverting.”

One of the swan girls craned her neck under the wing shield and pecked and tugged at Gemma sleeves, “Here let me help you with that before your wings are crushed.”

“That’s alri...” Gemma tried to protest but was soon set upon by several of the girls pecking and tearing at her top until it was little more then tatters at her talons leaving her completely topless, and causing her to blush and try and cover up her non existent breasts.

“Alright girls settle down,” an older voice, with a hint of irritation in it spoke from the back of the roof, near the stairs as a new girl made her presence know, one who didn’t look much older then the rest but was flanked by Kimmi and an older gray templed man. “Everyone back to your nests.”

The crowd dispersed back to the individual nests, giving Gemma only moments to notice they were not bare but each had several eggs within, as well as a number of notebooks and other school supplies lining the rim in deliberate seeming nooks as the ‘older’ avian made her way over along with the man, Kimmi retreating to her own nest.

“So your the new transfer?” The teacher said a bit bored.

Gemma nodded as the ‘older’ avian and the principal made their way over, the Principal having a slightly kinder look on his face as he saw the shredded shirt around Gemma feet, “The way Kimmi was going I thought you were more human looking...”

“I was,” Gemma flustered, “I-I kinda lost my focus...h-here let me try again!”

As Gemma closed her eyes and started to focus the Principal waved his hand as if to refuse a gift, “That wont be necessary…”

“If she can change back, even partially I want to see it,” The teacher spoke up, breaking her normal sour demeanor with an uplifting chirp, if only for a moment, and was joined by a chorus of other girls.

As Gemma stopped and opened her eyes again she tilted her head curiously, at the Principal, “But if I can do it maybe...”

“Maybe the others can, maybe it might even help the non avians, but this is still a public place, and a school, I may let you animals run around half naked and fucking each others brains out in the halls due to your...bestial...urges but I am trying to maintain some kind of order here and until we can get in some spare shirts for your girls I don’t need a bunch of half naked women running around raising the blood pressure of every single boy on campus.

“Oh...right...” Gemma flustered, “I forgot about that.”

“Anyway,” The principal pat her head gently, “good girl,” before spinning around to sweep his hand across the roof “as you can see all the other girls bring their nest with them from home so we can monitor and tend to any needs that crop up. I take it your nest is back at home, do you have your parents number or...”

Gemma sighed and dropped her head, “I’m all alone...” before she quickly forced a half smile onto her beat and lifted her head, “M...My parents are o-out of town on business...”

“Pity,” the principal looked over to Kimmi, “Kimmi dear would you get a few of the girls together and head out to pick up Ms. Stone’s nest?”

“That’s not...”

“School Policy,” The Principal interrupted, “You bring your nest with you along with your school supplies. Now find an empty nest and settle in so Mr. Reese can begin his class.”

“Mister?” Gemma tilted her head curiously toward the older girl as she scowled and returned to the nest, and it’s own eggs, near the blackboard, “Some of us didn’t get to keep our original gender MISS Stone, and are not to pleased to not only be stuck as a woman for god knows how long, but to have to raise a bunch of hatchlings as well. Now find a seat.”

Gemma swallowed hard as she found a few nest and bowed her head, “S-Sorry Mr. Reese...”

“Whatever...” He sighed, “at least we don’t have to waste time with introductions.”

Mr. Reese sighs flipping through his textbook, with his talons, “With these ‘Power Rangers’ making the news can any of you girls name an incident in history simil...”

An explosion sent a ton of debris flying out from center of the roof, thankfully the entire class was full of avians which could easily take flight and avoid the damage as a monstrous twin headed create, half lion, half eagle burst into the air followed in hot pursuit by the Red Eagle Ranger who carried the Cyan Dolphin Ranger between his legs.

“What in the?” Mr. Reese screeched as the Lime Rhino, White Bovine, and Tan Lioness leap up and start ushering the girls and the Nest toward the edges.

