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Poor Angel Bunny

Had he come back again after being blown away?

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Know angel. I think he deserves it. COUGH putting your hoof down COUGH!!!
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Kind of agree with you :XD:
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Seeing as it's a maintained gust rather than a short burst, actually, guys... VEN GAAR NOS!
Dakathi666's avatar
I'm sorry, but I have to say this. FUS ROH DAH!
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RainbowRainDashDash's avatar
And everyone was happy.
StoneHot316's avatar
And everyone died. The end.
DrunkenDragonDirge's avatar
And so, as the lapine did travel to worlds apart by breaking said barrier of sound, did many quake in fear, for he landed thusly upon the carrot patch.. And low was the garden brought that day.
TwilightIsMagic's avatar
In their tongue, his name is Fluffykiin: Bunnyborn!
RemareShadows's avatar
Angel can fly. But how will he land >> Face first?
RemareShadows's avatar
Well then you can bet you carrot top there will be many broken bones when he gets up...
tho they won't belong to him.
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Poor? I'd say he's got he deserved :P
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Deserved... XD
NicolasDominique's avatar
Hope I wrote it well ;p
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I was a little shock at first time.
But think about it seems to say through.
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That thing is evil. He had it coming.
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