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Lin and Toph

"You're really pretty"

"I am?"

"Yeah, you are"

-Katara and Toph


Check this out! Adventure Time!
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Lin looks so cute in that outfit!
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They look so beautiful. And both of them smiling. It very rare to see either if them show any sign of sentiment. This moment you have captured in your art is priceless.
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that is just adorable!
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for me now of my fav arts!!
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aww!  they're so pretty! :D   awesome job!
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I'd like to think they had some good times, and you've truly and beautifully captured it.
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I really like the way that you composed the picture. :-)
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SWEEET! I love it! Big fav for you! :-)
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omg, great work!! Top is the best
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Lin: Look mom, I'm Walking!
Toph: I swear to god, lin!
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Aww soo wonderful, amazing artwork
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"I return the compliment, but I have no idea what you look like."
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OMG,I thought I would never see new Toph fanart again <3 
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Has anyone finally find out who was Toph husband is?? ^^
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