“Leave this to us, you girls just need to get your clutches to safety,” Tan calls as she scoops up a handful of eggs into her arms as Gemma dives behind some of the debris and starts to fumble through her purse.

“Get your head on clear Bulkmier, Skullovich, don’t let Professor Sack get into your head, your not just a monste...” Lime calls outs but is cut shorts as the beast spins around and lets out an ear splitting screech that sends Red and Blue clutching their ears as they tumble toward the ground and the other three to their knees clutching their helmets.

“Can’t you girls do anything with out me?” Black Condor quips as she sweeps in under Red and Blue as Red wraps his arms around her neck and blue around her legs as she comes into for a landing.

“You’re a life saver,” Red smiles as he brushes his helmet against Black’s who flusters, legs brushing together as she laughs nervously.

“D-Don’t mention i-it...”

“Watch out!” Blue calls as she dives knocking the two love birds aside as the monster dives at them as she draws her bow, “We need to drop her so I can administer an Antidote.”

The beasts continues to screech, clawing at several of the avian students who are circling it pecking and clawing at it with their beaks and talons.

Yellow growls waving her hands dismissively toward the sky, “Get out of there, leave this fight to us!”

“Only two of you can fly, and this is our school too!” One of the girls screeches as the beast howls as several girls peck at it’s wings.


Red and Black rocket up between the girls with a cross over slash of their blades causing the monster to rear up and howl before dropping to the ground behind them as Red, Black, and the avians land as the other girls run in to examine the body. Blue adjusting the dials on a strange gun as she aims down sights and targets the creature.

“Ha, that’s what you get for attacking our school!” Kimmi taunts as she kicks dirt at the beast.

“Please don’t taunt the victim,” Rhino admonishes, “Bulk and Skull didn’t want to become monsters.”

“Bulk and Skull?” Black asks confused.

The kick of the gun knocks Blue’s hands nearly into her face as a white and blue spiral of energy tears into and envelopes the monster, for a moment it seems consumed and then start to glow, shrink, and divide into a pair of teen boys, one skinny and tall and the other stocky and about a head or so shorter then the first.

“Third one this week,” Yellow looks to Blue as she drapes each in their own yellow blankets, “any idea what's causing it Bil...” but she catches herself just a moment to late and quickly tries to recover, less she blow the Blue rangers secret identity to all the students still looming around them, “...linda.”

“Bellinda?” the stocky boy mocks as Green and White help them to stand, “What kind of name is that?”

“Come on let's get you to the Nurse and call your folks, Bulkmier,” Green counter taunts, putting extra emphasis on the name.

“I don't need your help, I can get there on my own, right Skull?” Bulk scoffs as he throws off Green's support and stands tall.
“Right, we don't need the help of some girl Rangers.”

Green and White share a hidden annoyed glare with each other just as Bulk's blanket slides off his shoulder exposing him in all his glory to the assembled and turning his face Ranger Red as Skull scrambles to get the blanket back over Bulk's shoulders as he scrambles inside while also trying to keep his own blanket in place getting a chuckle from everyone present.

“I'm sorry, this is all m fault,” Blue admonishes herself as she tinkers with her blaster, “I suspected the water supply was already tainted so I tried to mitigate the damage by altering the chemical compound of the toxin but...”

“But nothing,” Red cuts in, “It's clear that Professor Sack wanted to create a town of mindless monsters not a...zoo...of animal people. He wanted an army and was using our totems as inspiration. Thanks to you everyone still has their minds.”

“For now,” Mr. Reese storms over, “That's the third chimera this week, how long before the rest of us go the same way!”

“Now hold on!” Black interject but is quickly cut of by one of the eagle girls.
“We're alive, have our minds, and the town is still in one piece. I think Bellinda did an amazing job given the situation.”

“Speak for yourself.” Mr. Reese huffs, preening angrily as he paces, “Now everyone get back to class! If you think a small little fight like this is reason to cut school...”
“...But the roof is destroyed...”

“No buts, back to your classes, everyone!”


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