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Rarity plush V6

12.5 inch tall
And you can see there

Rarity Evolve

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Wow! That is the best Rarity Plushie I have seen so far. You really got her mane spot on!
Btw, are you selling plushies/doing comissions?
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Thanks. I really focus on her mane. I am glad you like it.
I will sell some of them (M6) and open commissions on DEC.
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I would only pay on ebay for a custom plushie thats a reanable price something like $24.95 you will get more customers that way just trying to help your busniess because like what someone said to me if you charge them $1042 they wont buy it because some people cant afford it 
and they would have to be billionaires on order to buy one

just trying to help and not have a go at you  
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It is obvious that you are very young and naive. This is a very rude comment. These kinds of plushes are hand stitched and handled with much care. I saw you have a build a bear. You know how expensive those are? No, you probably don't.
You don't have to be a millionaire to order a plush that is over 1,000 USD in price.
It's called having a job.
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do you have an ebay shop because I always wanted a custom plushie but they are too expensive or they make 
too many of them 
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Sorry I don't.
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aww so cuddly pony =)<3
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=)=)=) :huggle: =)=)=) you very welcome my friend =)=)=) :hug: =)=)=) 
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