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Sailor Moon

fanart/ Sailor Moon

media: CG Illust 4.5

Dear Amazon-team,
please take down the items on your site, which use this picture. Thanks!
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w00t!I just regained my belief that I can fly
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She looks adorable here!:D
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omg! This is way too beautiful!
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I cannot pinpoint what it is about this image, but this is easily one of my favorite Sailor Moon fanarts that I have ever come across. Maybe because it captures the Usagi in my head personally?  No idea.  But my point is this is lovely and I really, really like it!
XEarthFaeX's avatar
I really like Usagi in her normal form's expression of sadness in contrast to her happy Sailor form. It adds quite a bit of dept
SakisakiYNana's avatar
It's so beautiful x3 (And the colors *O* So smooth X3) Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
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Great facial expressions.
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
She fell down on her face...
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Cool! I <3 Ur drawing stile!
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Wow! So beautiful!
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It's so beautiful... I love it!
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I was about to watch sailor moon but i watched nostalgia critic video about it and it said she basically runs away from every fight and her friends basically always have to save her. the guy also said she complains and whine through out the anime

i was about to get into watching it
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God, this is still beautiful, no matter how much I look at it!
DarkLies212's avatar
Okay so that sounded bad haha
What I meant was, it doesn't lose it's beauty even though I stare at it so much
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Wow - gorgeous! I usually like the more realistic fanarts, but this manga style is amazing. <3 Saving and using as my wallpaper!
Just seeing this for the first time! Awesome composition! Color is a bit washed out though but incredible drawing! Nicely done!
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i love sailor moon so much. its totally awesome
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